Top 10 The Best Knife to Cut Cake Reviews in 2023

The 10 Best Knife to Cut Cake Reviews, Tips and Guides

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Cutting your cake is an essential part of the celebration. But do you want to cut it with a dull knife and end up using more force than necessary? Or do you want to use a sharp, serrated knife that will slice through effortlessly? 

It’s important to know what kind of cake-cutting experience you’re looking for before buying a new set. This blog post will provide information on some of the best knives for cake cutting: their features, pros and cons, and reviews from customers who have tried them firsthand. Happy reading!

best knife to cut cake
knife to cut the cake

What Is a Cake Knife?

A cake knife is also called as a cake shovel, cake slicer, or pie knife. Some have serrated edges, while others are straight-edged and can be used for cutting slices of any type of dessert you’re serving up!

Cake knives are made especially for cutting the cake.

Cake knives have a serrated blade to prevent damage from being done on your cake. The long, curved shape is what makes these tools so versatile and easy-to-cut cakes with precision for any size or flavor preference has never been more accessible! Thus, it is different from other everyday knives.

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Why do you SHOULD BUY the Knife to cut the cake?

You might ask yourself if you need a cake knife, while most people will say it is unnecessary. However, for me, there are many reasons why you need to have one. Let me show you here:

  • Cake knives are very easy to use for cutting the cake. You can easily slice through all kinds of cake layers from top to bottom without any mistakes. 
  • Cake knives tend to make thinner cuts than the chef or other knives. Hence, less drag will be when you cut the cake; you will avoid putting too much pressure on the cake. 
  • All the cake knives will be longer than everyday Knives, so you can easily cut through the 10 inches of cake. 
  • You can use the cake knife for more than a cake. It can be used as a pastry knife. 

List of The Best Knife to Cut Cake Reviews in 2023

Here are the top 10 best knife to cut a cake that I have been using. I will let you know why these knives are perfect for any homeowner. 

Top 1: HENCKELS CLASSIC 7″ Bread Knife, Cake Knife


HENCKELS CLASSIC 7″ Bread Knife, Cake Knife Product Review

+Perfect for slicing bread and cutting through the crusty crusts +Very sharp and sturdy Knife +Excellent all-purpose Knife for different tasks +Reasonable price, nice longevity +Well balanced and substantial
It might get rusted if not clean after every use 

Eating fresh, crusty bread is a delight we’ve all experienced but getting your hands and heart on that last slice becomes difficult. Now you can keep the family together with our HENCKELS CLASSIC Bread Knife! 

The blade stays sharp even after daily use, so you can cut through crusty bread like it’s hot-buttered cake without tearing the beautiful soft center of your loaf. 

In addition, a delicious Saturday morning breakfast doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair with this handy kitchen tool: just some good ol’ toast and jam will do just fine. So what are you waiting for? Get started with today’s special offers and save big with HENCKELS CLASSIC!

This best knife to cut cake comes with high-quality stainless steel from Germany, with the full forged built-in for better durability. Besides, the seamless transition will be equipped from the blade up to handle. As a result, this Knife provides an excellent cutting and long-lasting sharp blade. In addition, you will be satisfied with the perfect ergonomic handle, which keeps you in balance and comfort. 

Top 2: ZWILLING Professional S Cake Knife, Bread Knife 

ZWILLING Professional S Cake Knife, Bread Knife

ZWILLING Professional S Cake Knife, Bread Knife Product Review

+Perfect Knife for dense and soft bread+Made of high-quality German steel in Germany +Cut through the cake nice and clean +It is sharp enough for cutting straight through the crust +Long-lasting Knife, easy to clean
The blade might be slightly bowed. The blade should be thicker and stronger.

The ZWILLING bread knife is the perfect tool for slicing bread, cold cuts, and other delicate foods. The serrated edge ensures a clean cut with every slice. The blade material, stainless steel, has outstanding protection against corrosion and staining from rust or discoloration, occurring in less highly-resistant materials such as carbon steel. 

Stainless blades are also much more durable than knives with non-stainless steel blades, which may bend when exposed to heavier duties. In addition, this product has a handle made from sleek stainless steel that gives you an easy clean after use without leaving any streaks on your hands or surface area.

