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The best cleaver knife is the one that meets your needs. There are a lot of factors that you should consider when looking for the right knife. The process can be confusing, so I have created this article with our top picks for each category so you can find the perfect knife. 

Do not let you wait any longer. Let’s get started with some general information right now before getting deeply into the specific models! 

Best Cleaver Knife
Cleaver Knife

What is a Cleaver knife?

A cleaver is a large knife with one side blunt and the other sharper. It can be used to cut up meats, bones, and garlic cloves for chopping in recipes, especially those that involve cooking minced meat or sauce overheating sources such as fondue pots!

A cleaver is a type of kitchen knife that has an especially tough edge. The blade can withstand repeated blows directly into thick meat, dense cartilage, and bone because it uses softer steel with thicker blades to keep from fracturing or buckling under hard use.

The tough metal and thick blade of a cleaver make it the perfect tool for crushing with its side, where some rigid thin slicing knives may crack under repeated stress. Butchers won’t typically lay them flat because it might dull or get damaged.

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Why do you need the best cleaver knife?

A cleaver knife is a kitchen tool that can be used for many things. It’s primarily used to cut through thin or soft bones and sinew, but it also has other specialty purposes like cutting up potatoes without bruising them with an ax! 

Besides, the cleaver will be very easy to clean and maintain, especially, it is designed for durability and comfort. Hence, you can use it for both daily and professional use. 

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Reviews of Top 10 The Best Cleaver Knives in 2023

Here is the list of the top 10 best cleaver knife review that you should not miss!

Top 1: DALSTRONG 9″ Obliterator Meat Cleaver 


DALSTRONG 9″ Obliterator Meat Cleaver  Product Review

+Made out of premium and strong material +Ergonomic handle for great hand control and comfort +Having excellent and protective finger bolster for a nice balance +Durable and superior construction that built to last +Wear-resistant, ultra-sharp, and precision-forged carbon steel +Having the handcrafted acacia wood stand for a nice look and safety
It is not recommended for slicing and dicing It might be pretty heavy for home cooks

The DALSTRONG Obliterator meat cleaver, the best cleaver knife is the perfect tool for any house chef who has an appetite to conquer. 

This impressive-looking and high-performance creation is a ferocious 9″ cleaver designed with one brutal chop in mind to obliterate all obstacles that come its way! The sleek design combined with a hand-polished satin blade may frighten some people at first glance.

The Obliterator as the best meat cleaver knife is a heavy-duty knife with an impressive 2.9 pounds that has been handcrafted using the best high carbon steel to give you clean cuts wherever it’s needed!

The blade of the knife features an unusual design that does more than looking cool. The taper and height are carefully calculated to provide you with control while still allowing plenty of clearance for your knuckles when chopping at high speeds. You can also take this bad boy anywhere because it is equipped with its sharpness and includes a stylish acacia wood stand!

Top 2: Wusthof 6″ Classic Cleaver

Wusthof 6

Wusthof 6″ Classic Cleaver Product Review

+High carbon steel work well on stain and corrosion resistance +Nice handle for excellent durability +Accessible to cutting through the meat and bones+Perfect for chopping and mincing the tough vegetables +The handles are contoured for providing the comfortable grip
The polypropylene molded handle might not be suitable for chefs

The Wüsthof Classic cleaver is a 6-inch model with German stainless steel for the best quality. The Precision edge technology provides up to 20% sharper cuts and 200% better retention than other blades, making this an excellent choice among professionals who want their food prepared quickly without sacrificing taste or appearance.

This heavy-duty Cleaver will handle almost any cutting task you throw its way. The 14-degree angle on both sides of the blade creates a perfect balance between fine cuts and strong crushing power for whatever your bone needs, maybe!

The blade is buffed up and given a finishing polish by craftsmen in Germany. Once finished with their work, they will carefully wrap it before placing it into an elegant box for shipment to your doorsteps!


