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What are the best oyster knives? The answer to that question can be found in this blog post. We will go over what you need, how to buy it, and the benefits of owning one. As a consumer, you want to know as much as possible about any product before making a purchase decision.

Best Oyster Knife

This way, you can make an educated decision and not regret your choice later on down the road. Don’t hesitate! Read more now!

What is an Oyster Knife?

The oyster knife is used to extract meat from an oyster’s shell. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, depending on what you are trying to do with it, whether cutting or scooping out pieces of mollusk for food! 

There are three things worth considering to help narrow down your choices: challenging guard layout, blade handle style (with points versus straight edges), tip design.

Usually, the oyster knife will come with a short blade and a distal taper. As a result, its blade will thicken in its center. In addition, the taper of the knife will promote easier prying open oyster shells due to the wedged shape. 

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Types of Oyster Knife 

Many people are interested in the different types of oyster knives. Below are four common types of oyster knife available. Let’s check it out to see what your choice will be!

New Haven 

The New Haven oyster knife has a 2¾” straight blade with an upturned point for opening oysters. It’s well-suited to the standard hinge form of this type but can also shuck Olympia and Kumamoto half shell varieties because they are more complex in putting them on properly when opened up fully.


The Galveston oyster knives are known to be one of the best commercially-used knives for cutting up large or medium-sized European and Atlantic oysters. They usually have a 4″ blade with moderately sharp edges that is broader than most other types, making it capable of handling challenging tasks like opening clams without having any difficulties at all!


The oyster knife from Providence is designed to work with small, medium, and large Pacific oysters. It has a short blade that can be used for shucking or half-hulled bivalves such as Olympia’s. At the same time, its pointed edge makes it ideal when prying apart shells containing meat to get at any remaining grit before you’re finished cooking them on the grill!


Boston is a famous oyster knife. It has a narrow, long blade, usually 3″ to 4″, and a pear-shaped handle, easy to carry. This Boston tool can handle all of the larger Pacific or Atlantic oysters and any other size you are looking for!

Type of Common Oysters

The best oyster knives are an essential part of shucking your favorite delicacy. It’s helpful to think about the type of oysters you’re most likely to use regularly when picking one, mainly because not all types will work well for every person or circumstance!

Atlantic oyster: 

The East Coast is currently experiencing the largest oyster shortage in history, and it’s a shame because these delicious creatures used to be so common. 

Unfortunately for our anglers who love catching them on our lines, there are only about 1% left now as opposed to 10 years ago when we could go out any day of the week with hopes that we might pull one from deep water or by boat ramp (or both!). 

The good news, though – they’re sweeter tasting than ever before! These oysters are not easy to open, but they taste sweet. 

Pacific Oyster:

Japan is known for its high-quality, fresh seafood. The large oysters that sit in the middle of shucking scales have an excellent taste and texture with no difficulty during preparation – making them perfect for introducing from this country into your menu!

Olympia Oysters:

The Pacific Northwest is known for its oysters, which are not an exclusively American delicacy. These smaller but better-tasting alternatives hail from the West Coast and can be found on some menus around town!

Kumamoto Oyster 

Kumamoto is deep cut with a sweet and very mild taste, and it is from Japan. Now, they are cultivated on the US East Coast. These Oysters are bigger than Olympia. 

European Flat Oyster:

A new and exciting oyster is on the scene. This small, Eastern US-native creature has a sweet flavor that can’t be beaten! In addition, this oyster is easier to shuck than the Atlantic one. 

List of The Best Oyster Knife Reviews in 2021

Below I’ve compiled a handy list of 10 best oyster knives to help you match the most common blade designs with each variety of oyster. 

Top 1: Dexter-Russel-2.75″ New Haven Oyster Knife


Dexter-Russel-2.75″ New Haven Oyster Knife Product Review

+Good grip and a lot of leverage +Made out of high carbon steel +The stain-resistant blade +Easy to hand wash and dry +Having NSF certified and made in the USA
It is a little costly than others

This New Haven-style oyster knife is an excellent tool for shucking your favorite bivalves. Whether it’s the first time you use one, or if this will be just another in an already extensive collection- there are plenty of uses that make it worth every penny!


The 2.75-inch blade is made from proprietary high carbon steel and just the right size for angling into an oyster, popping it open without damaging your prized possession! 

