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If you are looking for the best Kiritsuke knife, my knives listed below are some of the highest quality ones available for purchase, so you don’t have to worry about your kitchen tasks being incomplete. 

Best Kiritsuke Knife
Kiritsuke Knife

The best Kiritsuke knife is one that is made of high-quality materials, has a blade sharp enough to cut through any food, and fits comfortably in your hand. There are many different types of knives on the market today, but not all are created equally. Hence, this blog post will walk you through what makes a good kitchen knife by reviewing some popular brands available today.

What Is a Kiritsuke Knife?

The Kiritsuke knife is one of the few multi-use Japanese blades out on the market. This traditional blade has been used as Yanagi (fish slicer) and usuba (vegetable knife). However, it can be traced back to professional chefs in ancient times who valued this style for its status value alone!

The idea of a double-beveled knife might put some people off, but it can make your cooking experience much easier. These knives are typically called “gyutos” (pronounced gooey boots), and they have an aesthetic appeal similar to traditional kiritsuke models. 

However, there’s one big difference. These blades come with two different edge types instead of just having sharp ones as most other kitchen Cutlery does nowadays!

Kiritsuke knives are often crafted out of high carbon or Damascus steel. They feature razor-sharp edges, which do require regular maintenance to keep them at their best performance level! These statement pieces can be easily recognized by its straight blade with the sword-like tip just like something you would see in an ancient samurai movie from Japan’s feudal era.

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What Is A Kiritsuke Knife Used For?

The Kiritsuke knife is a versatile tool that can prepare Japanese cuisine to slice through vegetables. It has an elegantly straight blade and sharp edge for efficient cutting of meats, fish or fruit without extra effort on your part!

Here are three main tasks of the Kiritsuke knife:

  • Cutting, dicing vegetables, herbs, and fruits
  • Slicing the fish (raw) for sashimi and sushi 
  • Cutting and slicing meat 

It’s not just for slicing vegetables! The Kiritsuke is a cross between the Usuba and Yanagida; it features thinner steel blades perfect at chopping up your favorite fresh produce as the usual knife. If you like using precision-based knives (like me!) 

This one might be great in our kitchen because its blade can get thin without any trouble whatsoever, from raw fish to other boneless meat, such as the Yanagida knife.

The Kiritsuke blade is a chef’s knife that can be used for more than just cooking. It has been seen as the “master” of all blades, and it features an edge so sharp you have to use skillful hands when using them not to do any damage!

Mastering the best kiritsuke knife is a matter of knowing how and when to use it. But, with some guidance, you’ll quickly find that this Japanese blade feels just as comfortable in your hand – or on cutting vegetables-as any other kind!

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Reviews of The Best Kiritsuke Knife in 2021

Here are the most exciting parts of my article: 10 best Kiritsuke knives lists that give you the way to get extraordinary meals!

Top 1: Shun Dual Core VG0017 8″ Kiritsuke Knife 

 Shun Dual Core VG0017 8

Shun Dual Core VG0017 8″ Kiritsuke Knife  Product Review

+High carbon stainless steel for the sharp and corrosion-free blade +Perfect dual-core construction +Lightweight, thin and robust knife +Hold the sharpness for an extended period +Beautiful and solid handle
Only hand wash with warm water and mild detergent A little heavier than other knives

The Shun Dual Core VG0017 8-Inch Kiritsuke Knife is a Japanese Chef’s knife used for both cuisine preparation and slicing meats. It has razor sharpness, making it perfect to use on seafood or soft vegetables like cucumbers!


One of the most common materials used for kitchen knives is stainless steel. It has an attractive look and feels that will not wear down as quickly, but it has less edge retention than high carbon blades. 

The VG10 & Vg2 combination provides increased resistance against rusting or tarnishing because they contain both low carbon steels such as 154CM, which helps prevent corrosion from happening at all while maintaining sharpness over time with regular use!

Handle and other features

The handle of the knife is not just good-looking but also designed with performance in mind. You have a traditional Japanese octagon shape and pakkawood design that will last for ages! 

When it comes to maintenance, wash your knife after each use and let it dry before storing away. Don’t put them in the dishwasher, or else the blade might get duller faster than expected.

