Camp Chef vs Blackstone griddles, which is better?

It’s not an easy decision between Camp Chef vs Blackstone, but I have taken the time to break down both Camp chef vs Blackstone to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

Camp Chef and Blackstone have been around for years, so it’s no surprise that they both make great grills. They share some similarities but also have unique features, which can be essential to consider when deciding on a new BBQ or pitmaster tool.

A quick summary of which Blackstone griddles and Camp Chef to buy
makes so many that it can get confusing deciding which you should buy. To pick one, you have to consider factors such as your budget, cooking space, number of burners, and fuel choice.

All things put together, our choice of best Blackstone griddles and Camp Chef goes to the Camp Chef and Blackstone griddles.

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What is the Camp Chef?

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, True Seasoned Griddle Surface, Four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel Burners

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill, True Seasoned Griddle Surface, Four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. stainless steel Burners Product Review

Camp Chef’s story started in 1990 with Ty Measom, a seasoned outdoor cooking expert. A passionate barbecuer himself who had been frustrated by the quality of backyard grills at that time period so he set out to make an innovative portable product and after many years succeeded on those terms!

Camp Chef has been a leader in outdoor cooking for decades, and its commitment to innovation never wavers. This flat top is the perfect addition to your kitchen with over 604 square inches of cast iron griddle area! It indents easily, so you can sear meats before topping them off with sauce or vegetables. 

In addition, the massively large sidewalls provide even heat distribution while using less charcoal than usual.

Camp Chef is still based out of Cache Valley, Utah. However, the company manufactures all its products in China.

What is Blackstone?

Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36” Outdoor Griddle Station with Side Shelf (1554)

Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill Propane Fuelled Restaurant Grade Professional 36” Outdoor Griddle Station with Side Shelf (1554) Product Review

Blackstone is a new brand and one of the top brands in grilling, as they started with just one goal: to cook everything from BBQ and vegetables down to burgers outside. In 2005, Blackstone’s dream became a reality as their cornerstone product turned out better than anyone could have imagined. It was The 36 Inch Griddle!

The company has more products in its line, especially flat-top grills. The brand’s expertise is also improved with partnerships to meet high cooking standards from backyard masters and home cooks alike, all while catering to professional chefs’ needs!

Blackstone targets to help people come together via its functional, efficient, and easy-to-clean griddle. All products are innovative and made in the USA, focusing on quality for everyone who uses them.

Camp chef vs Blackstone Full Comparison

With so many great grills on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But don’t worry! We’ve put together this guide for comparing some of our favorites so you can find what will work best with your needs in no time at all.

Here are the differences between the Camp Chef griddle vs Blackstone. It will help your decision be much more accessible. 


The Camp Chef and Blackstone are comparable in size, but it’s essential to keep the price point difference. Depending on where you shop for grills, someone could end up spending about as much money with one brand over another!

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For those looking for a better deal on the Blackstone, it can be purchased at lower prices. They’re still built with high-quality materials and won’t break easily in your purse or pocket. It is essential to avoid any unpleasant surprises when switching purses every time someone sees one of these babies!

Winner: Tie


These two cooking systems are nearly identical in design. However, there are some differences that you need to consider:

The Camp Chef has an attractive cart-style griddle with 2 sets of shelves. The grilling area has bar-style handles along the edges, and it’s surrounded by red color control knobs that make for easy visibility while cooking at night or during low light conditions.

The large wheels on two legs allow you to move your grill from place to place quickly. The other two sturdy metal tubes help maintain stability on uneven terrains, such as sand or snow-covered ground!

The Blackstone grill has a set of wheels for easy mobility on all four legs.

In addition, two locking mechanisms keep the grille in place, so you don’t need to worry about losing it once placed onto your patio or deck!

Blackstone has designed their offering with a cart-style design that is sleek and modern. In addition, it features one shelf below the cooking station, which are smaller than those on Camp Chef’s unit but still provide ample space for your pots or pans!

The Camp Chef Flat Top is perfect for camping trips with big crowds. It offers a more efficient and attractive design, which makes it a great alternative to the usual style of gas grills!

Winner: Tie


The Blackstone has a steel frame & four stainless steel burners that are ideal for cooking over an open flame, which provides you with more flexibility when using the stovetop. This construction offers longevity alongside excellent performance, making it one of our favorite camp stoves!

