Top 10 The Best Shun Knife Set Reviews in 2023

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After reading my review of the best shun knife set, you will fall in love with Shun right away!

If you are looking for the best knife set for adding to your lovely kitchen, then you can not miss this article. There are so many options out there that you can’t decide what knife set will work best for you, but this article will help guide you in the right direction. 

Best Shun Knife Set Reviews
Best Shun Knife Set Reviews

The following paragraphs will detail some quality knife sets and why they make great gifts or additions to your collection! You’ll be able to find a perfect match right away! 

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What is a shun knife set?

Shun’s knives are made from high-quality steel and have a traditional design that makes them super popular. Owned by the Kai Corporation, these blades were created in Seki City over 100 years ago, where it has been known for centuries as Japan’s finest blade artisans who have made swords, knives, or other cutlery here since the 13th century AD.

Shuns’ produces thin, lightweight stainless steel with beautiful Damascus patterns, which can slice any food item into perfect pieces without breaking apart during the cooking process.

The spirit of these swordsmiths lives on through each Shun knife. Made by hand, Shun knives can take up to 100 processes before completion and still follow many traditions from old blade-making techniques while using newer Japanese Super Steels for increased performance in the future. That is why some consider them among Japan’s best kitchen cutlery regardless of whether you’re an amateur or pro cook!

Shun Cutlery is one of the most famous producers in Japan, producing high-quality kitchen knives with an eye for detail. They currently have seven lines sold in America and cater to customers from different budgets ranging anywhere from $5-150 dollars!

Why do you buy the best shun knife set?

There are several main reasons for the above question. Firstly, Shun Knife is made out of Damascus blades which are the best for durability and cutting power. 

Besides, the handle material is made of pakkawood, which helps provide comfort when using this type of knife. Because it feels good in your hand while cutting up food or preparing other things like vegetables with precision edges that won’t wear down quickly over time, thanks to its stainless steel blade!

The knife can be easily honed through whetstones, keeping them razor-sharp; these knives cut anything without further ado. Their handles give the user proper nice and sturdy firm control over their blade, which eases into chopping of food into simpler units for grinding or mincing by cutting everything up small with ease!

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Reviews of The Best Shun Knife Set Reviews in 2023

Decades ago, Shun’s knives were all made with a single design. Today, this traditional style has been brought forward into the Classic series and joined by seven other variations on their house-style knife-making! 

Get acquainted with these blade families if you want to choose wisely for your needs. Here is all the information about the best Shun knife set that you need for your kitchen. 

Top 1: Shun Classic 8-piece Student Set 

 Shun Classic 8-piece Student Set

Shun Classic 8-piece Student Set Product Review

+Perfect for starters and even pro +Innovative design with excellent performance +Having thin, light, and sharp blade for max control and precision +Ideal for boning, dicing, slicing, paring, peeling, and chopping +A beautiful gift for friends and beloved ones+Lighter and razor-sharp edges +Traditional Japanese handles for graceful handling
The knife is relatively weak, only for cutting and slicing, not for chopping

Whether you’re a culinary student or amateur chef, Shun classic 8-piece student set is perfect for helping you start your cooking journey. With the high-quality blade and sleek design, these knives will last for years of slicing and dicing! 

So whether it’s slicing bread or chopping vegetables, this Set has got what it takes. The black color gives an extra professional touch so that everything will be well-coordinated in every kitchen.

This set comes with eight pieces for multi-tasks; it includes an 8″ chef knife, 3.5″ paring knife, 6″ utility knife, boning knife, 9″ bread knife, hollow round slicing, honing steel, and nylon knife roll. 

The Shun Traditional 8 Piece Student Set is the only kitchen knife set you’ll need. Hand-crafted in Japan, these knives feature high-quality VG-MAX blade steel with 68 micro-layers of Damascus cladding, ensuring the sharpest, lightest, and thinnest blades available. 

In addition, This best Japanese knife set Shun is sturdier to withstand those tough professional jobs that you do, yet gentle on food as it does its job quickly and neatly!

Top 2: Shun Classic 6 – Piece Slim Knife Block Set 

Shun Classic 6 - Piece Slim Knife Block Set 

Shun Classic 6 – Piece Slim Knife Block Set  Product Review

+Super grip and comfort to use for a long time +Powerful blade with a max hardness +Sharp and durable knife +It is corrosion-resistant and wonderful +Durable blade and resists moisture +Easy to hand wash with gentle dish soap and dry
The blade might be prone to chop and bends on tips due to the thin bezel tang

Shun Classic 6 – Piece Slim Knife Block Set includes a 3.5″ paring knife, 7″ Santoku, 8″ chef knife, 9″ combination honing, shears, and eight-slot knife block.