Handle and other features

Made in America with a Sani Safe hard plastic handle that provides a sturdy grip but can be easily cleaned due to its stain-resistant properties as well as NSF certification, which ensures this knife will keep working well through many uses while also being safe enough not put into dishwasher cycles because they may ruin some materials over time

It’s been shown before by multiple studies conducted across North America how to put knives containing silicone oil under running water. It allows deposits to form onto their surfaces, mainly if you use low-pressure settings or leave them sitting there doing nothing long.

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Top 2: Rösle 6.6″ Stainless Steel Oyster Knife

Rösle 6.6

Rösle 6.6″ Stainless Steel Oyster Knife Product Review

+It is simple to clean up with a dishwashing brush+Can even slice tomatoes +Strong, well made and balanced knife+Better for toughest oyster and clams+Razor-sharp and strong knife
It might get clogs up 

Known as the world’s best oyster knife for professionals. The Rösle knife is an excellent tool for novices because it has a built-in hand guard that protects your fingers and hands from injury when opening oysters. Rösle had provided quality cooking tools and kitchen utensils since 1888, when German engineering first made its way to the professional chef. 


It comes with a slender bald which is sharpened around the tip for opening the hard shell. Moreover, its blade is made of 18/10 stainless steel. Besides, The stainless steel construction makes this sturdy, durable knife as well! 

Handles and other features

It also comes with an easy-grip handle so you can easily control the blade without worrying about cutting yourself while trying to cut through those hard shells (literally). Best yet? This kitchen essential includes a storage notch on both sides–perfect if space was at issue in our tiny homes or offices alike! Rosle comes with a lifetime warranty, and it is also dishwasher safe. 

Top 3: Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1, 2-3/4″ Oyster Knife

Victorinox 7.6399.3-X1, 2-3/4″ Oyster Knife Product Review

+Slip-resistant handle for excellent working in wet +Very innovative and durable knife +Having the NSF approved+It is long enough for cutting the abductor’s muscle +Comfortable and very easy to use
Not recommended for large oysters Prone to corrosion, require a wash and dry well after each use

The Victorinox oyster knife is a must-have for any aspiring fisherman. With its wide blade, dull edges, and upturned tip, it offers excellent leverage in the hinge of an oyster you want to open – but that’s not even the best part! 

Experts have created this new haven design at Swiss-made knives which also makes all those other designs seen on this site right here as well, so if you’re looking around thinking about buying an upcoming birthday gift idea or just curious what they are, then I’ve got good news.


The knife itself is 6 feet long with a 2.75-inch blade, and it weighs 3 ounces. The blade is made of high carbon steel for outstanding durability and is easy to wash. It is also dishwasher safe. 

Handle and other features

The large handle has a bulge at both ends, making holding onto this product accessible for any user; it’s durable too! The new haven oyster is high in the shell, making it so you can cut off its abductor’s muscle and be very difficult to pierce with any knife.

Top 4: DALSTRONG  3″ Oyster Shucking Knife


DALSTRONG  3″ Oyster Shucking Knife Product Review

+Very durable and will never let you down +Made of long stainless steel and high carbon blade +Full tang for more reliability and strength +Easy to shuck the tight oyster shells with a precision pointed tip +The laminated firm handle +Designed for shucking an oyster
The handle might be a little larger 

The DALSTRONG Oyster Shucking Knife is a sturdy and reliable carrying-out oyster from the shell with its blade that includes a rounded notch for opening shells at the uniformly centered hinge. 


DALSTRONG knife comes with a wide and thick blade that is made of high carbon ThyssenKrupp steel. Hence, this best oyster shucking knife is very sturdy and can make sure to remove the very soft and juicy meat. Thus, you can do a very safe task without tearing your elegant oyster flesh. 

Handle and other features

This shucker’s handle is made of a durable fiberglass material, which you can quickly grab to pressure-open stubborn mollusks or snap open mussels. The black G10 fiber-glassing gripping around your hand may be slippery when hands are wet or oily, meaning you can use these gloves sold separately! Make sure to drink responsibly.

Its blade features the pointed tip for separating the tight shells, while its long handles will offer the perfect leverage for popping the shell open well. Especially, its handle is especially nonslip and easy to grip, and it is robust with the handguards to protect your finger. 

Top 5: Mercer Culinary Boston Style 3″  Oyster Shucking Knife

Mercer Culinary Boston Style 3

Mercer Culinary Boston Style 3″  Oyster Shucking Knife Product Review

+It comes at an affordable price +Having a sturdy and ergonomic handle +Easy to open shell with a bent tip +made of stain-resistant steel and high carbon blade +Having NSF certified food safe
Does not have the guard between blade and handle 

Do you want to cook oysters without breaking the bank? The Boston-style knife from Mercer is a budget-friendly option for anyone just getting started.


