Which is Better Nexgrill vs Blackstone?

If you are in the market for a new grill but have been debating between two brands, Nexgrill vs Blackstone, this blog post will give you some insight. In addition, it will help you decide which one might be best for your needs.

While both of these grills offer many benefits to their consumers, some disadvantages come with them. This article will discuss those advantages and disadvantages so that when it comes time to decide which grill is right for you, you can make an educated choice!

Nexgrill vs Blackstone
Nexgrill vs Blackstone

What is Nexgrill?

Headquartered in the town of Chino, California, Nexgrill Industries is a supplier of stainless steel products. Alongside their brand range of grills to be found at your favorite retailer or online store. 

They also produce heaters and burners, among other things, like patio furniture made from cast aluminum with an iron finish and side cabinets which are usually made out of durable material such as steel welded together by welding rods creating solid joints. That will last just about forever!

Nexgrill also manufactures products that are sold under a variety of other brands. They produce these items on grills and ovens and range from Grill Master to Kitchen Aid.

Nexgrill is a budget-friendly grill manufacturer based out of California, but they make their grills in China.

What is Blackstone?

The first time I heard of Blackstone, it was a newbie and top brand in the grilling world. The company started with one dream: to cook everything – from BBQ to vegetables and burgers! They achieved this goal by 2005 when they launched their signature 36-inch Griddle (a cast iron pan).

The company’s new line of products has been a success, and the quality of its expertise has improved dramatically. They partner with backyard masters, home cooks, and professional chefs to ensure they meet high standards in all areas, from cooking food on hotplates or griddles to baking pies!

A company dedicated to making the world a better place, Blackstone’s goal is to use its functional Griddle and innovative products. All of their items are made in America too!

Nexgrill vs Blackstone Comparison

For the past years, companies have been competing on which Griddle is considered the top. So here we have two of them for you: Blackstone vs Nexgrill!

If you’re looking for a griddle that can handle anything from pancakes to fried chicken, Blackstone has got your back. They have been the favorite of many users who love cooking up tons of delicious recipes all at once!

Nexgrill is a company that produces both grills and other products. Their models are great, with the ability to cook in different styles for many people’s needs!

The first thing you need to know about these two griddles is that they look very similar. They both have a flat top and round edges, but their designs go beyond there! 

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The difference between them will be the subject of this post as we explore which features make one better than another. So stay tuned for more info soon!

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Cooking surface

One way to look at a griddle’s cooking surface is by its size and materials. Some are advertised as 36-inch models, but Nexgrill has slightly more available (just fractionally)than the Blackstone due to their particular material composition and design choice.

The two griddles are so close in size that the difference is negligible. The Nexgrill offers 732 square inches of usable cooking space, while Blackstone provides 720, which is slightly less than you would expect.

The material of the cooking surface is an essential factor in determining how well your food cooks. 

Nexgrill’s Griddle consists of stainless steel, while Blackstone’s comes with carbon steel, but what are they? 

Stainless steels can hold up to high temperatures and have good conductive properties for hot foods under pressure. However, it will get less brown because its ability to retain heat dies off quickly at lower heats, so if you’re looking for that kind of perfection, then this might not be the right choice! 

On the other hand, Carbon does want something that’s going to withstand constant pressure.

Why does iron come in two varieties? You may wonder. Well, without getting too technical, the differences between them lead to different end products!

Stainless steel and carbon steel have different properties. For example, stainless is more resistant to rust but less so in wearing than its counterpart. 

On the other hand, carbuncles are resilient throughout both departments. They’re harder (resistant) against corrosion and able to withstand some sharp blows without sustaining any significant damage such that you can still use them afterward!

The Nexgrill brand has a fantastic reputation, but Blackstone Carbon Steel Griddles are more reliable and long-lasting.

The surface of the stainless steel griddle is less likely than those made from carbon steel to develop rust or other forms of corrosion, which can lead to its lifespan over a time frame as well.

BTU’S and Griddle Heat 

How much energy does it take for this product to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit? The answer is in units called “BTUs.” A BTU (or British Thermal Unit) measures how efficiently an object uses heat and coldness. It tells us what we need so that our homes can operate smarter with more comfort!

With a higher number, this product will heat something faster.

The Nexgrill 4 burner model has a total of 40,000 BTUs while Blackstone’s 60.000. But it does not mean that this is an advantage for the latter product because both will do their job and make food warm-up quickly enough without any problems! The Blackstone is more powerful and heats foods more effectively than the Nexgrill. 