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The blades are hand-sharpened for maximum cutting power and precision. Forged in harmony with pakkawood handles, these ultra-reliable kitchen essentials will make your cooking adventures easier than ever before because they never need resharpening even after years of use (unless you put them through their paces). 

Moreover, these high-quality tools come complete with every necessary toolkit needed to get started: A wooden box containing shearing scissors; All this beautiful craftsmanship comes at a price tag that is very affordable when compared to other knives set out there today.

These shun blades are dual-edged, meaning you can cut through slices of meat like butter. The inclusion of a meat cleaver confirms the company is ready to take technology and shining blade style to other levels. There’s no need to press down on any individual edges as this blade does all the heavy lifting for us!

Top 3: Shun Premier Kitchen Knife Starter 

Shun Premier Kitchen Knife Starter

Shun Premier Kitchen Knife Starter Product Review

+Having ultra-premium performance +For both starters and pro chefs +Strong, stiff, and durable blade +Sleek and stylish looks of handles +Secure and comfortable grips +Reduce the knife drag from sticking to the blade
Require the careful and high maintenance 

Shun’s Premier Knife Starter Set is the perfect basic kit you need for any kitchen. This set includes an 8″ chef knife, will last a lifetime and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to control while cutting.

Additionally, this Shun kitchen knife starter set comes with a 4-inch paring knife and 6.5? utility blade, both of which are precision-crafted from high-quality steel. If these weren’t enough knives in a set bookended by handy shears, the Shun Premier Kitchen Knife Starter Set comes with fun quilt patterns at no added cost!

The Shun Premier Knife Starter Set is handcrafted in Japan to offer the sharpest, smoothest cuts every time. These knives are long-lasting and require little maintenance with layered Damascus steel and a striking hand-hammered finish (known as tsuchime in Japanese). 

They come with an embedded blade that reduces drag when cutting, keeping foods from sticking to the knife blades just like slicing through butter! No need for constant dishwashing; simply wipe away any unwanted debris with a sponge or dry cloth.

Top 4: Shun Classic Blonde 5piece Knife Block Set 

Shun Classic Blonde 5piece Knife Block Set 

Shun Classic Blonde 5piece Knife Block Set  Product Review

+Beautiful and modern handles +Entire composite tang blade for more balance and reduce unwanted rotation +For both left and right-handed chefs+having the hard, thin, and razor-sharp steel blade +Easy to maintain and use
The honing tool is not blonde wood 

The beautiful and sleek Shun Classic Knife Block Set includes an 8″ chef, 6″ utility, and 3.5″ paring knife, a convenient block for storage, and honing steel.  

It is made of VG-MAX steel that retains an edge for a long time while resisting rust and corrosion, providing superior sharpness with each cut. In addition, the best shun chef knife is serrated for easy slicing through crusty loaves (no need to use a saw!), and the blade edge finishes on both sides instead of just one side like some other knives often do!

 The unique look of the classic woodblock gives it added style points while also serving as storage space for your blades. This Shun knife is for cutting meat and also is perfect for any home cook who wants reliable precision in their kitchen tasks such as chopping vegetables or slicing up cuts of meat.

Top 5: Shun Cutlery Classic 3 pieces starter set 

Shun Cutlery Classic 3 pieces starter set

Shun Cutlery Classic 3 pieces starter set Product Review

+Small size and high-performance blade +prepare food with easy and precise +Being a nice gift for any cooks +Offering excellent grip and comfortable handling +Super sharp and durable knife +Reasonable price for a starter set of knife
Require a lot of maintenance and proper technique

With beauty and durability, the Shun Cutlery 3-Piece Starter Set is a perfect addition to any kitchen. It includes a classic 8″ chef knife for all purposes, a versatile classic 3.5″ paring knife for peeling, trimming, decorating, and the classic 6″ utility knife. 

At only 15.6 inches long, this compact Set is an ideal starter kit that comes with two knives: a chef’s knife and slicing as well as a small paring knife. Product dimensions are 7 x 1 x .7 inches making it easy to fit in most drawers or on shelves for storage purposes. 

The blade on these knives is made of stainless steel, which minimizes residue buildup while providing maximum sharpness retention. You will not be disappointed with the quality you get from this product!