The blade of this knife is made from high carbon stainless steel, and at three inches long, it’s just the right size to reach into oysters with ease. In addition, the bent tip makes it perfect for shucking deep-hinged varieties because you don’t have any problem opening stubborn clams as well!

Handle and other features

The best oyster shucking knife is designed with the professional in mind, and it’s equipped to help you shuck oysters or clams. The ergonomic handle makes sure that your hands don’t get tired while using this tool for an extended period. With its dimpled texture on top of providing a non-slip grip like when handling freshly cooked meats during dinner party appetizers, there won’t be any problems moving about preparing food safely!

You can happily use just one or have a few on hand for your friends to help with the price. And when it’s done, they should be dried and maintained adequately with care so as not to reduce the lifespan of this valuable tool!

Top 6: WINDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set Oyster Shucking Knife 

WINDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set Oyster Shucking Knife 

WINDOM Oyster Knife Shucker Set Oyster Shucking Knife  Product Review

+It is very easy to use +Sturdy, short, and light knife for opening oyster+Having nice protective gloves +Perfect for beginners and even pro+Comfortable and easy to clean handle
The tip should be sharper 

Perfect for half-opened oysters and making the most of your locally sourced seafood. WINDOM gives you a shucking knife, shucking gloves. Whether you prefer them raw or roasted, it’s nice to be able to get in there and open yourself an oyster without too much hassle. 


I can say that its blade is super sharp. Therefore, it is perfect for even beginners. Moreover, its blade is forged from high-quality 3CE13 stainless steel, which is super solid and sturdy. Besides, it has a cheap thin blade bent, so you can easily open all types of seafood shells with ease. 

Handle and other features.

This set of best oyster knife and glove includes one black oyster-shucking knife and a pair of gloves for easy handling, as well as a lemon juicer to make some refreshing lemonade before or after you shuck all day! Enjoy fresh oysters right at home with this set that allows you to have complete control over your gloved hands while opening the oyster. 

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The blade on this knife is serrated for maximum efficiency and can be used comfortably in both wet and dry environments. In addition, the flexible, comfortable material that makes up the grip handle on this shucker ensures it will not slip out of your hand. This is because there are so many varied uses.

Top 7: ZYLISS Oyster Tool and Knife Set

ZYLISS Oyster Tool and Knife Set

ZYLISS Oyster Tool and Knife Set Product Review

+Safe and easy to use +Comes with a convenient and friendly silicone pocket +Simple to clean and storage +Perfect angle to pen the shell of an oyster +Sturdy blade and comfortable handle
It might not be easy to hold the oyster 

The Oyster Tool and Knife Set from Zyliss is a must-have for a kitchen. You will be amazed by its unique and multi-color design. Zyliss, founded in 1951, created tools and gadgets for satisfying consumers worldwide’s needs. With more than 70 years of experience, they provide the perfect tools for every kitchen. 


For this oyster and knife set, you will be impressed by its unique stainless steel blades, which help you open the oyster quickly and safely while still preserving the liquor. In addition, here is the best oyster knife that comes with blade is super durable and easy to clean. 

Handles and other features

Mainly it comes with non-slip handles and a protective guard. Moreover, it is constructed with a nice holder for much safer and easier storage. Besides, it had a silicone pocket and non-slip feet for leverage while keeping your hand in safety while using it. 

Top 8: King Kooker 5500 Steel Oyster Opener

King Kooker 5500 Steel Oyster Opener

King Kooker 5500 Steel Oyster Opener Product Review

+Easy to use and shuck many types of oyster +Popping oysters with ease +Well made and good quality product +It is very safe to shuck oysters
It is a little messy as the juice will go over all your counter


Made from stainless steel, the blade is constructed exclusively for safely pulling them out of their shells without shucking or cutting yourself! The slim design also makes it perfect for tucking into your picnic basket along with one dozen Pacific Coast’s finest pearl oysters.

Handles and other features

The steel blade cuts through tough shells like butter and leaves your hands safe from cuts and scratches with its plastic handle grip. So whether you’re an avid diver or just like eating delicious food, this shell cracker does it all!

Top 9: OXO Good Grips Steel Non-slip Oyster Knife

OXO Good Grips Steel Non-slip Oyster Knife

OXO Good Grips Steel Non-slip Oyster Knife Product Review

+Very sturdy stainless steel blade +Can shuck the most stubborn oyster in as second +Comfortable and soft handle +It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe+An excellent choice for even beginners
The tip might snap after a long time of use 

We all know the Oxo oyster shucker is a classic design, but you might not have realized its secret power. The forward-leaning tip helps in bending and keeping your opened shells from closing up again! The squat hand is designed for maximum comfort and safety while shucking oysters.


