What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Gas Grill?

Steak is a globally loved dish for many people. Some people are ready to spend a lot of money enjoying the most delicious steaks in luxurious restaurants, while others prefer grilling steaks at home by themselves on their gas grills. However, controlling the temperature for delicious steaks is not easy to learn. 

Therefore, my post today will give you some guides so that you can easily solve the infamous question of “what temperature do you cook steak on a gas grill?”

Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Gas Grill
Cook Steak On A Gas Grill

What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Gas Grill?

To make sure you’re grilling the perfect steak, here are a few things to keep in mind. The thickness of your steak will dictate how hot it needs to be on the grill- generally thinner steaks need higher temperatures while thicker ones can handle lower settings.

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You should also take into account that not all gas grills are created equally and some may require hotter or cooler temps than others!

  • The perfect gas grill temperature for your ½ inch steak is between 425°F to 450°F. The proper cooking time will take about 10 minutes of cook time per side, so if you don’t want any raw meat on the inside please make sure not to over-cook it!
  • Between 360°F to 400°F for ¾ inch steak
  • Grilling a steak to perfection can be tricky. The best gas grill temperature for 1-inch steaks is between 325°F and 350°F, which also happens to be the perfect medium rare or even raw cooking temperature!
  • The best way to cook a 1.5 inch steak is by cooking it on the gas grill for about 3 minutes per side at 110°F – 120°F. The temperature range above will produce rare filet mignon steaks, but ribeye or sirloin steaks should be grilled between 130 °F and 140 ° F for 6 minute each side in order to get them cooked enough through all of their layers without overcooking any parts that are already well done from an earlier time they were heated up during preparation.
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Temperature For Type of Steak

#1. Grill Temperature For Cube 

Cube is one of the most popular types of steaks because it is very easy to cook. This steak is not as large-sized as other steaks, just ½ inch thick, so cooking them is very fast. Before starting to cook, you should preheat your gas grill at the maximum temperature in five minutes and marinate your cube.

After that, you set up your grill temperature from 110 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and place your cube on your gas grill in five to seven minutes. Because your cube is not thick, this range of temperature will help you retain its original flavors without worrying about the meat being overheated.

#2. Grill Temperature For Denver

Denver is often used with sandwiches, so this steak is just a bit thicker than a cube. Like cubes, you will not have to spend much time cooking delivers. 

The ideal temperature for Denver is from 130 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, before cooking, you also need to preheat your gas grill at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and marinate this type of steaks with your favorite sauces.

Finally, you place your Denver on the grill in three to four minutes and take it out to enjoy with sandwiches for a healthy breakfast. At this temperature, your Dever can be cooked very fast and has a wonderful flavor without being overcooked.

#3. Grill Temperature For Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is a great steak that has no bone, so it is very famous in most restaurants. And of course, cooking this steak by a gas grill is an ideal choice. 

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You should preheat your gas grill at the maximum temperature in five minutes and set up at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking. And you just need to cook this type of steaks in four to seven minutes for perfect results. 

At this perfect temperature, your steak can avoid being overheated. As a result, your Filet Mignon will be as delicious as the one you are often served at a restaurant.

#4. Grill Temperature For Flank

Flank is thicker than other steaks, so you need to take more time to cook it. Before starting to cook, you should marinate your flank in two hours and preheat your gas grill at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, you should set up your gas grill at 145 degrees Fahrenheit and place your flank on the cooking surface in five to seven minutes per side. Additionally, you should gradually crank the heat up until it reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit for the best result. Finally, you can enjoy your delicious flank steak for your dinner.

#5. Ribeye

Ribeye is a thick cut of steak that takes longer to cook, so we recommend cooking it at 140°F for 8 minutes per side or 155°F for 10 minutes.

#6. New York Strip

Grilling a New York Strip can be an incredibly complex task, but with these few guidelines you should have no problem. If grilling for medium-rare – 140°F internal temperature and seven minutes per side on the grill at 1 inch thickness; grilled 10 minutes if cooking to 155°F internally.

#7. Sirloin

Like ribeye, Sirloin is one of the most popular cuts of steak in America. You can find it at almost any grocery store, but make sure you ask for a cut that’s about 1¼ inch thick – anything less will be tough and flavorless. To grill the perfect steak, ensure that it reaches 140°F for 8 minutes per side and 155°F for 10 minute per side to achieve your desired level of doneness!

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Grill the Perfect Steak

What’s the best way to tell when your steak is done?

The way you cook your steak is critical to the desired doneness. You should always use a probe meat thermometer for accurate readings of how done it really is, and not rely on cooking time or feel alone to judge!

The best way to cook steak is on a gas grill because it cooks even and fast. You need to remove the steaks 5°F before they reach your preferred temperature so that when you rest them, their internal temp will continue rising until reaching perfection! The following are the temperatures for all cuts of beef:


  • For the rarest of tastes, grill your steak at 125°F.

Medium Rare

Cook your steak at an internal temperature between 130°F to 135°F for a juicy, tender medium-rare steak.


145°F is the ideal temperature for a medium-cooked steak.

Well Done

For the perfect steak, it’s important to cook it just right. When you’re getting close to that magic temperature of 160°F, make sure not to overcook your delicious dinner!

Closing Ideas For What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Gas Grill

Now, you can know what temperature you should set up to cook your steak on a gas grill. Cooking steak on a gas grill will become easier at this time, so you can enjoy your steak at home without wasting money going to a restaurant. 

I hope your meals will be more delicious after reading my instructions about what temperature you cook steak on a gas grill.

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