The 8 Best BBQ Grill Carts For Sale in 2023

Most home cooks find it difficult to transport all their grilling equipment from their indoor kitchen to their outdoor kitchen. Thanks to the invention of a grill cart that solves the problem and makes grilling more interesting outdoors. It is a home chef’s go-to cart that makes grilling more fun and enjoyable.

Grill Carts For Sale
Grill Carts

The grill cart is one of the accessories of a grill that is often overlooked. Most grillers pay more attention to their grill than the other parts like the cart and rack. However, if you are one of such people, this perspective will change after you carefully read through this post.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the purpose of a grill cart before proceeding to the reviews of the best grill carts for sale.

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What is the purpose of a portable grill cart?

The primary purpose of a portable grill cart is to conveniently carry grill and grilling tools whenever and wherever the chef pleases. It also offers you ample space to serve meals after grilling. A portable grill cart serves as a medium for storing pellets, plates, and other accessories.

Reviews Of The Top 8 Best Grill Carts to Buy In 2021

Here are top rated food cart with grill for sale

Top 1- Keter Unity XL BBQ Table for Grill Cart

Keter Unity XL BBQ Table for Grill Cart

Keter Unity XL BBQ Table for Grill Cart Product Review

+Adjustable legs+Rust resistant+Stainless steel construction+Versatile cart+Large storage capacity
The worktop could get dent during shipping

Topping the list is Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table and Storage Cabinet with Hooks for Grill Accessories. This product is constructed from sturdy 201-grade stainless steel and resin that withstands all weather conditions. It is sturdy and durable.

This model is resistant to rust, pitting, and even denting. The total storage capacity of this grill cart, including the interior and open storage, is approximately 78 gallons. The storage space can be used to store plates, pellets, ingredients, bottles, and even snacks.

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The cart is easy to assemble and requires minimal maintenance. Moreover, it comes with hooks for hanging grill accessories, two side bars, and a spice shelf.

Top 2- Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table for Grill Cart

Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table  for Grill Cart

Keter Unity Portable Outdoor Table for Grill Cart Product Review

+All-weather resistant+Easy to transport+Includes extra attachments+Requires minimal care+Sturdy construction
Poor packaging

Here is another grill cart from Keter but with a smaller storage capacity. This model is best for those limited to space but needs extra storage or a worktop. The entire storage space is about 40 gallons, which makes a great addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Thanks to the two rolling wheels and leveling legs, it is easy to transfer from one location to the other. This product includes extra accessories such as a spice rack, a paper towel holder, a bottle opener, and a hook holder with four stainless steel hook hangers.

This grill cart is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be used as a mobile garden table, serving table, outdoor bar cart, or food preparation table.

Top 3- Cuisinart CPT-200 Outdoor BBQ Prep Cart

Cuisinart CPT-200 Outdoor BBQ Prep Cart

Cuisinart CPT-200 Outdoor BBQ Prep Cart Product Review

+Has hooks to hang tools+Comes with a garbage holder+Easy to move+Stainless steel work surface
Has a slippery top surface

Cuisine Art BBQ Prep Table is one of the most picked prep tables available in the market. With a complete stainless steel body, the table has a sturdy finish. It comes with two non locking caster and two legs so one can easily transport it from one place to another.

The table is uniquely design with a 36×18 stainless steel surface where you can prep your chicken, fish, and veggies. Also, the storage shelf has 5 different adjustable positions so you can keep the shelf where you find suitable.

The BBQ Table comes with a garbage bag holder on one side, and a tissue roll holder on the other so you can clean the mess rightaway. It also features 6 tool stands at the front so you do not need to ask somebody to rush inside the house and get a spatula.

Top 4- Kenyon A70026 Portable Grill Cart

Kenyon A70026 Portable Grill Cart

Kenyon A70026 Portable Grill Cart Product Review

+Includes a cutting board+Transferrable+Suitable for housing Kenyon grills+Lower shelf+Corrosion-resistant

Next on the list is Kenyon A70026 Portable Grill Cart. It is specifically designed to hold portable Kenyon grill models such as City Grill – B70200, Revolution Grill – B70202, Floridian Portable – B70082, and Frontier Portable – B70090.

This cart is constructed with a food-grade 304 stainless steel material that can withstand any weather climate. Underneath the worktop surface is open storage for added convenience. It allows you to store all your grilling utensils in one place.

The assembly of the various parts takes less than an hour and does not require professional help. This product is equipped with an extra plastic cutting board at the side. However, other grill accessories such as a side table, side burner, utensil holder, and spice rack are sold separately.

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Top 5- Weber 6557 Q Portable Grill Cart

Weber 6557 Q Portable Grill Cart

Weber 6557 Q Portable Grill Cart Product Review

+Foldable+Compact size+Front-loading design+2-year limited warranty+Integrated wire transport handle
The feet wobblesNo lower shelf

If you love to grill on the go, the Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart is the perfect choice for you. This grill cart is an ideal choice for camping trips and is jam-packed with excellent features. Thanks to its compact size and elegant design.

