Top 7 The Best Grill Pan for Glass Top Stove Reviews in 2023

To get the most out of your glass top stove, you need the right grill pan to optimize your cooking performance and deliver excellent results.

Best Grill Pan for Glass Top Stove
Grill Pan for Glass Top Stove

However, there are hundreds of options out there, which makes choosing a high-performing grill pan for your stovetop a bit tricky and challenging.

Luckily, we’ve reviewed the top 7 best grill pans for glass top stoves and highlighted some of the pros and cons associated with each option.

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What is a grill pan?

A grill pan is a frying pan with raised rims that can function as both a griddle and stovetop topper.

Grill pans are usually made of cast iron or seasoned carbon steel (rather than stainless steel) and have ridges in the bottom of the pan to allow fat to drain off food.

Grill pans provide an alternative cooking method for cooks who want to enjoy the flavor of grilled food without firing up the outdoor barbecue, but they may not be appropriate for some types of foods because they do not reach high enough temperatures to achieve true searing.

Why you need best grill pan for glass top stove?

1). Give you the taste of outdoor grilling without resorting to a barbecue. Grill pans are fantastic for cooking burgers, steaks, chops and vegetables in an appetizingly charred fashion.

2). It does not require any special skill or equipment. A grill pan is super easy to use – just heat the pan up until it’s smoking hot, add some oil, then throw on whatever food needs cooking.

3). Healthier than using deep fryer as it drains away fat so less saturated fat reaches our bodies when consumed

4). Grill frying also known as Panfrying: Fry using only a small amount of hot oil over high heat in a heavy skillet (with or without added flavorings such as garlic)

The Best Grill Pan for Electric Glass Top Stove in 2021

Top 1 – Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Skillet Grill

Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Skillet Grill

Le Creuset Cast Iron Square Skillet Grill Product Review

+Long-lasting Exterior Enamel+High Ridges Cooking Surface+Cast Iron Construction+Strong Iron Handles+Convenient to clean+Durable construction+Superior heat distribution and retention+Available in different colors
On the pricey side

Topping our list of the best grill pan for glass cooktop is the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Square Skillet Grill. This product is made of enameled cast iron that guarantees even heating for superior cooking performance.

The Le Creuset enameled cast iron delivers superior heat retention and distribution for a delightful cooking experience. This square grill pan features ridges to leave your meals with tasty grill marks and support lower-fat grilling.

What’s more? This skillet features a cast-iron handle and a helper handle on the other side for safer and easier handling. The exterior enamel is crack and chip resistant that assures buyers of long-lasting performance. Above all, Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Square Skillet Grill available in different color options and dishwasher safe for convenient cleanup.

Top 2 – MasterPan Non-Stick Stovetop Oven Grill Pan

MasterPan Non-Stick Stovetop Oven Grill Pan

MasterPan Non-Stick Stovetop Oven Grill Pan Product Review

+Low and Wide Grill Ribs+ILAG’s GRANITEC Triple Layer Non-stick Coating+Oven Safe Up To 480 Degrees F+Signature Lid with Steam Release Technology+Easy to use and clean+Robust construction+Even heat distribution+Scratch and stain-resistant
The lid could be more sturdy

When it comes to the best grill pan for glass cooktop, you can’t go wrong with the MasterPan Non-Stick Stovetop Oven Grill Pan. This model is a versatile frying pan that allows you to saute and stir fry foods. It works well as a saute pan, frypan, grill pan, and casserole.

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This multipurpose frying pan comes with a heat-trapping lid to help seal your food’s natural flavor and moisture for a sumptuous meal. However, the lid also has a venting system to release steam and prevent condensation.

What’s more? MasterPan Non-Stick Stovetop Oven Grill Pan has a nonstick surface for easy food release without compromising its outstanding even heat distribution without hot spots. This grill pan itself without the lid is oven safe up 480 degrees F.

Top 3 – Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan Product Review

+Sturdy Cast Iron Handle and Helper Handle+Brutally Tough For Decades Of Cooking+Natural, Easy-release+10.5-inch Wide Cooking Space+It comes pre seasoned and ready to use+Durable construction+Loop handle and helper handle for better grip+Outstanding cooking performance
Poor quality control

The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase a classic, timeless pan to improve your cooking skill. This model is equipped with grill ribs to trap dripping and elevate your food.

This pan comes in handy for frying, braising, broiling, baking, sauteing, and searing. More so, it features a cast iron construction that guarantees the unit will serve your purpose for many years to come.