Top 6: Shun Sora 5-Piece Student Set

Shun Sora 5-Piece Student Set

Shun Sora 5-Piece Student Set Product Review

+Easily slicing through even though bread crusts +Simple maintenance with the honing steel +Conveniently to keep in  a nylon knife roll+The small and agile knife which is perfect for precision cuts +A good knife set with a lightweight and sharp blade
You might need to find another bag to carry them in as the bag easy to be sliced due to the sharp blade

The Shun Sora 5-Piece Set is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. The Set includes a 3.5″ paring knife, 8″ chef, 9″ bread knives, a Shun honing steel, and a stylish black nylon knife roll that is fully zippered. 

All knives are crafted from quality alloy steel that will slice through food beautifully for many years to come. The blades have been given traditional Japanese sharpness levels, Diamond Stars. 

Besides, their durability has been improved by including TPE handles that help maintain perfect grip at all times while providing extreme comfort and protecting against bacteria accumulation so you can use your utensils without concern. 

Shun Sora 5 Piece Student Set includes knives from the Sora Series, a unique cutlery line with contemporary, sleek designs and ultra-premium steel blades. It’s an incredible deal that will make your cooking more fun and efficient. So what are you waiting for? Get Shun Sora today!

Top 7: Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife 

Shun Classic 8

Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife  Product Review

+High-quality material for strength and durability +Perfect for easy cleaning and tough for constant use +Being a lightweight, small and gorgeous knife +The find edge cuts and hold the sharpness well +The very polished knife can feel the excellent hardness of steel +Recommended for daily use
Always need the correct treatment. If none, it will get chipped and rusted soon

The Shun Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife is for those who want something fashionable and sharp to cut out the competition. VG-MAX steel with extra tungsten for a sharper edge and more chromium and cobalt and carbon for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. 

It has been enveloped in an ebony PakkaWood handle that provides elegance as well as functionality. So whether you need to make one tasty dish or work on your entire meal plan, we guarantee our knife will be the only thing left standing proudly.

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This knife offers a beautiful, streamlined design that balances both beauty and functionality. The knurled spine will allow you to grip it tight for safe cutting. Equipped with Shun’s successful five-layer construction, the steel is forged with a natural bamboo charcoal binder to create an airtight bond between layers for ultimate durability.

The smooth blade edge cuts effortlessly through all protein foods in the kitchen. In addition, the clip point shape will allow ample slicing of vegetables, fruits, whatever your hungry heart desires!

Top 8: Shun Cutlery Premier 8″ Chef’s Knife 

Shun Cutlery Premier 8

Shun Cutlery Premier 8″ Chef’s Knife Product Review

+Lightweight and agile knife +Having the perfect and comfortable grip +Handles offer the comfort for clean and smooth cuts +Make pre-work more enjoyable +Great fit for the medium hand size of women +Very durable, can use well for years
Easily get chipped without friendly and careful maintenance

The “Shun Premier 8-inch Chef’s Knife” is geared for the cooking enthusiast. It offers a quality blade made of stainless steel with an edge that is non-slip and won’t fray, making cutting more accessible than ever before. 

The chef’s knife also boasts a Walnut PakkaWood handle, which will never show any signs of wear or breakage, even after years of extended usage. 

The “Chefs knife” in this Set has a tempered steel blade in a size that makes it perfect for chopping the meat into small pieces while still being easy to use around less complex ingredients such as vegetables. If you’re anything like me, you need all the help you can get when you cook!

Besides, its perfect razor-sharp edge is ideal for dicing, chopping, and cutting vegetables and fruits. It is also thin and light for less tiring when you are in use. Moreover, it is also easy and comfortable to use for every cook

Top 9: Shun Cutlery Classic 4 Piece BBQ set 

Shun Cutlery Classic 4 Piece BBQ set

Shun Cutlery Classic 4 Piece BBQ set Product Review

+Secure grip and excellent control of handle +Made of advanced and high-quality performance steel+Having the razor-sharp blade +Less drag when cutting against, making cuts easier and faster. +Perfect Set for many tasks with excellent design
Require the unique maintenance and clean

This elegant BBQ set includes a stainless steel knife, fork & shaper. Sliced meats have never been easier thanks to the sharp blade of the Shun Cutlery Classic! 

The four-piece set is made with ebony color PakkaWood® handles ergonomically designed for both left-handed and right-handed users. Ebony is known for its ability to handle higher temperatures without warping, which makes this BBQ set perfect when handling hot sauces or melted butter for smothering your burger after flipping it on the grill.

