Top 10 The Best Global Knife Set Reviews in 2023

Best Global knife set is an excellent addition to any kitchen because they bring together the best of multiple cultures. The sharp blades make for easy chopping and slicing, while their modern design is sure to look great in your kitchen.

best global knife set
Best Global Knives Set

If you are looking for the best set of Global knives, you can not miss my following list below

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What is a global knife set?

The Japanese company Global Knives has been around since the mid-1980s, and people have fallen in love with their high-quality products. In 1985, the Global knives set was started in Niigata, Japan, and during the 1990s, they exploded in popularity and won multiple awards. 

With samurai swords as their inspiration, these ultra knives provide a balance of quality materials that only get better when used for food preparation or other tasks requiring maximum efficiency from an implement like this blade!

Global Cutlery makes some of the unique kitchen knives in the entire world. Unlike most, Global’s knives are made almost entirely out of steel which gives them an ultra-modern industrial look that many chefs like for their uniqueness and sharpness, not to mention how harsh these blades can be! 

They’re made according to high standards with thick straightedges versus Western style beveled edges, so they stay thin while providing strength without sacrificing any detail or beauty you want on your cutleries collection.

Global knives are divided into four different collections. The most well-known and familiar is called the “Classic,” but they also have NI, SAI, or UKON for those that want something more specific to their blade type needs, with each having its unique characteristics, as you’ll see below:

Why do you buy the best global knife set?

Global knives are famous for being among some of the finest kitchen knives in Japan. Made with a precision that is unmatched by other countries. 

These blades have been carefully honed down both sides to allow a clean cut. Besides, it is still providing you balance and control at all times without any weight on your hand, so it’s easy to maintain a knife edge even when working quickly!

Global knives are famous for being the sharpest and thinnest among all. It allows for precision cutting, dicing, chopping, and slicing. Besides, they also feature excellent edge retention.

Moreover, Global knife is designed to be well balanced and lightweight and never cause any fatigue after work. 

That’s why you should have the Global knife set in your kitchen right now!

Reviews of The Best Global Knife Set in 2023

Here are top rated Global Knife Set to buy

Top 1: Global 8″ Chef’s Knife

Global 8

Global 8″ Chef’s Knife Product Review

+Having the superior blade edge retention +Being one of the most successful knife brands +Perfect for cutting meat, veg, and fruits +It is comfortable to use for extended periods +It can be used for both right and left-hand user +Excellent design for a beautiful look
It might come with some small rust spots if you do not maintain it properly

One of the best Global knife set is a Global G-2 8-inch chef’s knife. This brand has been known for its unique design and features, making it one of Japan’s best-selling products!

The Global G-2 boasts a solid and durable metal handle that remains lightweight, well balanced. In addition, the handle has an ergonomically friendly design for comfort, with its rough texture allowing grip while still being easy on hands as it can be handled easily without feeling bulky or heavy.

This best global chef knife is an ultra-thin and fine blade that works just as well for chopping meat, veggies. It’s lightweight, making it comfortable to use all day long without getting sore from extended usage, while it is highly sharp and makes cutting through any food quick and easy with little effort needed on your part.

The feeling of a heavy chef knife has been eliminated by using this product due to how light they are compared to others before them. It also helps make slicing foods easier because you won’t have trouble holding onto them so effortlessly. Thanks again to their super sleek design.

Top 2: Global 3 Piece Starter Set

Global 3 Piece Starter Set

Global 3 Piece Starter Set Product Review

+Can sharpen or ground on both blade’s sides+Hard steel for retaining the excellent sharpness and soft enough for sharpening with a whetstone ++Perfect resistance to staining and rust ++Crafted by hand with high and exacting standards +Lightweight and razor-sharp for reducing fatigue +Retaining edge for longer than others brand
It might be harder to handle for big hands 

Designed for the primary head chef, the Global 3 Piece Starter Set is a must-have. From slicing meat to mincing veggies, these knives can do it all and they look good while doing it too!

