The 7 Best Grill And Griddle Combos Reviews in 2023

Top 7 The Best Grill And Griddle Combos Reviews, Tips, and Buying Guides

Are you a chef? and are you looking for the best grill and griddle combo? Or do you wish to make your juicy steaks and seasoned delicacy with lesser effort? A remarkable grill and griddle combo is what you need.

The grill and griddle combo is another home appliance that can help satisfy your daily cravings in lesser minutes. The product allows for even heat distribution for a perfect crispy result.

However, owing to the availability of diverse models in the appliance market today, shopping for a quality gadget can be tricky. We know you don’t want to end up with a bad product. To save you, we have summed up the best grill and griddle combo that can enhance your catering experience.

Best Grill And Griddle Combos
Grill And Griddle Combos

What are Grill And Griddle combos?

Grills and Griddles are an essential part of outdoor cooking. Grilling is popular all over the world, but Griddles are lesser-known. A griddle is a large flat plate made of metal or other heat-resistant material that has raised ridges, grooves, or patterned a surface for use in cooking or baking food.

Griddle machines are used to prepare pancakes, waffles, fried eggs, and grilled sandwiches with bread/toast where the cooktop is non-stick coated with grates with slits for easy removal of cooked food. Induction Grids are also available nowadays which use electric induction heating coils to transfer energy directly into their pan instead of using gas/ electricity itself.

Grill And Griddle Combos enable you to cook your favorite Grilled food and Griddle food items at the same time.

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Here are the 7 best grill and griddle combos that can offer you an endless flavored result.

List of The Best Grill and Griddle Combo Reviews in 2023

Here are top-rated grill griddle combos to buy

Top 1 – Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle 2 Burner Propane

Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle 2 Burner Propane

Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle 2 Burner Propane Product Review

+Adjustable heat zones+High-quality alloy steel material+Electric ignition system+Caster strong wheels
Customer service could be better

Are you a pro? Or do you wish to improve your cooking career? Why not consider this unique combo box. This model is a stylish yet functional design that can offer you a long-lasting catering experience. The design is one of the best gas grill and griddle combos from the Blackstone brand.

This product is crafted with a durable alloy steel material that is a friend of time. The material comes with a black coating that is sight-appealing and rust-free.

Unlike other standard equipment, this appliance is ideal for your indoor gatherings and a perfect camping experience. Users can effortlessly cook their eggs, steak, potatoes, grilled cheese, and preferred delicacies.

The prototype comes with a bottom shelf and two side shelves. With this, you can easily store your food with zero effort.

Also, the apparatus is equipped with an expansive cooktop. The cooktop provides users with enough space to satisfy diverse cravings during their indoor parties or outdoor events. It further comes with 4 adjustable heat zones that allow for multipurpose cooking. You can effortlessly cook and warm up at the same time without drying out any of your tasty dishes.

In addition, this gadget features an electric ignition button for a fast start-up. Simply push the button, and your model is ready for operation. It further features four sturdy caster wheels. With this, users can easily transport the prototype conveniently around the kitchen environment.

Top 2 – Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo Product Review

+Durable stainless steel material+Lockable caster wheels+Four independently controlled burners+Easy to assemble and use
It can be heavy

Do you wish to invest in the best grill griddle combo that can make your cuisine dream a reality? The Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas Griddle and Grill Combo is for you. This kitchen appliance is another wonderful collection from the Royal Gourmet brand. This brand is a notable industry in the home appliance market that has built a name for itself over the years.

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Crafted with durable stainless steel, this model can withstand the test of time. The apparatus comes with four collapsible legs. You can effortlessly adjust the legs and transform the equipment into a portable grill. With this, the cook-box can easily fit in your rear trunk.

Also, this prototype features four independently controlled, long-lasting tube burners. The burners are heat and rust-resistant. With a total power of 48,000 BTU power and an average output of 12,000 each, the device helps distribute heat around your bread for a crispy golden result.

Furthermore, the gadget features a lower hanging bar with four “S” hooks. The hooks allow users to hang their various kinds of cooking utensils conveniently. It further features an automatic ignition system. Simply push and turn the knobs to start up your burners.