Besides, it comes with an ergonomic polymer handle that is nicely bonded to the full tang. Moreover, this Knife comes with a laser-controlled edge and a precision-honed blade for an excellent cutting angle. Hence, it will make sure about the durability and sharpness. 

Top 3: Hortense B.Hewitt Wedding Cake Knife

Hortense B.Hewitt Wedding Cake Knife

Hortense B.Hewitt Wedding Cake Knife Product Review

+Perfect for cutting the wedding cakes +Simple but elegant design +Sturdy and durable knife set +Provide the nice and clean cuts
The handles do not come with polish as other silverware

This tarnish-resistant and quality crafted Knife is the perfect addition to your kitchen. The blade is made from stainless steel and measures 12.5 inches long and 2.38 inches wide, making it an excellent option for cutting cakes of all sizes, while the silver plating finish makes this Knife look elegant and can never go out of style! 

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With its sparkling love-colored handle, you will always feel comfortable slicing even the most enormous cake in front, hands-free during your event or party with confidence. Knowing that not only will it last longer but also be dishwasher safe, so cleaning up after was a breeze too! 

This top-shelf Hewitt-made product would make for a great gift during major holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries. Besides, you can get it for your friend’s or beloved’s gifts because of its luxurious design and look. It is super gorgeous. 

Top 4: HENCKELS 8″ Statement Cake Knife, Bread Knife


HENCKELS 8″ Statement Cake Knife, Bread Knife Product Review

+It comes with lightweight construction +Excellent performance and durable design+It is fabricated from the premium stainless steel+Curved handles for more balance and comfort +Perfect all-purpose Knife
Not polish on the Knife’s top 

One of the best knife to cut cakes is the one from HENCKELS. The HENCKELS Cake Knife is unlike any other bread knife on the market. It is well-designed and features a black handle, which compliments any kitchen décor. The blade measures 9 inches long and has a serrated edge that stays sharp without fraying or causing unpleasant odors, as well as an angled blade for controlled slicing through large loaves of soft cheese such as brie and camembert. 

It is sharp enough to cut fresh crusty bread easily, and it also handles hard cheeses with finesse thanks to the tip’s curved blunting end explicitly designed for delicate cuts.

Besides, it comes with a complete tang design but is very lightweight. Mainly, it is cheap compared to its counterparts. This Knife is very easy to clean up, but just hand wash it to keep the optimum cutting edge for a long time. It is dishwasher safe, though. 

Top 5: Boao Cake Knife, Cake Levelers and Layer Cake

Boao Cake Knife, Cake Levelers and Layer Cake

Boao Cake Knife, Cake Levelers and Layer Cake Product Review

+Beautiful and non slip handles for excellent grip +Very safe to use with the fine polished edge +Easy to clean and dishwasher safe+A convenient set of tools for baking +High-quality stainless steel blade
Not recommended to clean directly by hand for safety 

The Boao 3 baking tools will add to your collection of kitchen utensils and give you more room in your kitchen to cook. One interesting set of this best knife for cutting cake layers is its includes adjustable cake levelers, Slicer levelers, and a stainless steel knife. 

You’ll be excited by how durable these instruments are, with stainless steel throughout the blades and strong handles that never break. It is designed for cutting cakes quickly and cleanly. 

They’re easy to keep clean since they’re dishwasher safe, but always a good idea after use is a quick rinse in a bowl of hot water and soap or brush them off from any dried food bits. Make sure your kids play nicely with these, too, because it’s all done in mind! 

The three included tools are perfect for biscuit-shaping spatulas, long serrated knives for cuts between loaves, and mini chopping knives.The adjustable cake levelers ensure a smooth and flat surface of the cake. 

Top 6: Zulay Kids Knife Set 

Zulay Kids Knife Set 

Zulay Kids Knife Set  Product Review

+A cute set with three pieces of 3 different sizes +Made from the high quality and durable nylon BPA free+Featuring the blunt tip and serrated cutting edge +Offering the solid grip and avoiding slipping +Well and ergonomic handle design +Perfect construction for kids to easy control
Kids need a lot of pressure to cut through 

If you are looking for the best cake knives set for kids, you will never forget this Zulay kid’s knife set. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to help their children prepare foods, slice fruit, and make food for others. 