Top 3: Utopia Kitchen 7″Cleaver Knife 

Utopia Kitchen 7

Utopia Kitchen 7″Cleaver Knife  Product Review

+100% durable stainless steel materials of blade +Perfect bone cutting, cleaving, and chopping +Easy-grip and hassle-free maneuvering +Ultra-sharp edge for lasting and superior cutting performance +Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Not highly recommended for heavy-duty tasks 

The durability of this knife is sure to please any chef. To put it in perspective, you would never know how robust or well-made a fraction can be at rock bottom prices! 

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Though not as expensive looking on paper, it still delivers when cutting through rigid materials like meatloaves without hesitation due to its surprisingly sturdy stainless steel construction that will last longer than most other models out there today.

The heavy-duty 7-inch cleaver knife is a must for any professional chef. The sharp blade cuts easily through large pieces of food, including meat with soft bones and tough root vegetables, while you can maintain control at all times thanks to its ergonomic grip that reduces wrist tension.

This knife is the perfect choice for any kitchen. With its high quality, durable materiality, and accessible maintenance features, it can be used time after time without getting dulled from use or requiring sharpening, don’t forget about your hands when cleaning!

Top 4: Orblue Premium Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver

Orblue Premium Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver

Orblue Premium Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver Product Review

+Perfect razor shop for high-quality cuts effortlessly +Recommended for both home use and commercial use +Nice for food preparation +Ideal for cutting meats, fish, and veggies +The blade construction and handle provide the most comfortable +No fatigue or hand cramping with excellent grip +Long-lasting and easy to clean
It might be a little heavy for someone

Orblue Premium Meat Cleaver with the heavy-duty stainless steel blade on this Cleaver is designed for various tasks. The broadside can even be used to crush garlic, making it your only knife!

The Orblue Cleaver is the perfect all-around kitchen knife for any chef. With its dedicated craftsmanship and ability to cut through anything, this blade will make restaurant-quality cuts with minimal effort on your part! In addition, the handle provides a lasting grip so you can work efficiently even when worn from hours of chopping meat at home or in an established setting.

Do you want to cut faster, with less fatigue? Our 7 inch blade can do it! In addition, the design of this knife makes for a more comfortable cutting experience.

Top 5: Freelander Hand Forged Meat Cleaver 6.3″ Kitchen Chef Knife

 Freelander Hand Forged Meat Cleaver 6.3

Freelander Hand Forged Meat Cleaver 6.3″ Kitchen Chef Knife Product Review

+Sturdy chef knife made out of high-quality materials +Easy to slice, chops, mice and dice the vegetables, fruits, meat, and chicken +For both outdoor and indoor cooking +Having the nice and portable soft sheath +Full tan wood handles for comfortable and safe grip
It might be a little thick 

A classic blade design that has stood tall for centuries, the Freelander Hand Forged Meat Cleaver is great for cutting through the meat to create an even cooking surface. The handle is extended and narrow for a more natural grip; it’s also made of stainless steel, so there’s no risk of corrosion. 

When you’re done with this Cleaver (and we all know it won’t be long!), wash it up at the end of the day and store it safely in your kitchen drawer or a knife block. It’ll look as good as new tomorrow!

This 6.3-inch meat cleaver is classified as a multi-function kitchen knife, able to handle many tasks outdoors and in the home, including butchering activities like fishing or hunting that require its sharpness for precision cuts on game meats such as lamb steaks. 

It also performs well at indoor cooking tasks like mincing vegetables while staying safely away from children who may not be used to handling knives yet!

Top 6: ZWILLING Twin Signature 7″ Chinese Cleaver Knife, Chinese Chef Knife

ZWILLING Twin Signature 7

ZWILLING Twin Signature 7″ Chinese Cleaver Knife, Chinese Chef Knife Product Review

+Made of high-quality German still for lightweight and perfect sharpness+Easy to care for and dishwasher safe +Very comfortable and safe to use +Ergonomic design for excellent fatigue-free cutting +Perfect size and weight for daily use
Always be careful with the super-sharp edge.