You get three essential knives for any kitchen: an 8″ Cook’s Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, a 6″ Utility Knife featuring Stainless Steel Handle and Plain Blade Edge, and a 3 1/2″ Paring knife that will slip into tiny crevices without a second thought.  Keep your dishes organized with full tang handles that fit comfortably in your hand for easy cutting.

With a blade constructed of a single piece of steel and an exclusive convex edge, Global 3-Piece Starter Set will effortlessly chop onions to perfection. These thin blades are lightweight and balanced for less hand fatigue like no other knife can provide you. With stainless steel handles, this knife is comfortable to grip while also enhancing safety. 

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The face grind assures that the Global 3-Piece Starter Set will stay sharp longer than any competitor on the market today. If you’re still looking for more features in your kitchen knives, then our Global 3-Piece Starter Set may be perfect for you!

Top 3: Global Knives Global 7″ Vegetable knife

Global Knives Global 7

Global Knives Global 7″ Vegetable knife Product Review

+Food preparation is effortless to clean +Very sturdy and sharp +Comfortable for handle and control +Good vegetable knife at a reasonable price +Less strain on the wrist +Less friction and sticking of on the blade
Not suggested for bones 

The Global 7″ Vegetable Knife is a perfect tool for chopping, dicing, and slicing fruits and vegetables. The hollow-ground blade slices through even the hardest of produce with ease. 

This all-purpose knife is excellent for landscaping, herb gardens, or fruit trees, as well as cooking meals at home. Whether you’re working on a savory dish or creating a peachy dessert. With this top-quality product from Global Knives, even your most demanding cutting tasks will be less frustrating to handle!

This best global chef knife with hollow ground blade offers a sharp edge that’s easy on the hands because it minimizes contact. In addition, this Heavy-duty knife features an offset handle which allows for easier use of force while cutting by placing the knuckles below the joint rather than over the joint for more usable power and relief from stress on the wrist.

Thermostatically controlled carbon steel blades are treated to be non-stick, so food releases easily without ever clinging to your knife as you chop. Handwashing with gentle soap is suggested.

Top 4: Global 7″ Santoku Knife 

Global 7

Global 7″ Santoku Knife  Product Review

+Ideal for cutting, mincing, chopping the vegetable ++Easily slice thin boned and fish, boneless meats +Lightweight, strong and attractive +Having a comfortable handle +Provide nice balance and perfect sharpness +Easy to use and maintain
Need to have cover for safety

The G-80 Hollow Ground Santoku Knife is a hand-crafted, high-quality knife that will last generations. The blade is stainless steel and has hollowed grind lines that promote easy cutting and preparation of various food items. With its variety of practical uses, excellent craftsmanship, and 7″ blade, the G 80 will be an essential tool both in the kitchen or on the go.

The Global 7″ Hollow Ground Santoku Knife G 80 is a stylish knife that helps you quickly prepare food in your kitchen. The large blade makes this knife exceptionally good for slicing, dicing, and chopping all your favorite ingredients. In addition, its distinctive stainless steel design makes it look both modern and classic.

 With its dishwasher safe quality, the Global 7″ Hollow Ground Santoku Knife G 80 won’t stick or leave any odors on your hands once you’re done prepping!

Top 5: Global G-9-8-¾ inches, 22cm Bread Knife 

Global G-9-8-¾ inches, 22cm Bread Knife

Global G-9-8-¾ inches, 22cm Bread Knife Product Review

+Being a lightweight and well-balanced knife ++Made of high technology and suitable materials +Having the perfect razor-sharp blade +Good resistance to staining and rust +Retaining the edge for longer than others
Only work well for cutting foods like bread

The Global G-9-8-3/4 inch, 22cm Bread Knife is a quality knife with excellence in its Stainless Steel blade and Stainless Steel handle. 

The available length of this knife is conventional for knives that are used to cut bread or bakery items due to their length and blades leaving a uniformly thin slice. Its serrated edge enables flexibility so the user can maneuver regardless of the resistance.

 Its sleek design only reinforces what you have come to expect from a high-standard food prep tool – convenience, strength, ease of use which your customers deserve as well!