Top 2: KATSU Kiritsuke Japanese Chef Knife 

KATSU Kiritsuke Japanese Chef Knife

KATSU Kiritsuke Japanese Chef Knife Product Review

+Being robust, versatile and multi-purpose knives +Lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable in the hand +It is durable and straightforward to sharpen +High safety with the saya style sheath and nice gift box
Someone does not like the handle 

The KATSU Kiritsuke Chef Knife is not your average knife. Made with high-quality materials and a great steel blade, this knife features ergonomically designed handles to make cutting as comfortable as possible for professional chefs. With a length of 8 inches, it’s the ideal size for those who like working on modest-sized meals. 

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It is a multi-purpose knife with the Japanese Damascus blade, which is perfect in sharpness, easy to sharpen, and durable. Hence, you can be confident to deal with any hard cutting and chopping tasks. 

Handles and other features.

Handle and other features

This Katsu features ebony wood handles that combine well with the buffalo horn bolster. Hence, it is very lightweight and has nice welds for hand. Moreover, it has a walnut magnetic sheath that is very safe and convenient for any activity. It’s perfect patterns provide you with a super great gift for events. 

Top 3: DAILSTRONG Japanese AUS-10V Kiritsuke Chef Knife

DAILSTRONG Japanese AUS-10V Kiritsuke Chef Knife

DAILSTRONG Japanese AUS-10V Kiritsuke Chef Knife Product Review

+Peak performance at the affordable price+Having complete tang design for perfect robustness and triple riveted +Robust, durable and stain-resistant knife +Well balanced and good tapered blade +Ergonomic handle with rust and corrosion resistance
It is a bit heavy at the bolster 

Known as the world’s best kiritsuke knife for professionals. This DAILSTRONG Kifitsuke chef knife is made with high-quality materials to last you a long time. It has a black G10 handle that offers extra control and grip when slicing through tough vegetables, creating your perfect dish. Weighing 13 ounces, this knife can be used for any purpose in the kitchen to cut through more challenging foods while remaining sharp after months of use.


Its Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel blade is paired with a black G10 handle for increased durability, and it features an edge that caters well to the chef who prefers to use either side of the knife when cutting, depending on their needs. This 13 7/16″ stainless steel chef’s knife is not only stylish but also ultra-durable.

Handle and other features

Dailstrong Kiritsuke comes with the Ultra-premium and high-quality handle, which ensures long durability. Besides, it is carefully hand-polished, its ergonomic handles are perfect for excellent hand control and comfort. Moreover, its spine will be nice for handling. Besides, you will be interested in its lifetime warranty that can protect against the defect. 

Top 4: Shun Classic 8″ Kiritsuke Kitchen Knife

Shun Classic 8

Shun Classic 8″ Kiritsuke Kitchen Knife Product Review

+Lovely pakka wood handle +Moisture resistant and durable knife +Come with solid and hard bale +Offer you a long-lasting edge +Well balanced and comfortable grip
Does not come with a case or sheath for safety 

The Shun Classic 8 Inch Kiritsuke Kitchen Knife is a fantastic way to add some spice to your kitchen. Skilled artisans have crafted chef knives in the centuries-old tradition of Japanese blacksmiths for generations. 

Some people reported that the Shun Classic 8″ is the best kiritsuke knife.


This versatile knife can be used for multiple uses, and its blade is made of high VG-MAX stainless steel with 68 layers Damascus. Hence, it can hold a razor-sharp edge, perfect retention, and lovely striking beauty.

Since improving durability, these blades also maintain their sharp edge over countless cuts due to the high carbon content and added vanadium. Resilience comes from layers of hard steel clad with softer steel because all blades will eventually become blunt with use. 

Handle and other features

The Shun Classic 8-Inch Kiritsuke Kitchen Knife features a sleek, professional ebony color PakkaWood handle that feels natural in hand or slips into a sheath on either side of the blade, providing safety. 

Its D-shaped handles provide comfort and perfect control. Besides, this knife is also easy to maintain, delivers and it is a lightweight and powerful knife. 

Top 5: MITSUMOTO SAKARI 8 inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife

MITSUMOTO SAKARI 8 inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife

MITSUMOTO SAKARI 8 inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife Product Review

+2.3mm sharp blade gives the smoothest cut+Suitable for everyday kitchen tasks such as cutting, chopping, slicing+Hand forged+Light weight+Perfect for home kitchen
Does not cut bones

The Mitsumoto Sakari will definitely up your kitchen game to the top. The knife is hand forged using Japanese forging technique and combining it with deep cooling treatment which has enchanced the sharpness of the blade.

