What is the Case pocket knife sharpening angle?

Have you ever sharpened a pocket knife? If you have, then you know that it is an art. Sharpening the blade correctly can be tricky, but there are some general guidelines to follow to get the perfect angle every time. In this article, we’ll discuss what is considered the Case pocket knife sharpening angle and how to sharpen your knives using this method.

Case pocket knife sharpening angle

Case pocket The ideal  Case pocket knife sharpening angle is 15°. You can use the technique of trial and error to find this number, or you can measure it with a ruler from the end of your blade’s bevel to its center-line.

How do I sharpen my knives?

To sharpen your knife using this Case pocket knife sharpening angle, place your flat stone at an angle against it so that the long side faces up. Then push down hard on the handle while drawing (moving) it towards you in order to create slanted lines across both sides of the blade. Repeat these motions back and forth along each side until all parts have been honed accordingly. Be sure not to forget about those pesky areas which are difficult for beginners.

Paul Goral

Paul Goral

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