The ZWILLING Twin Signature 7″ Chinese Chef Knife by ZWILLING will make preparing ingredients and chopping vegetables like a pro. Crafted from solid stainless steel, the knife has a comfortable, durable polyamide handle that’s ergonomically shaped to “sink into the palm of your hand” while also being slip-resistant on wet or oily surfaces. 

Some customers reported that the ZWILLING Twin Signature 7″ is the best chinese cleaver.

This best chinese chef knife has been made in Solingen, Germany, since 1883. The blades have been crafted from high-grade steel with a hardness of 57(HRC), ensuring accuracy and sharpness on each cut due to its long cutting edge. This ensures you use less pressure when slicing through foods, avoiding fatigue or blisters caused by excessive force.


Top 7: Freelander Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Huusk Kitchen Butcher Knives 

Freelander Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Huusk Kitchen Butcher Knives 

Freelander Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Forging Serbian Chef Knife, Huusk Kitchen Butcher Knives  Product Review

+High-quality carbon steel for excellent corrosion and wear resistance +Full tang handle for a comfortable grip and on slip effect +Recommended for outdoors such as hiking, camping, and barbecue party +Easy to dice, slice, and minced vegetables +Perfect for cutting many kinds of meat, fish, chicken
The blade is quite thick 

With a height of 23.74 centimeters and its blade length at 10.2, this Freelander Forging Serbian Chef Knife can offer home cooks the precision they need for finely chopping parsley or dicing vegetables with equal ease. The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip and makes it possible to work without fatigue. It is an essential kitchen tool for refining your cooking skills like never before! 

The Serbian chefs’ knives are forged and made of manganese steel, and the blade uses a Vshaped and great processing blade. Chinese kitchen knives are suitable for cutting meat or fish but not vegetables because they cannot maintain their sharpness over time when used on these food items. 

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You can finish your daily work in the kitchen by using this incredibly durable cutlery set with you always fully equipped no matter what task comes next!


Top 8: Lamson 12″ Meat Cleaver 

Lamson 12

Lamson 12″ Meat Cleaver  Product Review

+Having the thick blade for chopping bone +It is versatile for slicing foods +Made of tempered high carbon steel for excellent durable +Durable and hard handles +Reasonable price for the excellent quality knife
Not dishwasher safe, only hand wash

Lamson’s beefy 14-ounce meat cleaver is made in the U.S. from high carbon steel and features a walnut handle for added weight distribution while chopping through dense foods like bone broth or sirloin tips with ease. It also comes razor-sharp so that you can chip hard vegetables without worrying about dulling your blade!

The middle ground between light enough to be agile but heavy-duty when needed, this American-made product will make short work of anything on your grocery list, even if their bones are tough as a rock (which usually happens).

This best meat cleavers also include wood handles that may need some sanding down at first because they’re rough when new (as most woods do). However, once this issue has been resolved. The blade will last as long as any other stainless steel utensil thanks to its durable quality.

Top 9: KYOKU 7″ Vegetable cleaver Knife with Damascus Blade


KYOKU 7″ Vegetable cleaver Knife with Damascus Blade Product Review

+Hollow edge design for nothing sticks to the blade +Superior design for thinner, sharper, and more rigid blade +Beautifully traditional Damascus design +Ergonomic handles for luxurious identity ++Full tang built-in for comfortable handling and performance+Ideal for both daily use and collection
It is a little off balance The handle feels heavy

“KYOKU Vegetable Cleaver Knife” – not only does it make chopping ingredients easy, but its sharp blade also helps you avoid kitchen injuries. 

The 67-layer Damascus hollow-ground design of the blade promises longevity with maximum cutting edge retention. In addition, superior stainless steel is used to form VG10 Core in an exquisite piece that extends just past your hand for safety and control while chopping veggies or anything else in the kitchen!

The Japanese-style cleaver knife is a medium-duty, stainless steel blade that can handle all of your tough chopping needs, from fish and meat to vegetables. The stunning herringbone pattern on the base prevents food from sticking, so you don’t have any issues when using this for everyday use!