What sets the blade apart from other similar items on today’s market? Stainless steel means it’s always sharp and won’t chip easily as ceramic does over time (especially with everyday use). The blade also comes sharp, so there’s no need to worry about cutting yourself while preparing these delicious mollusks.

Handles and other features

It scores high in quality and durability, making it dishwasher safe! The handle has an attached hole so you can hang or string up this versatile tool if needed; The Oxo Oyster Knife is an excellent tool for those who love to eat and shuck the delicacy. It has an ergonomic handle, giving your hand leverage as you work with it but not slipping at any time! 

Top 10: R.Murphy/ Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife – Made in USA

R.Murphy/ Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife - Made in USA

R.Murphy/ Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife – Made in USA Product Review

+It is delicate and simple to use +Impressive blade shaped and done quick work +Bes for the price and handle small to medium oysters+Well designed and sturdy knife +Strong and durable knife
It might be a little expensive

The R. Murphy/ Ramelson Duxbury Oyster Knife is a versatile tool with the perfect blade, handle, and grip for navigating top-tier oysters.


The polished 420 HC high carbon stainless steel blade has a rigid pointy tip, so it only takes little force to ease into the hinge of an oyster, and high-quality materials were used to ensure this professional knife will have a long life! So you can use this valuable knife for opening or shucking your favorite oysters without worrying about losing your grip on slippery surfaces.

Handles and other features

‘Murphy Green’ polypropylene plastic handle is a nice feature of this knife. Besides, it is also designed to be well-balanced and lightweight in hand. It makes your life much more perfect for all events. You can wash it easily by hand and dry it well. Dot put in the dishwasher as it might get damaged. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Oyster Knife

When choosing which oyster knife is right for you, consider the variety of different types and regions. In addition, as with any purchase, we recommend considering these other factors: blade design; materials used in construction (stainless steel or carbon); weight difference between knives:


When you want to shuck an oyster with ease, consider the size and shape of your hand.

The handle can make all the difference in comfort when making repetitive motions like opening shells or operating scrubber brushes for cleaning shells.

A good knife has one thing in common: it should be easy to grip. A rounded handle with molds around your hand makes it comfortable and secure while cutting food or tasks requiring precision handling like woodworking pieces. 

If you’re looking for something more durable than plastic or rubber materials but not as heavy-duty as metal knives, consider ceramic blades, which are light enough so they won’t tire out those hands of yours after hours spent working on some project!

Stay away from knives with slippery handles. If your hands are damp, they can slip, and you might cut yourself badly enough to lose a finger or even thumb! 

And if the handle is too slick for handling oysters at all, then just imagine what happens when we try cutting into them. it takes way longer than necessary because every time one silver comes off, another seven pop up in its place (yikes).


The blade does not need to be sharp when shucking oysters. The abductor’s muscle is the only part needed to be cut, and it is soft and not difficult for even an amateur knife enthusiast. 

The ideal blade for shucking oysters is a 3-inch metal sword with corrosion-resistant material. You don’t want anything longer because it may bend or break under pressure used to open the hinge on an individual’s mouthful of salty goodness, so keep this in mind when looking at blades available by your favorite seafood retailer!

The best ferritic stainless steel 440c option will set you back just about any cost frugally minded shopper. If they have them, only more expensive models are likely to come without sacrificing performance.

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Only knives made of high carbon steel are best for oyster opening. It’s more complicated than stainless steel but more likely to rust and corrode if not cared for properly – like hand washing or drying after use in the dishwasher. 

Also, a good quality blade will keep its edge longer so you can work with fewer tools at once before it becomes too difficult to open an oyster whose hinge isn’t as easy to pry apart with just one knife tip.

A blade should also have an upturned end that makes working easier on hinges by giving leverage when trying to penetrate outer shells holding them shut. Without this design feature, there would be no way what force was put into moving these stubborn barriers forward to reach deep enough inside.


A sharp blade can be dangerous, even if oysters are not the most complex of foods. The handles on these knives usually have a non-slip grip that’s easy to hold onto when wet – but some individuals may need handguards for protection against nicks and cuts in case their palms make contact with the knife at any point during shucking time!

Material and maintenance

Since oysters are saltwater species, it is very common that they have some salt inside. The presence of this mineral will affect standard knife blades and cause corrosion – mainly if you use your blade for other meats too!