The blade ca easily cut, chop, and slice through the strongest of meat with applying any extra pressure. The blade is made of Damascus steel 59+2 HRC to give flexibility, superior strength, and corrosion resistance.

The strong Alloy Steel handles feels strong when holding. The easy to grip property allows the user to make a smooth cut without damaging oneself, and the extremely light weight of knife makes it a perfect fit for everyday kitchen use.

Top 6: FANTECK Kiritsuke Chef Knife

FANTECK Kiritsuke Chef Knife

FANTECK Kiritsuke Chef Knife Product Review

+Multipurpose knives for all kinds of tasks and foods+The sharp and durable blade which is corrosion resistant +Having a lovely gift box and delicate sheath +Super durable and balanced +Comfortable in hand and easy to clean
Require regular sharpening and cleaning 

The FANTECK Kiritsuke Chef Knife is one of the world’s most popular chef knives. This knife has an incredibly sharp, thin blade with a unique leaf shape. The blade material is made up of high-quality alloy steel while maintaining its strength to be honed for years. Its weight is well distributed, so it’s perfect to use every day and provide you with supreme balance and feel in your hands.


Perfect knife with a nice blade made of 67 layers VG10 high carbon stainless steel. This blade material can stand perfectly against Corrosion, with its incredible strength, durability, and stain resistance. This knife can provide you with the most extraordinary experience. 

Handles and other features

You also can not imagine how nice, comfortable and exceptional its handle is. It is made of high-grade G10 woven fiberglass, which is mainly impervious to cold, moisture, and heat. This pakkawood handle will provide you with the perfect control, comfort, and agility. You will never get any fatigue, thanks to its prolonged use. If you are a kitchen lover, you will fall in love with it at first glance. 

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Top 7: TUO Kiritsuke Knife (Black Hawk series)

TUO Kiritsuke Knife (Black Hawk series)

TUO Kiritsuke Knife (Black Hawk series) Product Review

+The attractive design of both handle and blade +Very comfortable to use for long hours +Come with perfect edge retention +High grade and superior steel for the blade +Suitable for different applicants
Have no health for protection 

The perfect knife for any chef, the Tuo Kiritsuke is a versatile tool with an angled tip and thick blade that’s great for slicing fish or chopping vegetables. It features classic Kiritsuke styling and shape – long enough to touch all of its surfaces while still having shorter sides, so you can easily use it as Yanagida cutlery when cutting soft things like meat gladly approved by your hands!


You can not go wrong with this knife which has the German X50 Stainless steel blade. This material is based on German stainless steel and provides durability, strength, sharpness while also rust-proof or Corrosion resistant! The blade measures 8 1/2 inches long, allowing it to cut through anything with ease because it has a wide edge design.

Handle and other features

It can be used for hours, and you’ll never feel any discomfort or fatigue from using it! The complete tang design brings in the high-quality handle made out of pakkawood, which helps maintain its performance over time and ensures the blade won’t shrink at all (it’s sanitary). 

Plus, this material doesn’t embrittle as other kinds would. It means that your knives will hold up better against Corrosion than others do if stored inside an oven cabinet. While not being cooked on a top-notch grip ensures easy control even when cutting something with lots going on. Almost five inches long, so there are no worries about losing fingers during handling either.

Top 8: Bear Creek Knives | Antero 8″ Kiritsuke Chef Knife

Bear Creek Knives | Antero 8

Bear Creek Knives | Antero 8″ Kiritsuke Chef Knife Product Review

+Ultrafine edged blade+Ergonomically designed handle for a perfect grib+Martensitic stainless steel blade for a smooth slice+Suitable for daily kitchen use+Evergreen sharpness
Pointed tip makes it a bit difficult to slice through thick meat

Antero 8’’ Kiritsuke Chef’s knife is a strikingly beautiful piece of cutlery. Crafted with half unpolishes, half mirror full tang blade, the knife is a perfect for your kitchen. The knife is handmade with a Japanese structure and design to provide smooth cutting and slicing experience to the user.

The strong shiny blade is forged to handle difficult style of cutting, and to easily run through the toughest of meat. The blade is diamond-honed which gives it a stroger edge. The Bear Creek Knife is also designed with 440c martensitic stainless steel giving the knife a longer life span.