What’s more? The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan cooking surface comes pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that gets better with time. Furthermore, it offers unrivaled heat retention and uniform heating to ensure well-cooked meals. Unlike other options on this list, Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan can be used over the campfire, on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven.

Top 4 – All-Clad pan E7954064 Nonstick Grill Cookware

All-Clad pan E7954064 Nonstick Grill Cookware

All-Clad pan E7954064 Nonstick Grill Cookware Product Review

+Compatible With Most Cooktops+Ha1 Collection’s Three Layers Of Nonstick Coating+Heavy-gauge, Hard-anodized Construction+Securely Riveted Stainless Steel Handles+Oven safe up to 500 degrees F+Easy to use+Even heat distribution+Durable construction
The handle could be better

The All-Clad pan is arguably the best grill pan for an electric glass top stove with heavy-gauge, hard-anodized construction delivering uniform heating. This cookware features three layers of PFOA-free nonstick for effortless food release and easy cleanup.

This grill pan works well on your glass-top stove and in your oven. It’s heat-safe up to 500 degrees F. In addition, All-Clad pan E7954064 comes with a stainless steel handle securely riveted for a safe and comfortable grip and handling.

We also love that this cookware can be tossed into the dishwasher for a convenient cleaning experience. However, it’s best to hand wash for improved non-stick performance.

Top 5 – Blue Diamond Round Grill Pan

Blue Diamond Round Grill Pan

Blue Diamond Round Grill Pan Product Review

+Blue Diamond’s Signature Diamond-infused Ceramic Nonstick+Oven And Broiler Safe Up To 600 Degrees F+Riveted Stainless Steel Handle+Metal Utensil Safe and Super Scratch Resistance+Dishwasher safe+Comfortable and secure handling+Quick heat up+Visual appealing design
The nonstick performance is not up to par

The Blue Diamond Cookware earns a spot on our list because of its unrivaled cooking performance, thanks to its diamond construction. This cookware heats up faster and is a breeze to clean up. The base features heavy-duty construction that guarantees it won’t warp, degrade or wobble with time.

On top of that, Blue Diamond Cookware rocks the brand’s signature diamond-infused ceramic nonstick coating that promises a longer-lasting and harder finish than the traditional coatings. Also, it’s metal utensil safe, which is something most products on this list suffer.

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Here’s more: Blue Diamond Cookware has high grill ridges to elevate your food and support lower-fat cooking for a perfect sear. Even better, its broiler and oven safe up to 600 degrees F, and its riveted stainless steel handles make gripping more secure and comfortable.

Top 6 – SENSARTE Non-stick Grill Griddle Pan

SENSARTE Non-stick Grill Griddle Pan

SENSARTE Non-stick Grill Griddle Pan Product Review

+Reversible Grill Griddle Pan+Imported Superior Non-stick Coating+Grease Tarp and  Handles Design+Hard Aluminum Core For Fast And Even Heating+Excellent food release+Great heat retention and distribution+Large cooking surface+Dishwasher safe
Some weird smell when heated up

With PFOA-free, imported superior nonstick coating, the SENSARTE Non-stick Grill Griddle Pan offers a safe and healthy cooking experience. Its advanced cooking surface offers unmatched food release and better cooking performance.

On top of that: the griddle has a reversible design, which means you can use both pan surfaces for cooking. One side has a smooth surface to cook pancakes, and the other is a ridged surface to grill steak with perfect grill marks.

This lightweight griddle pan offers a large cooking surface that sits over two stovetop burners, which should be enough to cook for a crowd. This pan delivers impressive heat distribution and heat retention to eliminate hot spots.

Finally, SENSARTE Non-stick Grill Griddle Pan has grease grooves to help trap fats and grease for a perfect sear. Also, it comes with two easy-grip handles to let users hang, flip or lift this large pan with ease.

Top 7 – Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle Product Review

+502 Degrees F Maximum Heating Temperature+Preseasoned Cast Iron Construction+Dual Handles For Great Control+Versatile Cooking Surface – Grill / Griddle+Incredible heat distribution and retention+It fits over two stovetop burners+Can handle high temperatures+Impressive non-stick surface for effortless food release
It’s best to season this grill pan before using it.

If you love a large griddle pan, you want to consider the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle. This model is large enough to allow you to cook a meal for a hungry crowd in a fraction of the time.