Blades need to be around 3 inches long with the rounded or bent tip to avoid puncturing them open easily before slicing through the abductor’s muscles quickly. Also, ensure they’re dry after every cut because water can damage metal utensils like these high carbon steel ones I prefer instead, which last longer than simple alloys (stainless steel) do alternatively.

Type of Oysters

There are a variety of oyster knives out in the market, but not all will work for every type. If you’re looking to choose which one is right for your needs, consider these factors: blade material and shape; sharpness (they come dull); handle style such as straight or curved handles that fit into your hand comfortably while holding onto slippery shells with both hands at once.

Types of an Oyster Knife

Oyster knives are divided into five main categories, though there is a subgenre of crossovers. These blades were named for the regions or nations that popularized them most prominently- New Havens being short and wide with curved edges. 

At the same time, Providence models lack this curve but still maintain similar characteristics such as length & width. Boston’s Galveston makes up for this by having a long narrow shape instead. Finally, Frenchman’s knife has a squat blade that can be straight like an edge on both sides (with a pointed tip)or blunt-ended at the base end only).

What Can You Do With an Oyster knife?

Other knives can be multi-purposes. However, the oyster knife is different, and its blade is specifically made to shuck oysters and shellfish; it’s not recommended that you use them for anything else.

How to Use The Oyster Knife to Shuck the Oyster Safely?

Here are all the steps for shucking oysters in the right way:

Step 1: Use the cloth towel for rolling into the long tube 

Step 2: Grip the end of a towel and wrap it around the hand for holding the oyster shell for good protection

Step 3: Put the rest of the towel on the countertop for preparing 

Step 4: Hold the shell with your wrapped hand. The oysters hinge faces outwardly 

Step 5: It’s time to properly insert the pointed tip of the oyster knife into the hinge until there is an amount to pry open the oyster shell 

Step 6: After opening, just take out the knife and then clean it for removing the grit from the shell 

Step 7: Try to insert the knife one more time to separate and remove all the upper shell

Step 8: Slide oyster knife under the oyster meat for free oyster meat from the shell

Where Can I Buy An Oyster Knife?

You can buy oyster knives online from sellers on Amazon at bulk hardware stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire. You might also find them in your local spots if you call ahead to confirm availability before going out, though, because not all specialty cookware shops carry a small stock of these items. 

Note that sometimes it may be necessary for shoppers to look specifically for Short Boston style knives as well as other times shucking knives will do just fine!

FAQs on Best Oyster Knife 

Q1: Should I have a sharp oyster knife?

The best oyster knives have a nicely sharpened point and are slim enough to pry complex hinges. Look for blades at least 3 inches long, as they will allow you maximum leverage when opening the shellfish delicacies!

Q2: How to take care of an oyster knife?

Taking care of oyster knives is simple. Just keep them clean and dry so that they can last for years! Be careful when opening up an oyster shell or you risk breaking the tip on yours too soon- these things didn’t come lightly sharpened after all…

Q3: What is the difference between a clam knife and an oyster knife?

Clam knives are different from oyster knives because they don’t require pointed tips. On the other hand, Oysters need these minor points to pierce through their hinges and slip out easily. Oyster blades can be short and sturdy, while their counterparts are thin and flat. 

Q4: Can I shuck an oyster with a regular knife?

Though you can do this, it is not recommended. A standard kitchen knife may get broken or crack the shell of your oyster and puncture its meat so that juice spills out onto whatever surface you are holding them on- be careful! If unsure what type to request for an alternative, I recommend using a flat head screwdriver instead.

Q5:What can I use if I do not have an oyster knife?

The oysters are placed on a griddle or skillet with the cupped side facing downward. Ensure that they have liquid spit and steam escaping from them in case of an accident, then close tightly before heating up to avoid injury!

Q6: Do you wear Gloves to shuck oysters?

Always wear gloves when handling oysters. Some of them have wicked edges that can effortlessly slice open the side of your finger, so it is best to assume all do for safety’s sake and work with a clean towel in hand at all times!

Q7: Should I wash oysters before opening?

Yes, you should. When it comes to shucking oysters, you can never be too careful. Ensure that they are open and there’s no dirt on them before rinsing with cold water for your dinner guests to have a better experience!


The best oyster knife is one that you can easily open, slice through the meat of the shell, and get to all of the delicious seafood inside. It needs a sharp blade for easy slicing and enough weight to force its way through tough shells without breaking them apart.

When it comes time to buy an oyster knife, make sure you consider your individual preferences so you can find the perfect tool for opening up these bivalves quickly and efficiently!

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