Top 3 – Blackstone 36″ 4 Burner Propane Grill

Blackstone 36

Blackstone 36″ 4 Burner Propane Grill Product Review

+Strong four caster wheels+Easy to use+Electric push-button igniter+Adjustable heat zones
Customer service could be better

Are you looking for the best indoor grill griddle combo that can get the job done without stress? This cook-combo can offer you an endless cuisine experience. The product is manufactured with a durable stainless steel material that can last long.

Featuring a 720sq inches flat grilling top, this model is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. You can easily get your eggs, pancakes, and grilled cheese ready in fewer minutes.

Unlike traditional cook boxes, this equipment comes with an automatic ignition system. This ignition button is battery-powered and user-friendly. Simply push the ignition button, and your cook-box is ready for use.

In addition, this model comes with a durable heat-resistant handle. The handles allow users to grab with bare hands without burning their hands. The prototype further features four strong wheels for easy transportation.

Top 4 – Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill and Griddle Combo

Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill and Griddle Combo

Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill and Griddle Combo Product Review

+Smash burger grill set+Durable stainless steel material+20-piece deluxe grill set+Two independently controlled burners
Can be expensive to use

On our fourth spot is Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill and Griddle Combo. This model is another wonderful collection from the Cuisinart brand. This brand is an outstanding industry popular for its stylish yet functional cooking tools.

Manufactured with high-quality stainless steel material, this model can last years. The device comes with a unique anti-rust coating. The coating is water-resistant and prevents the appliance from rusting.

Also, the apparatus is equipped with two independently controlled burners. The burners provide a total of 30,000 BTUs and can be controlled on the griddle surface. These burners help heat up your crispy meals to your desired taste.

Finally, this best grill and griddle combo from Cuisinart features 12-inch circular wire racks. With the racks, users need not worry about warping. The racks help increase hot air circulation while roasting your flavored ribs.

Top 5 – Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle Combo

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle Combo

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle Combo Product Review

+Four 12,000 BTU burners+Grease management system+High-quality material+Adjustable legs
The top griddle can be heavy

Manufactured with durable alloy steel, this apparatus can last years without major faults. The device comes with a flat top griddle and grill grate for an enhanced cookery experience. Furnished with a nonstick surface, you need not worry about your food sticking to the cooking surface.

Here is the best grill and griddle combo that comes with four 12,000 BTUs/Hr. Steel burners. With these burners, you are sure to have a perfect seasoned baking exercise. It further features two large folding shelves. Users can easily store their ingredients or utensils on the shelves during or after cooking.

Furthermore, the appliance features a matchless ignition system. Handlers can easily push the ignition button for easy start-up. Similarly, the product is easy to tidy. With the grease management system, cleaning is a breeze.

Top 6 – Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle Product Review

+Durable plastic material+Adjustable temperature control+Removable drip tray+Nonstick plates+3-in-1 multi grill
Grease tray can be fragile

Are you looking for the best electric grill griddle combo that can do the job better? Why not shop for the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Indoor Grill and Electric Griddle. This product is crafted with sturdy yet stylish material.

The model comes with a 100-square-inch-sized surface. With this surface, you can easily cook up to 6 delicacies at once without drying any. The surface further allows for a crispy hot meal without splatters. Customers can easily elevate.

Also, the device features adjustable temperature control. You can easily set and adjust to the desired heat level. The temperature settings allow for low or high heat settings up to 400 degrees.

In addition, this prototype is easy to use and clean. Owing to its nonstick plates and removable drip tray, tidying can be a breeze. The plates are dishwasher safe.

Top 7 – Camplux Flat Top Gas Grill, Propane Gas Griddle Grill Combo

Camplux Flat Top Gas Grill, Propane Gas Griddle Grill Combo

Camplux Flat Top Gas Grill, Propane Gas Griddle Grill Combo Product Review

+Two independent heat zones+Easy to clean up+Two strong wheels for transportation+Electronic ignition system
None found

Unlike the traditional cook box, this best outdoor grill griddle combo is capable of offering an endless kitchen experience. The device is another durable gadget from the Camplux brand. The equipment is crafted with a stainless steel hot-rolled enamel that can last long without rusting.

