Are Blackstone grill covers waterproof?

Are Blackstone grill covers waterproof? The answer is yes. Authentic Blackstone grill covers are waterproof.

Blackstone grill covers are made of heavy-duty polyester, nylon, vinyl, and canvas (source) that are durable and flexible. Blackstone grill covers not only protect the equipment from rain but also snow, ice, extreme sun, and dust.

So, you don’t have to bother about storing your Blackstone grill outdoor when you have an authentic Blackstone grill cover.

The keyword here is authentic because it is possible to purchase a supposed Blackstone grill cover and later discover from a bad experience that the Blackstone grill cover is not waterproof.

Although some grills/griddles are made especially for indoor apartments, Grills are generally backyard and outdoor equipment.

And if you’re manufacturing products for outdoor activities, you must prepare for the worst conditions, such as rain and snow.

This is what manufacturers have done with the Blackstone grill covers and ensured that they are waterproof.

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