Top 10: Aroma House Meat Cleaver Knife

Aroma House Meat Cleaver Knife

Aroma House Meat Cleaver Knife Product Review

+Non-slippery metal stainless steel handle+Ultra-sharp 2mm thick blade+Premium meat cleaver
Heavy for homecook activities

Aroma 7-inch House Meat Cleaver is the perfect gift item for a professional chef. The sleek blade and sturdy handle gives the user complete control over how they would like to move the cleaver.

The chinese knife is ideal for chopping, cutting, deboning, and slicing the meat in thing layers. The 2mm thick blade provides the user with the perfect swing to cut the meat instantly.

The ergonomic handle is attached to the blade is such manner that it will prevent the blade from slipping off the hand, providing a firm grip and comfortable cutting experience to the chef.

Factors to Consider Before When Buying The Best Cleaver Knife

When shopping for the best cleaver knife or meat knife, you have to be aware of the features that make each unique. Here are several main factors you need to consider carefully before making a purchase!

Blade construction 

The best way to get a quality cleaver is by looking for one that does what you need. If the blade won’t hold up under constant use, then there’s no point in using such an expensive and high-maintenance product like this!

The best cleavers blade material is high carbon steel. It can to provide resistance in terms of corrosion and stain resistance and make your edge incredibly sharp! Ensure you clean and dry after use to avoid unnecessary rusting from water; those stains can happen quickly when left unchecked.

Blade length 

A Chinese Cleaver is a kitchen knife that’s often 7-9 inches long and designed for heavy-duty tasks like chopping meat or vegetables. They can be hard to use when working with more minor ingredients, but our 12-inch models make up for their larger size by offering more versatility in cutting jobs bigger than what you would do on your countertop!


The handle on a cleaver is one of the most important parts because it needs to be safe and comfortable during use. For these reasons, we recommend using ergonomic handles made from high-grade materials such as wood or plastic for lighter tasks. 

In contrast, heavier ones require metal textures not to slip out your hand easily when being worked over with an edge similar to weighty cuts like beef tenderloin medallions.

Advantages of The Best Cleaver Knife

There are so many advantages of having the best cleaver knife. Check it out in the following:

  • Right size and heft, which is ideal for cutting, slicing, and chopping through the meat, bone, and vegetables easily
  • Increase the efficiency and speed of poultry, fish, beef, or pork work and even great for vegetables and fruits. 
  • It is very sharp and durable thanks to the high carbon stainless steel blade and the sharp edge 
  • This knife is sturdy with solid and ergonomic handles for working long periods 
  • Come in different sizes and weights, which allows you to choose the best one that can work properly 

What Can You Do With a Cleaver knife?

A meat cleaver is a tool used to break down large pieces of raw meat while also allowing it to cut through bones. 

This knife has many different purposes because, like any other good quality implement in butchery or hunting situations where you need something strong enough and sharp enough (to get the part out), if necessary, make an incision with the precision needed. Without damaging either yourself or your prey.

Thanks to the blade’s straight edge, it allows up and d?n motions, then you can use it for turning the large chunks of food into small pieces, even ground. For example, you can start with the thin strips and lay sliced meat in the other direction to make the ground meats. 

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Then chop the slices and when it is in much smaller pieces, collect into a pile. Then chop it in many directions. Finally, collect meat in the center and chop until everything comes to be refined and sticky. 

How to Use Cleaver Knife Safest

There are several steps about how to use the cleaver knife

Step 1: Setting up cutting board 

A heavy Cleaver is no picnic for your knives, so make sure you have the right chopping board. A thick wooden one with an upward surface will be easiest on them; it should also sit stably on any countertop without sliding around too much during use.

Step 2: Grip 

When holding a chef’s knife, place the thumb on one side of where it meets the blade and curl up other fingers, so they cover opposite surfaces. If you’re not cutting anything challenging or want more control, then grip the handle where this joint is at with both hands, distributing the pressure equally between them for precision work.