It brings uniform heating and unparalleled heat retention for a delightful cooking experience. With the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, you can grill, fry, broil, bake, and sear easily. Talking about its versatility, this model can be used over a campfire, on the grill, on the stove, or in the oven.

There’s more. This model comes pre-seasoned, which allows users to use it straight out of the box.  Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle can withstand heat up to 502 degrees F. Even better, this griddle pan has dual handles to offer optimal control.

Things to consider when shopping for the best grill pans for glass top stove

When picking the best grill pan for your glass top stove, there are some things that you must consider. The first thing is not to worry too much as it seems like a lot of work!

1. Material:

For the most part, grill pans are made of cast iron or carbon steel. They’re inexpensive and great at retaining heat so they can sear meat beautifully. The only downside is that you have to season them before use (which adds to your cookware investment) and clean up requires a little elbow grease.

Stainless steel is good if you want an  easy-to-clean pan, but it doesn’t retain heat as well as cast iron or carbon steel therefore the searing time will drag on for longer.

2. Size:

Grill pans vary in size from small enough to hold just one hamburger patty, all the way up to enough room for six servings. The best choice depends on how many people you’re cooking for and how much space you have in the cupboard.

3. Weight:

A lighter weight grill pan is easier to lift, but a heavier one will stay put on the burner without sliding around.

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4. Cleanup/care:

If you’re going with stainless steel or cast iron, look for a pan that’s non stick on the inside as well as out so it will be easy to clean up. Grill pans can usually go right into the dishwasher or be wiped off after cooking (stainless steel only). Carbon steel should not be placed in the dishwasher – hand washing and drying are essential to keeping these grill pans looking good.

5. Handle length:

The longer your handle, the easier it will be to lift the pan off and away from a heat source.

6. Handle shape:

A long handle may seem easier to grip, but if you’re constantly sliding your hand down the length of the handle it can become uncomfortable. Also, take into consideration how easy or difficult it is to store your grill pan upright – some have flat edges that make storage tricky.

7. Price:

Grill pans range in price from pricey for an average size piece to very affordable for large pieces on sale. If you’re not sure whether or not a grill pan is a good investment, ask yourself these questions – Do I often cook hamburgers? Steaks? Broccoli? What are my other options when cooking these foods? How much do I want to spend?

8. Dishwasher-safe:

Hand washing is preferable, but grill pans that can withstand the heat and harsh chemicals of a dishwasher are great for busy cooks.

How to use grill pan for glass top stove correctly?

1). Make sure the grill pan you purchase is designed for use on glass top stoves – not all are.

2). Place the grill pan on the stove, and turn the burner to high heat.

3). Once the pan is very hot (if you can’t hold your hand an inch above it for more than 5 seconds, it’s ready), pour in a thin layer of oil or cooking spray and immediately add food to be cooked.

4). Use a pair of tongs to lift up and flip over smaller pieces of food after they have browned underneath; larger items should be turned with a spatula or large fork two or three times during cooking.

5). Slide any finished food off onto a plate, using tongs.

6). Turn off burner and allow the pan to cool before wiping it clean with a soft cloth dipped in hot, soapy water.

7). Allow to air dry completely before storing or stacking inside each other.

8). Never set cold items on the grill pan or place it on a cold surface – it will immediately discolor.

Grilling food is one of the most popular ways of cooking—and for good reason! Set out those marinated meats, vegetables and more and let friends and family enjoy delicious, fresh flavors without heating up your house (or spending hours in the kitchen).

FAQS about best griddle pan for electric stove

  1. Is a grill pan better for steak than a regular frying pan?
  • Yes, it produces more flavor and the juices remain inside the meat.
  • No, because of the lack of fat from cooking in oil.

2. What is the difference between a grill pan and frying pan?

  • A grill pan has ridges to allow food to be cooked on both sides at once.
  • Frying pans are flat, but have a curved lip which allows them to be used for flipping eggs or hamburgers.
  • Grill pans come with handles that stick out from the side, while frying pans have short handles attached in the center of the pan.

3. What’s your favorite grill pan recipes

  • Grilled chicken and vegetables
  • Barbecue pork ribs
  • Panini


Choosing the best grill pan for glass top stove can be difficult with so many options available. When you need to cook a variety of foods, it’s important that your equipment is able to multitask.

A high-quality stainless steel or cast iron grill pan will provide even heating and superior durability while also being easy to clean.

If you want an easier time cleaning up after cooking, consider one of these pans as your final choice in kitchen tools!

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