How many pocket knives do you need?

I’m a knife enthusiast. I love knives of all shapes and sizes, but most importantly I love to collect pocket knives. There are some days when I find myself asking the question “how many pocket knives do you need?” It’s not uncommon for me to have 10 or more in my collection, and that number is growing as we speak!

I have some knives that are designed for survival such as the Benchmade Bushcrafter. I also collect designer brands like Spyderco and Zero Tolerance, but they’re not really my favorite to use in everyday situations because of their value.

How many pocket

In all honesty, there is no limit when it comes to how many pocket knives you need- literally! Every collector has his or her own reason for collecting them: Some do it to support an old craftsman’s tradition, others may prefer a blade design from anywhere around the world, while still others might enjoy displaying them on their walls or desktops at work, so coworkers can get a glimpse of what drives us towards knife obsession every day.

Ideally, one or two pocket knifes of decent quality is enough for everyday activities like opening packages, cutting fruit or vegetables at the dinner table, and doing some light carving.

If you’re looking for a pocket knife with more than one blade design (like those by Spyderco), then I recommend that you get two-three knives of different sizes to cover all your needs on the go.

The number also depends on how much money you spend: If it’s over $50-$100 per knife, I would think about getting like four to six different styles rather than just one! And if they cost even higher than that? You should have enough space in your pockets for an entire set.

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This way when people see them in public they’ll be thinking “wow this guy has got some serious funds!” But really, you’re just prepared for the everyday.

Wrap it up: When it comes to pocket knives, you should have at least one. And if you plan on using your knife often for tasks like cutting rope or other hard materials, then a lot more than just one may be needed!

Paul Goral

Paul Goral

I am the founder of Brooklyn Grill and I have a master’s degree in Engineering Acoustics. I love cooking, grilling, and trying new recipes. I also love camping and high-quality knives. I wanted to start this blog and share my passion with others.