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The prototype comes with 190 sq. In. grill net and 179 sq. In. flat top griddle. You can quickly satisfy your guests with hot delicious hamburgers, steak, or chicken without running around the kitchen environment.

Likewise, this appliance is equipped with two controllable heat zones. The two independently controlled burners provide 11,000 BTU each for a juicy, crunchy result. The burners further feature an adjustable heat control that enables customers to cook between low or high heat levels.

Finally, this apparatus has a quick start-up button. Its electric ignition allows for an easy and fast start-up.

Factors to consider when buying the Best Grill And Griddle Combos.

The first thing to consider when buying a grill and griddle combo is whether you will use both appliances on the same surface. If so, make sure the size of the cooking surface on each appliance fits together well.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for a new grill and griddle combo is how much space you have available. While a common mistake people make when buying this type of appliance is thinking they need more space than they actually do, it’s still good to think about your specific needs rather than going with what looks best or seems cheapest.

Material used.

Before purchasing a grill and griddle combo, be sure that its materials are easy to clean because no one wants to spend forever scrubbing off grease from last night’s steak. Another thing to consider is how well the material holds up over time.


The size of a grill and griddle combo can vary between different models, so be sure that it fits well in your kitchen before committing to a purchase. Budget. No one wants to spend more money than they need to on appliances for their kitchen, so make sure you stay within your budget while searching for the best grill and griddle combo.

The number of burners.

Finally, when purchasing a grill and griddle combo, pay attention to the number of burners each appliance has since this affects overall performance and cooking capabilities; if possible, try out various versions with different numbers of burners and determine whether or not you need all those extra heat sources before making a purchase.

Temperature control.

Some people like to purchase appliances with temperature controls since it makes it easier to heat up and cook various foods; if the grill and griddle combo you are considering does not have temperature control, note that this affects its performance in general so be aware of this fact before making a purchasing decision.

Each of these four factors are important when buying a new grill and griddle combo, so keep them in mind while doing your research on different models!

Budget control.

Finally, it is vital that you pay attention to the temperature controls when purchasing a grill and griddle combo because this feature determines how well you will be able to cook different types of food.


Lastly, when purchasing a new grill and griddle combo, take into consideration your budget and what features you want- if not happy with either version in your price range, consider waiting for another sale or making do with what you have at the moment.

Types of Griddle and Grill Combos

Griddles can be used in combination with grills. Griddles are flat, smooth surfaces heated by electricity or gas. Grills are typically round and they heat using charcoal or propane. Griddle cooking is popular at summertime cookouts when people want to cook several things at once on the kitchen grill.

Griddles combine well with grills because they allow you to cook different foods simultaneously, while also being able to quickly remove the finished items from the cooking surface.

Electric Griddles Combos

Electric Griddles have a heating element beneath a smooth cooking surface, so these types of griddles vary in size but generally fit over one burner on a stovetop range. Electric griddle cooking is very similar to skillet frying that you do not have to flip the food over to cook it.

Griddle cooking can also be done using an electric griddle in your kitchen if you do not have enough counter space for an entire griddle range. You can use one of these when you want to make pancakes for breakfast or grilled cheese sandwiches when it is raining outside, and you need to stay inside because of safety reasons.

Electric griddles are also a good choice if you live in a small apartment or condo but still want to have some flexibility with your cooking options. Electric griddles are available at home improvement centers and department stores, including Target and Amazon.

Gas Griddles Combos

Gas Griddles work just like their electric counterparts, but they are more powerful so they get hotter faster. These types of griddles are good for cooking a variety of foods because the smooth surface does not leave distinctive grill marks on your food.

Griddle grills can be used in combination with grills to cook chicken, burgers or steaks at the same time that you are also making pancakes and eggs on the griddle side.

Griddle grills work well if you have a working stove but do not have room for a separate stand-alone range. Griddle Grills are easy to clean, which is another reason why this type of grill remains popular among families who love grilling outside during summertime but still want their meals to taste great from inside their home kitchen during other seasons.