The G-9-8-3/4 inch, 22cm Bread Knife from Global is infinitely versatile and easy to use with its precisely balanced blade made from high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel. This blade eliminates drag while cutting through the firm or gooey foods that must be pressed down to slice cleanly without breaking apart. 

This product’s Stainless Steel handle was molded for comfort and dimpled for safety when gripping it tightly during use.

Top 6: Global GSF-4023 4 piece steak knife set 

Global GSF-4023 4 piece steak knife set

Global GSF-4023 4 piece steak knife set Product Review

+Lightweight for holding +Made of high carbon stainless steel +Having the hollow handles for a nice balance +Perfect for steak and other cutting tasks +Durable and stay sharp for a long time +High quality at the affordable price
Showing some signs of staining and corrosion with poor maintenance

Put your food prep skills to the test with these ultra-sharp steak knives by Global. Made from carbon steel, these blades are stronger and more durable than stainless steel. Easily penetrate through tough meat thanks to the plain edge! 

Comes packaged in a free protective sheath that can be conveniently stored when not in use but is always within reach for quick knife changes. Knives also stay sharper longer due to being hand sharpened before the sale.

Ready for anything, this set of 4 includes one offset serrated blade for cutting bread or delicate items like tomatoes or peach halves. Give yourself an edge over other cooks who don’t have their own set of impeccable knives made specially just for them at home!

Top 7: Global Meat Cleaver 

Global Meat Cleaver 

Global Meat Cleaver  Product Review

+Being lightweight for agility +Stainless steel for the whole construction +Come with bolsters design for the entire edge +Thinner blades for more agility with less fatigue +Excellent balance with a weighted hollow handle
Only hand wash recommended

Have you got a new best friend? Make cooking super easy with the Global Meat Cleaver, a new addition to all of your favorite cooking tools. With its sleek stainless steel finish and blade edge that’s just right for any meal preparation, this modestly sized knife will never let you down. The perfect accessory for every Chef who enjoys making delicious dishes!

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Bones can be tricky to carve around enough to cut meat before it’s cooked or eaten raw efficiently. Solve your problems with this Global Meat Cleaver that is made for butchers constructed entirely of stainless steel and features a square alloy blade so you can cut effortlessly without worrying about bones getting in the way. 

The design also means there’s no bolster on hand-crafted cleavers. Hence, the entire edge remains sharp while maximizing balance for smooth cuts, even during extended sessions chopping away on carcasses. Plus, it does double-duty as an excellent tool for striking down tough vegetables too!

Top 8: Global 7″ Vegetable Knife 

Global 7

Global 7″ Vegetable Knife Product Review

+The perfect knife for vegetable preparation +The knife is extremely sharp +Having good and ergonomics handles +Cleaning up is very easy and quick +Provide clean and effortless cuts +Well balanced and versatile knife
The metal is quite flimsy compared to other global knives Require frequent caring and maintaining

The Global 7″ Vegetable Knife is a sturdy yet elegant blade that’s perfect for slicing through any vegetables. The carbon blades are sharp and won’t dull, while the handle provides a secure grip for professionals in the kitchen. Suitable for both professional and home use, this knife makes chopping a breeze!

Enjoy a fresh, crisp salad with ingredients hand-sliced from your kitchen. Be sure to grab your Global 7″ Vegetable Knife for perfectly cut vegetables every time. A Light, precisely balanced 7-inch knife will slice through vegetables like butter. 

The blade is made of high-tech molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel and stays razor sharp even after cutting a lot of veggies! Stainless steel handles molded for comfort, dimpled for a safe grip, and a lifetime warranty against defects and breakage make this the best vegetable knife in all the land.