The Blackstone gas grill is one of the most impressive grills I have ever seen. The thick, cold-rolled steel surface can quickly heat up and evenly distribute hot spots to cook your food with ease while also durable for years without ice maintenance!

The Camp Chef griddle comes with a similar frame, but it’s made of cold-rolled steel. As a result, the surface takes longer to heat up than the Blackstone one does. While we haven’t noticed any cold spots so far, at least you might have to wait until your food cooks before eating on this model! 

It also requires seasoning as other cast iron skillets do; not all brands come pre-seasoned, though, which could be enough for some buyers who don’t want to spend extra time doing so themselves (or perhaps cannot find good barbecue seasonings).

The Camp Chef provides the grillers options between two cooking surfaces. For example, after making your batch of pancakes and bacon for breakfast, you can replace the grill with steel grilling plates to prepare burgers or hot dogs later on in this versatile machine!

Winner: Camp Chef


Both devices feature the same four burners, but there’s a significant difference in the amount of grilling space. The Camp Chef model gives  604 square inches, while 501 is available for a traditional grill on its surface. At the same time, the Blackstone offers 720 inches. 

The Blackstone features a good size to cook for a large group of people. It’s also a bit lighter than many other grills, making it easy to transport and move around on your patio or deck when not in use!

The Camp Chef is more versatile than the Blackstone.  If you’re looking mostly at one type of cooking surface or want an all-inclusive package that only includes your choice between these two items then we recommend opting for a Camp Chef!

Winner: Camp Chef


Camp chefs who want to save space for cooking should take the Camp Chef grill. Not only does this unit include two large shelves near your food, but underneath its firebox, you’ll find flat surfaces perfect for storing plates and utensils!

The Blackstone also features a set of side shelves, but they sit slightly lower than Camp Chefs. In my opinion, it’s not as elegant because you have to crane your neck a bit more when looking at dinnerware from above. Especially since there’s only one low section for additional storage instead of two higher areas like with most other BBQ tables I’ve seen.

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Camp Chef’s second shelf is enough to make it not just a leader in this industry, but also the best! And with bar-style handles along their edges, they are easy for carrying and putting away. And it features ample storage space because users can hang tools onto them using these same handles!

Winner: Camp Chef


The stainless steel burners on both models can withstand the heat of flames and punishment from outdoor elements. It’s also simple to clean.

The Camp Chef combined BTU output of 48,000, with 12,000 for each burner and the Blackstone cranked out 60.000 per hour on average.

The Blackstone is not more powerful than the Camp Chef, according to their BTU output. For one thing, it only refers to energy used, which can be misleading if there is uneven heating or surfaces that cannot retain heat in this instance.

The Blackstone grill has a larger cooking surface than Camp Chef, which makes it easier to cook for large groups of people. 

Secondly, when you do math with their stats in mind, it is clear that they offer just under 80 BTUs per square inch while Camp Chefs offers around 83, which can be hard to notice for some people, especially if both grills are similar.

The Blackstone 4-zone griddle offers efficient and effective heating control, but the Camp Chef flat top surface takes longer to reach the desired temperature. This means that in terms of heat output per square inch, black stone comes out on top!

Winner: Blackstone

Heat retention 

The Camp grill also retains its heat well which is something that you don’t always find in gas grills. As mentioned, it heats up more slowly than the Blackstone but does a nice job with everything from eggs to stir-fries when cooked at just the right temperature.

I would recommend this for anyone looking into owning or renting one of these cooking surfaces because their quality makes them worth every penny!

Winner: Blackstone

Ignition and Temperature Control 

The Camp Chef four burner grill and griddle have a unique ignition system. You turn on the propane, then select which burners you want by turning knobs or pushing buttons to choose your setting; it’s that easy! 

The Blackstone also features a push-button starting with all flames lit sequentially before cooking begins. This is what makes them different from other gas smokers out there (more on those later).

To get the Blackstone fired, you have to turn on propane and switch one of its ignition burner knobs.

Hold down that button until it lights or takes longer than five seconds for everything to go right. If there are problems with your wiring, this could indicate an issue!

The moment you set fire to your range, make sure the knobs are in order from closest to farthest. You don’t have to be concerned about lighting all of them at once; repeat this process every time you grill!

The Camp Chef Ignition is more straightforward in that it allows you to set the desired temperature. This is not always possible when using an alcohol stove, but with this unit, all you have done is light up your flame and wait for a smoke!