This Shun Cutlery classic includes three essential knives for handing and grilling tasks and the handsome shun knife roll, shoulder strap, and full zippers. It is perfect for maneuvering the bones between the joints and also handles slicing vegetables and herbs. 

Besides, its hollow ground brisket knife is perfect for slicing and trimming the more significant cuts of meat.

Top 10: Shun Cutlery Classic 5 piece starter block set 

Shun Cutlery Classic 5 piece starter block set 

Shun Cutlery Classic 5 piece starter block set  Product Review

+A very light, extremely sharp knife +This is the ideal knife for more delicate tasks +Make tedious knife works faster and easier +Well made for easy handling +Beautiful look and style +Made of good quality steel for durability
It might get dull quickly without regular care

Since ancient times, cooks have revered the Shun Classic knife. Its timelessly modern design and razor-sharp blade ensure efficient chopping, dicing, and slicing of fruits, vegetables, and meats alike so you can cook with ease. 

This versatile five-piece starter block set includes a 3.5-inch paring knife that excels at precision cutting tasks like peeling apples or potatoes; a 6-inch utility knife for cutting more oversized items such as fresh pineapple or cucumber. An 8- inch chef’s knife is perfect for tackling any prep task, from dicing onions to whacking garlic cloves.

Besides, It features an attractive 50/50 serrated edge that cuts cleanly through delicate products as well as fibrous meats, honing steel to keep your knife sharp all the time. 

It has D-shaped ebony Pakkawood handles, and it easily fits any hand. In addition, the bamboo woodblock equipment is durable and an excellent match for any kitchen.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Shun Knife Set

Buying a Shun knife is easy if you know what to look for. The hardest part about it comes down to narrowing your choices and deciding which knives from that series would be best suited for cooking styles of all sorts!

If there are any competitors out there who have better deals, then these tips should help narrow things down, so purchase wisely, this can’t compare with them though because they offer more options than just one brand’s selection at each price range but now we’re getting into something personal here.

Knife types

Shun’s knife series offers a full range of blade shapes, from chef’s knives to paring knives and beyond. So which type do you need? If starting, it is best to focus on the Chef Series Knives as these offer various forms for each style with plenty of sharpness options available to find what suits your needs best. They’re also great examples that can give an idea about how other styles work!


Forged knives are considered the best option for any construction worker. They’re made with high-quality materials and can be sharpened to last longer than other types of kitchen cutlery, like stamped or forged ones that may work better depending on your needs.


Shun’s knives are designed to last, and they’re made from steel that holds its edge as well, lasting longer than many other brands. In addition, the price tag on each series reflects the quality of blade material used so you can have an affordable option without sacrificing performance or precision cuts.

The Sora series offers the most affordable blade with stainless steel, but there’s also a sharpened VG10 for those who want their knives to be top-quality. The Dual Core Series uses two steel sheets to blend durability and edge retention, so it can’t compare on either front but at an increased price tag!


Shun knives are designed to last a lifetime. The complete tang construction means that they will never bend or break, and their balance ensures quick response time when needed most in an emergency.

The dual-core conceits of the handle melding seamlessly into its blade allow for increased durability by minimizing any plastic components which can wear down quickly over time under heavy use.


For the majority of kitchen knife handles, there are two materials: natural hardwood and synthetic composites. Shun’s pakkawood knives take this to a new level with beautiful looks and hygienic benefits made out of wood resin composite handle material that offers an excellent balance between cost-effectiveness and style points (natural vs. synthetics); price range, etc. 

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If you’re looking at other brands, be aware of which kind they use too but keep in mind some will have cheaper production costs, so factor those into your decision-making process when considering what brand might better suit your needs.


If you enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen, it’s worth buying a high-quality shun knife. A good quality one will stay sharp for years so that your money invested is never wasted!

While these knives are often used by professionals who need their tools to perform well against wear, Amazon offers them at an affordable price point with excellent results.

Advantages of the best shun knife set

There are so many benefits if you own a set of the best Shun knives at home. Here are several things I have noted:

  • Make the small and beautiful curated cut through fruits, vegetables, or meat 
  • The razor-sharp blade can stay sharp for a long time with simple care in cleaning and drying 
  • All Shun knives reviews have been the top-rated among all users. 
  • People will be amazed by its exceptional multitasking 
  • 34 layered Damascus provide durability in handles 
  • Strong bolster for well balanced and sturdy grip 
  • It is easy to use, clean, and maintain 

What You Can Do With Shun knife set?