Top 9: Global G79589AU Block-knife set

Global G79589AU Block-knife set

Global G79589AU Block-knife set Product Review

+Forged from one piêc stainless steel +It is a robust, durable, and excellent performance +Lightweight Cromova steel for a lasting edge ++Ergonomic handles and sleek look ++Niece Globals dimple pattern for secure grip, control, and comfort +Seamless design for easy to maintain+Entire blocks for all kitchen tasks
Some slots make it a little hard to put knives in

The Global G-79589AU block-knife sets feature eight pieces and a block including a 3″ peeler, a 4.25″ utility knife, 6.35″ flexible boning, 8.5″ bread knife, 4″ paring knife, 5.5″ vegetable knife, 8″ chef knife, and 8.25 years. The stainless steel blades are durable, providing high-quality performance for your cooking time after time. 

In addition, these knives feature a strong enough blade that resists bending and twisting, making them perfect for cutting through tough vegetables or meats. While the sharp edge of these premium grade blades is kept plain to style as essential tools in any kitchen, the stainless steel handle provides an attractive but functional accent piece appropriate to be showcased on any countertop.

Lightweight and ergonomic design team up with Global’s world-renowned cutting technology: creating optimal balance, precision, and control while triggering quick reactions that enable one to deliver precise cuts at lightning speed.

Top 10: Kyocera’s Revolution 4-Piece Knife Set Includes 7″ Chef’s Santoku 

Kyocera's Revolution 4-Piece Knife Set Includes 7

Kyocera’s Revolution 4-Piece Knife Set Includes 7″ Chef’s Santoku, 5.5″ Santoku, 4.5″ Utility & 3″ Paring-Black/White Product Review

+Extremely lightweight+No oxidized taste on the food+Super sharp
More expensive than other knife materialsNot ideal for frozen or hard food items

The Kyocera Revolutionary knife set is the perfect addition to any chef’s collection. It comes with a set of 4 knives of 7’’, 5’’, 4.5’’, and 3’’. Each knife is made of a ceramic blade from Japan which gives the set a sleek look with an extremely sharp surface. The ceramic also keeps the food from oxidizing and does not leave any metallic taste on the food.

The ultra-sharp ceramic blades will stay in good condition for longer than a steel blade. Also, the lightweight of the blade makes it easy to use and cut the food without applying any extra force.

Lastly, the sharp blades can easily slice, cut, and chop fruits and vegetables. You can wash it with a regular dishwasher and leave it to dry before using it again.

How To Choose The Best Global Knife Set

Do not buy a global chef’s knife without considering the following:

First, make sure you know what features are important to you, and then research them thoroughly. Then, make sure that any potential purchases meet those requirements before investing in one of these knives!

Here is something you need to consider before making a decision:


The ideal length of a knife depends on the type and size of food you plan to use it for. For instance, if all your knives are 7 inches or shorter, there won’t be any problem with cutting vegetables from their stems and other smaller tasks like shaping meat into rolls without having trouble with handling stability. However, it becomes an issue at around 9-10″ knife.

Material of blade

As you can probably tell from today’s reviews, Cromova steel is very popular with this brand. It should be for a good reason because it gives knives their sharpness and durability. It also allows them to remain thin without feeling too heavy in your hand or on the countertop. 

They will stay put better than other types of knife different blade materials such as stainless steel, which does not hold up well under pressure when cutting through complex objects like bones. Besides, high carbon steel is also a good choice. 

Weight and balance

You do also want to look for a knife that features an excellent balance between the blade and handle, so if you hold it right at this point where they meet one another will feel perfectly fine.

This can be difficult in some cases because not all handles are created equally, but by taking note of what feels good about holding onto your favorite utensil, we’ll know exactly which ones fit our needs best.

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With the right global Chef’s knife, you can cut through anything with ease. In addition, a complete tang design provides more durability, which means this tool will last longer and is safer to use in general because there are no points where metal meets wood or plastic that could break on contact like it does when knives have soft handles.


Finding a good chef’s knife can be challenging, but it is essential for any kitchen. You want something with an ergonomic handle and one that has the perfect pattern so your hand won’t slip while you cut up food or do prep work!