Weber 6557 Q Portable cart features an indicator that shows when the grill is properly locked into the cart. The built-in transport handle makes the transfer of the grill much easier.

This product is compatible with only the weber Q 1000 and 2000 grill models. It is built with food-grade metal that doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals. Also, it comes with hooks and loop straps that ensure the grill is securely fixed.

Top 6- Dracarys Rolling Cart for Big Green Egg

Dracarys Rolling Cart for Big Green Egg

Dracarys Rolling Cart for Big Green Egg Product Review

+Locking casters+Well suited for outdoor kitchen+Heavy-duty locking wheels+High-quality construction+Easy mobility

If you own a large grill such as the Kamado models, Dracarys Rolling Cart is one of the best grill carts for sale on the market. It is not only easy to set up but is also compatible with big green egg grills and kamado grills.

Dracarys Rolling Cart for Big Green Egg is constructed with durable powder-coated stainless steel. It is built to last for years and comes with four 3-inch casters made of urethane.

This model is designed to help you elevate your kamado grill to a comfortable height. The top of the cart features some rubber boots that protect the outer surface of the grill. The locking casters ensure maximum safety when the grill is atop the cart on any surface.

Top 7- JJGeorge Big Green Egg BBQ Table

JJGeorge Big Green Egg BBQ Table

JJGeorge Big Green Egg BBQ Table Product Review

+Includes a free cover+Money-back guarantee+Sturdy red cedar+Durable+Compatible with large Green Egg
The grill cart is quite heavy

JJGeorge Big Green Egg Table is the only model made of wood in this review. It is handcrafted and hand-polished by experts with durable hardwood cedar. The aesthetic design of this cart makes it a great addition to any outdoor kitchen or backyard.

This USA-made grill cart is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is resistant to rust, discolouration, corrosion, and pitting. Included with this grill cart is a free JJGeorge grill and table cover.

The lower open shelf serves as a storage space for your grilling tasks. It also comes with an extra worktop for all kinds of food prep tasks. This product is well built to support grills that weigh more than 200 pounds.

Top 8- Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf BBQ Table

Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf BBQ Table

Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf BBQ Table Product Review

+Extra add-ons+Tank mounting design+Dual shelf construction+Multipurpose handle+Easy to clean
Poor instructions on how to assemble

Last on our review is the Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table. This commercial-grade grill cart is made of both stainless steel and metal for a longer life span. Plus, it comes with three multipurpose hooks, a lower storage shelf, and a side hook for holding a 20 lbs gas tank.

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This product features a side handle and two locking swivel wheels for optimum convenience. It is easy to move around from the patio to the backyard kitchen.

The flat worktop offers the users ample food prep space and can also be used for placing your griddle or grill. It comes with two swivel wheels and two straight legs.

Buying Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Grill Carts

We have reviewed several products with varying designs, budgets, sizes, shapes, and materials. It can be confusing to pick if you are unsure of what to look out for when choosing.

Every BBQ lover needs to have at least one grill cart because of its mobility. We have included a thorough guide to help you know the several factors to consider before buying a grill cart. They include:


A grill cart is often exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and needs to be designed to withstand all climates.

The most commonly used material for making grill carts is stainless steel material. However, other materials such as chromed steel, metal, wood, or plastic are also used.


There are numerous designs of grill carts, from foldable models to adjustable legs to four caster wheels models to two caster swivel models.

Some designs have side tables where you can store grilling attachments and ingredients. Others have open storage and closed cabinets for maximum storage. It is essential to know what you intended to use the grill cart for before choosing any design.

Ease Of Cleaning

Grill carts are easy to maintain after use. Some of the removable parts are safe for the dishwasher machine. On the other hand, the top surface can be wiped clean with a dry or wet towel to clean off the debris and stains.


Although the price of a grill cart varies from one manufacturer to the other, most products are reasonably priced. However, you will find some grill carts that come with additional attachments such as hook holders, paper holders, and so on. These types of grill carts are highly priced when compared with those without add-ons.


Types of the grill cart

There are several types of grill carts by various brands. They are broadly classified into two, which are based on the portability or design and material.

Based on the portability, we have a grill cart with shelves, a grill cart with sidebars, a grill cart with food prep space, and a compact grill cart.

Where to buy grill carts

There is more than one place to buy a grill cart. It is available in both online and offline stores. You will always find grill carts in stores that deal in home appliances and kitchenware.


The grill cart is one of those tools designed for daily use, but only a few are built to last a lifetime.

We hope that based on the detailed information gotten from the review of the best grill cart, you can confidently make an informed decision that suits your needs.

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