Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: 7 Key Differences

Pit boss and Blackstone are two different grill manufacturers whose grills offer similar features and great bbq experiences. The difference lies in many specifications. However, both make great additions to any backyard barbecue!

Both brands manufacture similar griddles, so, it can be challenging to decide which to go with. In my blog post, I will show you all the differences between these grills. But, first, let’s take a look at some information about these brands!

What is Piss boss?

blackstone vs pit boss grills

Smokeless Fire Pit

It’s time to enjoy outdoor cooking with the Pit Boss pellet grill. You can cook steaks and pizzas of all shapes without sacrificing your vegetables, thanks in large part because it has an advanced electronic controller that allows you complete control over temperature settings.

So, every food item is cooked just right, which is what you are looking for when researching Pit Boss griddle vs Blackstone griddle. Whether on high heat for searing meats or low flame when sauteing veggies!

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It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a camping trip as soon as summer rolls around again. What everyone wants from their journey outdoors isn’t something innovative or awe-inspiring but rather some good old-fashioned grub: Hot Dogs wrapped into buns made incredibly fluffy by being glazed In Coca-Cola sauce. That would be pretty awesome.

What is Blackstone?

blackstone vs pit boss grills

Blackstone is the leading company in the griddle industry because of how well-made its products are. Many users prefer this brand, as it brings quality to every product that they produce.

Blackstone’s technology enables them to make restaurant equipment like frying pans or waffle makers at an attractive price and allow you to cook food at home more conveniently than ever before!

Here are the differences between Pit Boss griddle vs Blackstone griddle!

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Comparison

The Blackstone Griddle is a hit with consumers, and it’s no surprise why. With features like six different cooking surfaces, including two cast-iron plates that can go from stovetop to oven in one spot without any adjustment or moving parts required – there isn’t much this griddle can’t do!

If Blackstone will be better than pit boss or not, let’s check the comparison below:

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Cooking Area 

This is not your average comparison. When you choose between two griddles, the size of both will affect how much food they can handle and cook before being too heavy or small for use in this capacity. That’s why it’s so important to consider what kind of cooking needs one has when shopping around! 

In this comparison, the Pit Boss griddle and Blackstone griddles have 36″ of cooking surface, which is approximately 720 – 750 square inches. This makes both these units great for cooking many foods at once! I even tried putting 3 sets of different meats on the grill. 

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They cooked them perfectly with no burning or sticking problems- proof that they can handle big jobs like breakfast, large plates full of steak fajitas, lunch boxes, dinner rotisserie chicken wrapped pork chops & more.

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Materials

What I think makes the difference is material. For Blackstone Griddle, you get heat-rolled steel that will last longer and hold more weight than its counterpart made from cast iron. 

At the same time, Pit Boss has an aluminum surface for fast heating with minor deformation when cooking heavier meats like whole steaks or burgers without risking burn marks on your masterpiece (yes, that’s what we call them).

The Pit Boss griddle is an excellent choice for those who want to save fuel. It uses less than other brands of dehydrated cooking materials because it maintains high temperatures, which means your food cooks more quickly and evenly on the surface!

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Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Individual Burners

Both companies have individual burners that allow you to make different recipes on them at the same time. This is what I like the most about the two of them. 

It’s hard to find a griddle that does both high and low temperatures. But the best part about these is they can cook with one side hot while keeping the other sides mild or warm enough for cooking dishes you don’t want to be cooked in an intense fire.

The Pit Boss grill has four burners that are spread evenly throughout the cooking surface. There are three straighteners and a U-shaped burner placed on its left side because there is another feature in this area of bureaus that needs some room to work with – so you can heat all four powerful spots!

The Blackstone griddle is a 35-inch large and heavy-duty cooking surface that has four burners. It spreads the heat across its entire surface with no U-shaped burner needed to do so, as each of these straighteners put out 15k BTUs, which are evenly distributed into your food while you cook on it.

There is not much difference between the two models regarding individual control knobs, and both can create 2-zone cooking surfaces

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Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Solid Construction

If you’re going to be cooking outside, a griddle is an essential tool. They can withstand high temperatures and other elements that might ruin another type of cookware or ovens – primarily if they are meant for cold conditions as well!

If having the ability to use your outdoor space more often than just during the summer months appeals (and who doesn’t?), then consider investing in one today so all those delicious meal ideas will finally come into fruition once winter hits its mark.