Lastly, the handle of the knife is made of two-tone rosewood with a concave head to provide a strong grip to provide a smooth cut. The double bavelled cutting edge with 16 degree angle allows the user to slice the meat at a perfect angle without applying extra pressure.

Top 9: Oxford CHEF Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife

Oxford CHEF Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife Product Review

+Very comfortable to handle +Beautiful and durable knife +Suitable for slicing, chopping, micing, and disjointing +Superior sharp stainless steel blade
The handle is a little heavy, while the light blade 

Oxford CHEF Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife will never let you down. It will slice and dice everything in your kitchen! This full-tang blade is made of high carbon steel, giving you a precise edge for hours on end. 

In addition, the stainless steel finish seals the pores to make them resistant to corrosion and rusting. Weighing four ounces, this precision blade only comes 8 inches long but will still get the job done efficiently. And did we mention that you can also use this for cutting meat? All in all: an indispensable companion in the kitchen.


This knife blade is forged by the authentic VG 10 steel cutting core for excellent flexibility and max edge retention. You will not get any dulling or chipping with this 66 layers Damascus steel blade. Besides, it is also a lovely pattern on the surface. It is perfect against both Corrosion and rusting. 

Handle and other features

Its handle is designed with an ergonomic g10 which is immune to moisture, heat, and cold. Besides, it has a bolster that lets you sharpen simply for the whole blade. Its knuckle clearance also provides room for use. Its rounded handles and bolster combination will encourage natural handling for a well-balanced effect. 

Top 10: Kitory Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife

Kitory Kiritsuke Chef's Knife

Kitory Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife Product Review

+Very sharp for cutting well though the foods, vegetables or fruits +Durable and easy to maintain, sharpening +Reduce food stickiness thanks to the forged surface+Comfortable handle for daily use +The blade is long enough to get to work done
The blade can lose its edge quickly

A chef must have a perfect knife. Story knives are everything you’d want in a top-quality Japanese cutlery company: tradition combined with innovation, design-driven by uncompromising performance, the uncompromising performance achieved through innovation.


Kitory Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife is made of high carbon stainless steel (7Cr17MoV). It is forged to perfection at the 56 Rockwell hardness. Its blade is tapered for minimizing the surface resistance for a smooth cut. 

Besides, it has exquisite dimples on the surface for reducing drag. It allows for the simple removal of things from the blade without using a hand for removing. 

Handle and other features

It is made of pakkawood, which is a natural material with perfect color. Besides, it also provides a waterproof function. Therefore, it can handle well in wet conditions. Moreover, its ergonomic design will be gripped tightly, so you do not need to worry about slipping off when using. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Kiritsuke Knife

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before buying a Kiritsuke knife; I will let you know five main things. Don’t miss it!

Blade material 

A proper knife is a must for any chef, but many types of blades are to choose from. The most popular materials in kitchen knives include VG10 AUS10 and X50CrMoV etc. The materials will affect your knife’s sharpness, how long it can be sharp, and how perfectly it can handle Corrosion. 


Japanese knives are made of high carbon steel and have superior quality compared to European blades.

The quality of a kiritsuke knife’s blade is directly related to its sharpness. A dull or poorly-maintained kitchen tool won’t provide the best experience when cutting food, which means you may not enjoy preparing your meal as much because it will be difficult and uncomfortable doing so with such unenjoyable equipment in hand. 

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Rockwell Hardness Scale measures how hard steel should be depending on what type: 56HRC for Japanese blades that need durability but still need flexibility. 62 HRCs if we’re talking about European-style knives made from German stainless steel rather than high carbon steels typically used by Western chefs due to their superior edge retention properties (which makes sense given why most people sharpen them).

Handle materials 

Perfect handle material will promote the user and knife balance. The choice of handle material for a single-edged knife is up to personal preference, with many available types. The most common include pakkawood and stabilized wood, including ebony or color woods from plants native only in Asia like Ipoh lei sum flower, which can take between three months and two years before blooming again!


Along with the evolution of technology, kitchen knives have become more diverse in design. For example, ergonomic handle designs can make people feel less fatigue when they use a knife for an extended period because it’s easier on your hands than other traditional wooden or metal handles. 

Modern tools also offer excellent aesthetic styling, such as laser engraving, which creates waves patterns onto stainless steel blades, while hand-forging produces Damascus patterns from different steels. All these crafts combine to create works of art popular among collectors looking at buying one specific type.