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Griddle Grills can be purchased online at Walmart and Target.

Stone Griddles

Stone Griddles are sometimes known as Griddle Stones or Griddle Blocks. These types of griddles are made from masonry materials, including cast iron, ceramic, or soapstone.

Griddle stones are meant to simulate the cooking surface of a wood-fired grill because they retain heat well and make food taste more authentic. Griddle stones work best when you preheat them on your stovetop for several minutes before you begin cooking anything.

Griddle stone cooking is popular in areas that experience cold weather during some parts of the year but still want to enjoy outdoor grill style foods inside their home kitchen at other times of the year.

Griddle stones are available almost everywhere that cookware is sold, including Target and Amazon.

Vintage Griddles

Vintage Griddles have been in use for centuries. Griddle cooking was popular in the United States during the 18th and 19th century when cast iron griddles were used to cook breakfast and dinner meats, cornbread, and even Italian-style pizzas.

Griddle cooking became less popular in the 20th century when people started to eat more hot dogs and hamburgers that could be prepared faster on a charcoal or propane gas grill out back.

Griddle cooking has recently become popular again because people can prepare three things at once when they combine an electric griddle inside with a gas grill outside. Griddle cooking is also making a resurgence because of its ability to give food authentic tastes of old fashioned recipes with modern convenience of indoor kitchen appliances.

Griddles are through and through versatile and can be used to make a variety of foods that both men and women love. Griddles are available at most cookware stores, including Walmart and Amazon.

FAQs on best grill and griddle combos

Which are the affordable griddle and grill combo options?

There are some affordable options to have a griddle and a grilled combo.

Option 1: Get a gas grill that is bigger than the smaller units where you can just place a camp stove or a regular stove top on it and then use that as Griddle.

Option 2: Grill And Griddle combos offer quick & instant setups with flexible cooking configurations for all types of food items. With different sized available, they offer easy outdoor cooking solutions.

Can you cook steak on a griddle?

Well, yes, in fact, you can. Cooking steak in a griddle is not easy at all. Griddles are not intended for cooking steaks, but a Gas BBQ grill with Griddle combo offers an easy way to cook your favorite food items on the same unit.

You will need high heat with steak if you want to get that nice crust on the outside while keeping it juicy and tender inside. It’s recommended that you use cast-iron pan or skillet if possible because of its excellent heat distribution capabilities when compared to aluminum or other metals. Check out Grill And Griddle combos which comes in different sizes ranging from 54″ to 72″.

While grilling over a charcoal briquette it would be advisable to oil your meat before placing it on the grill. Use a mild-flavored oil, like grapeseed oil or canola oil, and make sure to cover both sides of the meat to get that nice crisp color on the outside.

How do you clean a griddle after use?

Well, to be honest it depends on how much use you have put into your griddle. If you are using it regularly then consider getting a BBQ grill that has removable plates so that after use you can just take out each plate and clean them individually.

If there’s not too much mess involved in the food items cooked, you should also be able to wipe down the entire unit with a damp cloth/rag or sponge followed up by wiping dry with paper towels. You could however but cleaning solutions for this purpose if needed.

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How do you season a griddle for the first time?

Generally, you need to remove all the factory oil coating that comes with initial shipping. Use a bit of dishwashing liquid and water in order to scrub off any excess oils or debris then rinse using tap water.

Afterward, heat up your griddle to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit by turning on its burners/ignition system then wait until it gets warm enough before applying cooking oil (olive oil works fine) but do not over-do it because too much can leave residual flavors behind while too little does not give proper protection against rusting, etc.

How do you grill on a griddle?


The Grill And Griddle Combo is must-have equipment for the kitchen. Most kitchens need to have this device to cook food. It can be used as an indoor grill and griddle, which makes it very convenient and versatile.

If you’re looking for the best Grill And Griddle combo we recommend that you consider one of these seven combos above as your final choice based on their performance or price point. You’ll never regret having this excellent piece of cooking gear!

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