Step 3: 

Cutting meat 

You should let the weight of your cleaver do most of the work, but you should also use wrist movement to chop. Raise your arm slightly from the elbow and then bring it down on the meat with an up-and-down motion using only one side (top) for extra power if needed.

Slicing meat

  • Grip the cleaver with the cutting hand 
  • Agle cleavers will be facing the cutting board or meat.
  • Leave your free hand flat on the meat top to stabilize it. 
  • Keep your flavor horizontal and slice through the meat. Do not forget to pay attention to prevent any cutting into hand-holding meat. 

Mincing meat 

Micing might cost you a couple of times. However, it is not very hard, and there are some ways to mincemeat with the best cleaver knife below:

  • Just grip your cleaver by singing the similar method as for vegetables. 
  • Place the three fingertips on the top blunt part of the cleaver blade.
  • Leave the cleaver, keep the trick in the contract with aboard, and bring down, constantly pivoting the blade to micing meat. 


Starting cooking meat might be easy, and all you need to do is grip the cleaver and hold it up. 

Mincing and chopping vegetables.

There are thousands of ways to cut the vegetables with your cleaver like most other knives. Grip the cleaver.

Using a cleaver is an excellent choice for those looking to spice up the occasional dinner party. They provide unparalleled precision and allow for some creativity when it comes time to transfer your vegetables onto a cooking vessel!

Tips for safety 

  • You should be careful and use it properly to avoid cutting your fingers since it is very sharp. 
  • Always be aware of safety in your mind. 
  • Sturdiness is critical when choosing the right countertop for your kitchen. Does it have to be a butcher block? No, but you should look out for sturdy ones that won’t move much with your every motion!
  • You should have a stable counter. 
  • You can use a prominent hand to hold the knife properly. 
  • Don’t forget to put the knife in the right direction that you want it to be chopped.
  • Use the freehand for pushing down the knife. 
How to Use a Cleaver video

FAQs about Cleaver knife

Q1: What is a Cleaver knife used for?

The cleaver knife is the perfect chef’s knife, with a large and rectangular blade. It is commonly used to butcher meat because it can cut through thick meat, cartilage, and bones. 

Q2: How to sharpen a cleaver knife?

For sharpening the cleaver, you should buy sharpening tools such as the fine grainstone, glide, or whetstone and glide your cleaver back and forth on it. The average home chef will be more comfortable taking their knife to a professional for sharpening. 

Q3: What is the difference between meat cleaver and Chinese cleaver?

The Chinese cleaver is a thin, versatile knife that can be used for all sorts of tasks. It’s most often found in restaurants’ kitchens around China because it’s excellent at cutting through softer foods like vegetables and meat but not as good on tougher cuts or bones with this type of Cleavers. 

The cleaver will be much more efficient in cutting tough and thick meat, and you will find it at the butcher shop instead of food restaurants like the Chinese cleaver. 

Q4: What is the difference between a butcher and a cleaver?

This is a natural comparison since butcher knives and cleavers are often used for very similar purposes (in fact, some categorize them as types of “butcher knives”). The main difference between the two kinds lies in their size. The cleaver will have larger blades for heft and power, while the butcher knife is the same as the standard chef knives in weight and size. 

Q5: How thick should the blade of the cleaver be?

Cleaver is made to tackle the bone and gristle, so they should be designed for heavy-duty jobs with a thicker size around a 3/16-¼” thickness range. 

Q6: Why is there a hole stamped though at the blade top corner?

You might note that there is a hole sometimes on the cleavers, not all. It is there for hanging the cleaver when it is not in use. It is also for leverage when you cut through the bone. 


Choosing the best cleaver knife can be difficult for many reasons. There are so many options to choose from, and most of them come with a lot of information that might not make sense at first glance. This is why we’ve created this guide.

My goal was to help simplify the process by providing you with all of the critical points about knives in general and some tips on how to pick out your perfect model. I hope it helps! 

If you still have questions after reading through this article or any other topics related to kitchen knives that you want us to cover, please feel free to reach out anytime via email or phone call. It would be our pleasure to help satisfy your cooking needs!

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