Winner: Camp Chef


The grill assembly time for the Blackstone can be as quick or long, depending on how much cleaning you want to do. It only requires 15 minutes once everything is clean and prepped, but it’s best if users take caution not to damage their surface during installation because this may cause some pits that won’t come off until they’re hit with something worse than an eraser.

The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill is easy to put together and requires no additional seasoning. They take care of this with their “True Seasoned” surface, which has non-stick capabilities! For novice or anyone looking for an affordable way, start grilling immediately upon opening.

Winner: Tie

Clean and Maintenance

The Blackstone unit has a grease management system located towards the rear of the griddle and is not well thought out. The small hole leads to an open-ended drip cup, so any excess oil or juice can go right into it during the cooking time without being prone to spillage on your countertop, thanks to the gravity flow design!

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The Blackstone grill is a great system. However, when grease tends to miss the cup and run down your leg instead, it can be quite problematic for you as well!

The Camp Chef is easier to use, and it has more reliable technology. There’s also a trough running along the grill’s surface where any grease runoff goes, which can be removed for disposal when necessary. The only downside of this design would probably need to do with clogs in larger drain holes; however, they’re not usually an issue as it doesn’t happen very often at all!

When it comes to the best way of moving hot grease away from your cooking area, I think that Camp Chef has its system down. The stainless steel front-facing trough is much better at directing all those escaped oils and fats towards a convenient disposal location than Blackstone’s rear hole design does.

Both products are made of cold-rolled steel, making them easy to clean up once they have achieved the right degree of seasoning. The Blackstone will be much easier if you follow our instructions for proper care and maintenance!

Winner: Tie


The Blackstone grill is the perfect addition to any home. Not only does it have a one-year warranty on all parts, but this product will last long enough for you to make sure that your investment pays off!

Camp Chef packages its products with a one-year warranty. This includes the finish and paint, but not components that fail because of regular use.

Blackstone offers a one-year warranty that covers both finishes and parts. This makes them the top choice for reliable products with an extended service life span, like these faucets!

Standout Features of Camp Chef vs Blackstone

Camp ChefBlackstone
Second lower shelf for excellent storage spaceAdjustable heat zone for cooking multiple ingredients 
Adjustable leg levelers for stability on the uneven terrain Rear-facing grease system to make sure the mass stays away 
Micro-adjustable griddle levers for more control Four industrial wheels to grill easily 
Grill options Locking casters for more stability 
More user-focused features and designsRolled carbon seven gauge steel surface for durability and easy caring 

Which is better Camp Chef or Blackstone?

You already know the difference between blackstone griddle vs camp chef. Both are perfect for the kitchen, and it is not easy to identify which will be better. Go for the Camp chef if you need a grill that starts quickly with the pre-seasoned cooking surface. It is also great to use at night. You can plan to set it up on uneven terrain. 

Besides, you will not find any better flat top griddle that can be converted to the grill as great as a Camp chef. 

However, if you need more cooking space for prominent people, the Blackston is more than perfect. Besides, you can cook multiple ingredients at the same time. You also can have the option of moving the griddle around simply. 

Especially if you like the grease management systems with the fear-facing drains, there is no way better than Black stones. 

FAQs on Camp Chef vs Blackstone

Are Blackstone griddles worth it?

Whether you’re cooking for one or a crowd, the Blackstone grill is worth every penny. With three different size options and an unparalleled warranty covering everything from material defects to structural failure in high-humidity environments. Quality equipment doesn’t get much better than this!

Where are Camp Chef griddles made?

All Camp Chef is created in the US and manufactured in China. 

Why is Blackstone better than a grill?

The griddle will provide consistent heat on the large and flat surface while the grill can not. Besides, the griddles are the perfect for cooking foods that you might not want to cook on the traditional grill. 

Are Blackstone good for camping?

It is a perfect option for camping because it has four wheels controlled by the locking system, which keeps the grills on the move when needed. The temp control also makes it perfect for comping because it can cook various meals on the cooking surface. It also can keep the food warm in the cold weather of an outside environment. 

Final Verdict: Camp Chef or Blackstone?

Camp chef vs Blackstone are both designed with different functionalities that make them stand out. They have excellent outdoor capabilities, which makes them easy to clean if necessary or preferred by the user! 

The Blackstone grill has more cooking space than its flat top competitor while also providing greater BTUs of heat output, making it easier on your food when preparing large meals for friends at home. On top of these features being unique among similar products within their class (gadgets), they come at pretty reasonable costs as well.

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