Shun knives are a cut above the rest. They’re designed to be used for precision rather than multipurpose tasks, making them perfect at their intended purpose: slicing meats and vegetables with pinpoint accuracy!

Shuns’ keen edge ensures that your food stays cleaner longer so you can focus on more important things like cooking techniques without worrying about cross-contamination from other ingredients or surfaces.

It is recommended to be used for precise cutting purposes only, not stabbing, piercing, or chopping. Use your Shuns on meats and vegetables only; never bones or thicker-skinned veggies.

How to use shun knife set safest

You might be wondering if there is anything you need to consider when using a Shun knife to prevent getting into trouble. Here I will show you some tips for using Shun Knife safest. It will be very much helpful to you:

  • If you are not used to using knives, always hold them by the handle when cutting. Be mindful of where your fingers are about the blade, as it can be very sharp and dangerous if misused!
  • Never push down on the knife when cutting. The best way to cut with a knife is by keeping the wrist loose and using an almost effortless motion that doesn’t cause arm strain.
  • You won’t regret buying a Shun knife. These knives are the best for cutting meat and vegetables, but don’t use them on anything else because they’re not as strong compared to other brands of chef’s Knives for chopping bones!
  • You shouldn’t leave knives soaking in a sink for too long because it is dangerous and will cause the metal to rust.
  • Shun knives are not recommended for dishwashers. The blade gets knocked around and could damage other dishes or the appliance itself, so handle with care!
  • To avoid chipping, use Shun knives in a smooth motion similar to how one would cut with a hand saw. Just push the knife forward and sweep it back up for each downward stroke through food items until you reach your desired thickness before repeating on end!

FAQs on the best Shun knife set

Q1: Why are Japanese knives so expensive?

When I started using quality kitchen knives, it took me a while to get used to paying over $100 for just one knife. Even though most people cringe at this price tag and would never dream of buying such an expensive tool if they are serious about their cooking habits?

But why do Japanese blades cost so much more than other brands in North America or Europe? Especially when you can find good Santuko (or “Santoku”) knives with steel bases online these days? For two main reasons:

  • High-quality materials: It is made of high carbon stainless steel, which is not cheap because it is excellent for sharpness and durability. It is much better than other brands. 
  • Craftsman: The traditional knife is not a knife. It is an art so it takes a very long time to master. Hence, the Japanese knife maker’s skills command a premium price. 

Q2: Can I sharpen Serrated knives?

Yes, it is possible to use accurate shear sharpeners to sharpen your knives. It can also be done by honing knives from a ceramic sharpener. Other times, it will be accomplished by using one of our serration-specific models designed to tackle these blades more efficiently than ever before!

Q3: What is the best Japanese knife brand?

It is hard to say which is the best among many brands because it might be right for you but not for me. Why? Just choosing the best knife will depend on three main things. 

Firstly, you should consider your needs. Are you a casual home or pro cook? You might need more durability for heavy-duty use. 

Secondly, your experience, you must know if you are a master or an amateur. 

Lastly, your budget, how much do you expect for a kitchen knife. The good Japanese knives might cost you around 100$.

Shun knives offer a perfect range of knives that can satisfy beginner to pro cooks. 

Q4: Which is better, German or Japanese?

Each country has its cooking style, and the heavier handled german knives will be ideal for breaking down beef, pork, etc., While the lightweight and thin Japanese blades will be perfect for cutting vegetables and fish. 

Q5: Which knives should I buy for my kitchen?

If you are begging for a kitchen knife collection from scratch, you can get the best chef you can, and a good knife will take care of up to 80% of cutting tasks. After that, you should get a utility or paring knife that gives you access well to small and intricate cuts. 

Q6: Which Shun series is the best?

I think the classic series will be the perfect option for Shun knives, whoever you are, beginner, intermediate or expert cook. Its great blade and construction can find the perfect fit for your cooking. 


After reading my best Shun knife set review, hopefully, you will find the best one among all in the busy market. 

If you are still wondering, my best recommendation is The best Shun Premier Set which is perfect if you want to make sure your knives are sharp for a long time. You can use the Set in various ways, including chopping, slicing, and dicing vegetables with ease. It has everything from paring knives to santoku blades so that all of your cutting needs are met with this one purchase. 

So, if you’re looking for the best shun knife set on the market today, then consider purchasing these beautiful pieces right away! They come with an unbeatable lifetime warranty which means they will last forever or until their next resharpening when it’s due!

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