Advantages of the best global knife set

Global kitchen knives are very recognizable by their steel and design. Let see several distinct advantages of owning the best Global knife set:

  • It has the attractive and exceptional functional design 
  • Its blade meld into a handle, no bolster; it is easy to clean and maintain
  • The perfect handle for a comfortable grip and unique look 
  • Provide the perfect balance with three pieces welded together by hand and the handle filled with sand
  • Having a long reputation among the kitchen knife brands

What You Can Do With a Global Knife set?

Global Chef’s knives are a diverse set of tools that can be used for different purposes from cutting, slicing, mincing to chopping.

For instance, there is an assortment to cut meat and vegetables and carve up fruit or even bread with blade length between 10″ down to 3″. A common misconception about these markings would be their relation to food safety practices. 

For example, some people believe being placed under your skin will stop contamination during preparation, but this only happens when done incorrectly, so make sure you know what procedure was. Followed before trusting any knife!

How to sharpen Global Knife?

Whetstone is the best tool for sharpening the Global knife. Firstly, you should lubricate the stone with water/oil and then repeatedly funnel the knife over it to sharpen the blade. 

However, there are several effective ways to do it as follows:


Steels are made simply for honing a knife blade. (it will realign microscopic shard of metal on the blade’s edge better than remove the material to make a new and sharp edge): 

  • Firstly, just hold the steel blade by hand and place the tip on a hard surface, keeping the steel vertical at a 90 degrees angle to the surface.
  • Hold the knife solidly by the handle and place the back edge against the steel at 15-20 degrees. 
  • Pull the blade while applying pressure and keep the angle; hence its length will be against the steel until you reach the tip. While pulling the blade, move it down the steel in a sweeping motion. 
  • Put the blade on the opposite side of the steel and repeat again and again. The other side of the edge undergoes a similar process, and do it until you have finished around ten strokes for each side. 

Tabletop Sharpener

This is a simple way to use and needs no skill or experience;

  • Put the sharpener on the flat surface, then insert the blade’s edge into the sharpener. If the sharpener has two or more stages, just use the roughest stage to improve the sharpening effect. 
  • Pull the knife towards you and apply enough pressure. Take care not to push down too hard because there might be some risks. Rung the length of the blade through the sharpener
  • Repeat this process 4-5 times to ensure pulling the knife through and do not push. LIft the blade out and pace back for the next pull. 
  • Repeat the more good grades to polish and refine the edge for the two and more than two stages. When the process is finished, wipe the blade clean. 

Professional sharpening

If you do not want to sharpen by yourself, just send it to professional sharpeners; they can do it with a particular grinding machine for better results. 

FAQs about Best Global Knife Set

Q1: How to remove rust from a Global Knife?

The best way to get rid of rust on your knives is with baking soda. Mix some up and scrub the affected area until it disappears, but be careful not to scratch or damage other parts! 

Q2: What knives are better than Global?

If you do not like the sleek and modern design from Global Cutlery, Wusthof will be an alternative option. Although Wusthof is a little more expensive than Global, its razor-sharp and perfectly balanced classic style will never miss the new trend. 

Q3: Are all the Global knives forged?

Global Knives are produced in Japan; these knives are made by hand. However, they are not forged like other high-end knives. Instead, they are stamped out of sheets of steel. Hence, it has a clean and modern appearance, with a beautiful blade seamlessly transitioning into the handle. 

Q4: Are all Global knives made of one piece?

Global knives have a seamless design, containing only high carbon steel. The blade is ground to an angle and made from one piece of material for increased durability compared to other brands that weld their blades together or use two different types of metal as stabilizers on either side, so they don’t rust too quickly.

Q5: Are Global knives double bevel or single bevel?

Most Global knives are double angle, which means that you can sharpen on both blade’s sides. 


The Best Global knife set is the one that will have all of your cooking needs met. It has a wide range of knives, shears, and sharpening tools to get you through any task. All in all, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the Global knives best price.

There are so many things to consider when purchasing a new set of knives such as costs, durability, size, etc. But with our help, it’ll be easy! We can guide you through each step, choosing the suitable materials for your budget or deciding which type would best suit your needs. 

Feel free to contact us today if you want more information about how we can help make sure you purchase the perfect ones!

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