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A warranty is something that customers often overlook before making a purchase, but it says a couple of things about the product if one is offered. 

For example, most warranties have easy-to-follow instructions on getting your money back or getting repairs done for free if you are unhappy with what was purchased within its limitations (usually 30 days).

When you buy a product from the company that produced it, they have faith in their ability to do what’s promised for years. You can also earn some of this same confidence by buying one of these products!

A company wouldn’t offer a warranty if they thought you’d need to replace parts or products years ago because that would be financially disadvantageous. They’re expecting you do not want the use of it, and that’s what matters! 

So when purchasing anything (or anyone), pay closer attention to their product’s guarantee; this might tell us a lot about who we are thinking of purchasing from in the first place.

Do you want a grill that will last for years? Then, Nexgrill is the only choice. Their warranty offers one year with Home Depot, but if bought from them, it can be extended to three thanks to their care plan option, which costs just under $55 and acts as additional 4-year protection!

Blackstone offers a 1-year warranty as standard, but they’ve also teamed up with Extend when buying through their official website which means an additional three years of coverage. This extra layer of protection for your new appliance is slightly more expensive at around $119. 

However, it’s reassuring to see both products offering such lengthy warranties in case something goes wrong.


The griddle community is a tight-knit bunch, and they want to share their expertise. They’re not afraid of sharing the truth. If you don’t know what goes into making an excellent pancake or waffle, then we’ve got some learning for you!

Blackstone has a much bigger community than Nexgrill. With so many people online talking about their grills, you will find the answers to any questions or problems that come up!

If you want a grill with an active community of people who love grilling, go for Blackstone.

Which is better Blackstone or Nexgrill?

Both models are great, but Blackstone is more suitable for me; I also highly recommend it. Blackstone is more powerful and can heat foods faster than the Nexgrill. Besides, it always has more positive feedback from customers than Nexgrill. 

Why do people like Blackstone more than Nexgrill?

I was surprised to find that the primary complaint about both brands is excessive rusting of cooking services. While this problem appears common, Nexgrill has been noted as having an issue with it more often than not compared to its competitor’s products.

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Many Nexgrill owners were unhappy with their two-burner Griddle because it warped.  One owner even said he had never seen anyone complain about warping on the Blackstone, so this may be an issue specific to these stoves.

I also read through your complaints about both models but did not mention customers complaining about wafer-thin plates breaking when appropriately used in either model range stove or ovens.

FAQS on Nexgrill vs Blackstone

Can you use Blackstone indoors?

It is not similar to other gas-powered griddles, and these Blackstone griddles will emit the carbon monoxides from the fuel combustion. 

Is Nexgrill exclusive to Home Depot?

Nexgrill has a wide range of exclusive grill styles for Home Depot customers. Nexgrills are not sold exclusively at this store, but they often make unique designs just to meet the needs of their biggest customer!

What company makes Nexgrill?

Nexgrill Industries INC owned Nexgrilll, and they supplied the heaters and grill for years. 

What can you do with Blackstone grill?

You can griddle up pancakes, and fry bacon, and eggs. Grill kabobs, sandwiches, or the famous Smashburger. 

Is peanut oil good for the Blackstone grill?

Peanut oil has a very high smoke point at 450 degrees to 475, depending on the brand. The high temperature makes it perfect for cooking tasks such as deep-frying and grilling, but aside from that, the peanut is also good when used with proper seasoning techniques because then you can get great results no matter what kind of food or dish you’re preparing!

How can I clean Nexgrill?

If you want a clean grill, then it’s important that after each use of your outdoor cooking devices such as the BBQ or smoker there is no residue left on top. 
After finishing up grilling, always scrape off any seared-on debris from previous meals before adding 3-4 tablespoons of oil and wiping down with paper towels so when the next time comes around all will be good again without having rust issues!

Final words: Nexgrill vs Blackstone

Both Nexgrill vs Blackstone are indeed pretty similar, but Blackstone has the edge.

Blackstone’s grill masters know how to get a great sear on their steaks and chicken breasts without sacrificing flavor or juiciness. Whereas Nexgrills often give off more heat than necessary when cooking food at high temperatures, which can lead you to have undercooked meats in your mouth sooner rather than later. The best part about black stone grates? 

You don’t have any metal sticking into foods while they’re being cooked over an open flame like with expired gas appliances!!!

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