Everything has its price and knives are no exception. Different materials and different craftsmanship imply different prices; however, the final choice for your Kiritsuke knife will depend on how much you’re willing to spend on this blade! We’ve listed four options we think would make significant purchases in ascending order based upon their affordability (starting lowest.)

How To Use A Kiritsuke Knife Safely?

The blades on these knives are very sharp, so be careful and make sure you follow all safety measures when handling them.

The following steps help prevent any accidents:  

Step 1: Pinch Grip: 

The pinch grip is often cited as being the best for operating a Kiritsuke blade. This technique refers to holding on to your handle and then placing your thumb or index finger onto the base, which will add some extra control when saucing foods with this type of knife in particular.

Step 2: Sword like tip: 

Use the sword-like tip to go d?n on your cutting board for making them clean and thin cuts

Step 3: Up and down motion: 

Up and down motion is the perfect motion for cutting, chopping, and slicing your vegetables and meats. 

Step 4: Less rocking: 

Pull the blade up toward and push it down away from yourself instead of rocking.

A knife is no ordinary tool. But with practice, you will find your comfort zone and, before long, be slicing like a pro! If you’re still not entirely sure about how to use it- don’t worry because many videos on youtube can guide beginners through the process of learning what they need for their blade or tools to work well with them specifically.

Why is a Kiritsuke knife good for the kitchen?

The Kiritsuke is an all-purpose, versatile knife that can do it from cutting vegetables to deboning fish. It’s made by combining two types of knives: the usuba and Yanagida categories for versatility in your cooking needs!

JAPANESE KNIFE – What is a Kiritsuke?

FAQs on the Best Kiritsuke Knife

Q1: What angle is the best for sharpening a Kiritsuke knife?

Kiritsuke knives are made up of soft and hard steel, so that the sharpening process can be pretty tricky. The regular cutting edge on these Japanese-style steak knives is 30 degrees. Still, it’s not uncommon for them to need some polishing or sanding before use because at 15 ° (30°/2). They will start feeling blunt quickly, which may lead you into danger when attempting delicate cuts like filleting fish, given their traditional role as sushi chefs’ essential toolkit ingredient!

Q2: When do you need to sharpen your Kiritsuke knife?

You should sharpen your knives frequently, at least once a week, to avoid accidents from happening. There are many reasons to sharpen your knife. Not only will you have an easier time cutting with a sharp blade, but the risk of accidents in case it becomes dull increases significantly compared with having one that’s already very close to handling any situation without issue. For daily maintenance, you should use the sharpening rod, which is made up of ceramic. 

Q3: How often do you sharpen Kiritsuke knives?

It’s essential to maintain your knife for it not only to function but stay sharp. Before using the blade, sharpen slightly and then do so every day or week after that.

Q4: How to remove the rust from your Kiritsuke knife?

It would help if you prepared the white vinegar, tall cup, and sponge:

  • Filling up the glass with vinegar for drenching the whole blade 
  • Keep the knife in vinegar for more than 5 minutes
  • Take the knife out of the solution 
  • Use the sponge for removing the rust

Q5: Can you wash your Kiritsuke knives in the dishwasher?

It is best to avoid putting knives in the dishwasher. Detergents’ extreme heat and power can damage a blade, making it dull or even crackle when dry. You should also make sure you wash them with warm water only if possible because hot temperature causes an edge on metal utensils like this one not to be cooked smooth anymore.

Q6: What does Kiritsuke mean?

In the Japanese language, Kiritsuke means “slit open,” Kiritsuke knife is famous for slicing and slitting open fish and other foods. 

Q7: How to cut with Kiritsuke?

There are many manners that you can cut with your blade:

  • Using the sword-like tip for the intricate slicing 
  • For chopping, employing up and down motion 
  • Cutting, use pinch grip and pulling the knife toward then pushing away 


A Best Kiritsuke Knife is a must-have for any foodie who loves to cook. The Kiritsuke, also known as sword-shaped with an edge straighter than Yanagida knives and longer blade than Usuba blades, is perfect because they make cooking easier by providing extra control when slicing meat or vegetables thin enough to see. 

In this article, we’ve discussed ten different types of these samurai-style kitchen warriors. Depending on what task needs to be completed, one will work best, from preparing ingredients at home up through finishing off dishes onto plates ready for serving guests comfortably seated around tables set out sideboard warming fireside. These knives will be super supportive. Wish you have a happy cooking time!

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