These two griddles have excellent materials and very sturdy construction. The Blackstone is made entirely of stainless steel, making it a heavy but strong option for cooking on the stovetop or an outdoor grill

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In addition, it has a locking wheel system that keeps rocking motions at bay when in use so you don’t accidentally knock your food onto another pan below!

The Blackstone griddle has a very sturdy build, so you can collapse the legs of this product to make it smaller when stored in your car or pickup truck.

The Pit Boss griddle is made almost entirely of stainless steel, except for its cooking surface. It has thinner legs and no handles for easy transport, but there’s more than just this! 

You can fold up some shelves on top to add even greater portability when desired. It’ll be hard not having such an excellent product at our disposal during outdoor events like camping trips or cookouts in general (we don’t want anyone leaving without their own!).

It is easy to see that these griddles have similar build quality for durability and sturdiness, but the Blackstone griddle is more portable. 

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Cooking experience

It’s hard to tell which one of these griddles is better. Both have four burners and offer the same cooking system with adjustable temperature settings. Still, there are slight differences when comparing them in more ways than just their size or number of burners. They also vary by material composition, for example, stainless steel vs ceramic coating on top versus sides, respectively. 

So let me explain how it feels to use each type. If you’re looking primarily at value-for-money, then an affordable yet well-made metal frame might be right up your alley. In contrast, people who want premium materials will find themselves preferring porcelain instead!

I love how versatile these griddles are! I was able to cook anything that my heart desired.

The Blackstone griddle is the best for sauteing vegetables and other food, but it can be challenging to cook thicker meats like chicken breasts or steak on a thin steel surface. 

The Pit Boss had ample cooking space with its large cast-iron plates that heated up quickly- giving you more time before they were done without burning your meal! and it is perfect for thick goods such as steaks or chicken breast. 

The Pit Boss Griddle is my favorite because it has the most evenly distributed heat retention of any grill I have ever used.

Blackstone vs Pit Boss Griddles: Cleaning 

I cleaned my griddle after every single use, no matter how short the time was. I always make sure that they are heated again before using them for another meal or making food on them because residuals can be harmful if not removed properly- so this is where following these steps comes in! 

First, I heat it again. This time at full power or on high heat for 30 minutes (depending) until any residual flavors are burned off entirely before letting cool down enough. They will scrape easily without damaging either surface material like steel pans often would if left too long untreated. Finally, wash as regularly following manufacturer instructions.

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The two griddles both have grease catchers and holes on the cooking surface. So the first method of cleaning is to use a spatula, pushing it through one hole into the catch basin for your fat, then wipe off any excess oil that spills over onto other parts or gets stuck underneath with paper towels.

Which is Better Blackstone vs Pit boss Griddle?

I am torn between the Pit Boss
griddle and Blackstone when it comes to which one I should get. The general picture tells me that these are both good, but more than meets the eye with this choice because they have proven themselves in past models – meaning you can count on them for sure!

When it comes to choosing the best griddle, there is no correct answer. However, I prefer cooking surfaces and how well they retain heat, so my vote would be for Pit Boss because of their quality construction in these areas!

FAQs on Pit Boss vs Blackstone Grills

Is Blackstone worth the money?

Blackstone’s grills are a significant investment. The critical factor to consider when purchasing one is how much surface area it’ll have and what material construction materials will be used for its body, as well as durability in case you drop or scratch onto your Black stone grill. Barbecue traditionalists may want something more on par with their needs than just large cooking surfaces but if this isn’t an issue, then buy away!

Are Pit Boss Grills any good?

As the market leader, Pit Boss
 has made it its mission to provide high-quality products at an affordable price. With features like accurate temperature control and smoking/grilling capacity for food preparation or sporting events. Plus excellent warranties that will give you peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong with your BBQ smoker. They’ll take care of all repairs for free!

What is the best Blackstone?

For those who love to cook on the grill but want their food cooked faster, it’s time for an upgrade. The Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle is made primarily with your needs in mind; this propane-powered griddle can reach up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, making any meal easy and delicious!

Can you cook with the lid down on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, the Blackstone Griddle with a hood is perfect for cooking food and distributing heat more evenly. With its cover, you can protect yourself from direct rays of the sun while still getting plenty hot under it!

Final about Pit Boss vs Blackstone Grills

Pit Boss vs Blackstone are both great companies with a lot to offer, but if you’re looking for the best in high-quality grills and smokers, I recommend going with Pit Boss.

They also come at a more affordable price point! If this is something you were considering purchasing as an investment or gift for someone who loves to cook outdoors, make sure you consider your options before making any final decisions about which grill company to go with.

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