The knives are designed with both safeties in mind and creativity in mind. They’ve got a serrated edge, made out of plastic which won’t rust or dull when it usually would with metal ones because they’re not sharp enough to do that. And rubber coating on the handles provides excellent grip even when wet. 

Plus, this 6-piece knife set includes pieces designed especially for smaller hands like a scooping spoon!? Load up your cart today!

These knives especially come with the necessary safety for your kids, as they have never used the Knife before. It will support kids to learn some basic skills when using knives. You can easily clean it up, and it is also 100% dishwasher safe. 

Top 7: KUTLER Professional 14-inch Bread Knife 

KUTLER Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife and Cake Slicer with Serrated Edge - Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Cutlery

KUTLER Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife and Cake Slicer with Serrated Edge – Ultra-Sharp Stainless Steel Cutlery Product Review

+Super sharp and can cut even the crumbly cake cleanly+Very sturdy and durable blade and handle +Ergonomic design of handle for a good balance+Multi-tasking knife for kitchen +Not require special maintenance
It is a little short

The Kutler Professional 14-Inch Bread Knife is made with High Carbon Stainless Steel, giving you an unmatched level of quality. This Knife has a black handle to complement its classic stainless steel blade for easy handling, and it comes in at the perfect size for slicing through loaves of bread. 

In addition, the serrated edge keeps your cuts clean, even when cutting around soft foods like tomatoes or eggs!

Mainly, this Knife especially has an ultra-sharp edge. Hence, it will let you slice through the bread loaves perfectly and cut the cakes clean with minimal crumbs. This versatile blade is also perfect for cutting soft fruits such as pineapples, brownies, and tomatoes. 

Moreover, this Knife is very easy to clean and maintain. Its blade is corrosion and stain-resistant; the wavy edge also does not require sharpening after every use. 

Top 8: Chef Owl Professional Cake Server Set 

Professional Pie Server Set - 100% STAINLESS STEEL - Set Includes Cutting Spatula with Serving Knife - Perfect for Serving Cake, Pizza, Pies, Dessert, Lasagna, and More - Black Handle

Professional Pie Server Set – 100% STAINLESS STEEL – Set Includes Cutting Spatula with Serving Knife – Perfect for Serving Cake, Pizza, Pies, Dessert, Lasagna, and More – Black Handle Product Review

+Being an excellent flexible serving knife +It comes to the sharp serrated blade +Featuring a nice finish with the beautiful design +It is straightforward to clean and dishwasher safe +Very accurate and precise with excellent control
The sharp edges can inflict injuries when mishandled

The Chef Owl Professional Pie Server Set is a comprehensive stainless steel set that includes a cutting spatula with a serving knife. The flexible serving spatula will dig into any pizza, cake, or pie easily without crushing it, and the most fantastic feature about this set is their dishwasher safe!

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The flexible, stainless steel blades are coated with Teflon to provide a comfortable grip and ensure your hands stay clean. The serrated edges cut through pizza slices effortlessly, you don’t even need much force! 

These sturdy pieces will make any pie taste better than before without burning or sticking; plus, they’re perfect for cutting cake too because of their sharpness. If only these were ever available when I was little.

The Professional Pie Server Set is one of the best knife to cut cake by Chef Owl. The Chef Owl cake knife is a high-end design that has a fantastic beauty and décor aspect. The beautiful mirrored metallic finish on the blades complements its elegance and the modern teal handle, which creates a grand appearance in the kitchen. In addition, the different blue color of handles makes it easy for pieces to stand out from other knives within the collection.

Top 9: Meizhouer 10″ Stainless Steel Cake Knife

meizhouer 10Inch/12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife Plastic Handle Baking Pastry Spatulas Serrated Bread Knife Kitchen Baking Tool (12 inch)

meizhouer 10Inch/12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife Plastic Handle Baking Pastry Spatulas Serrated Bread Knife Kitchen Baking Tool (12 inch) Product Review

+Comfortable grip of plastic handle +Good steel for non-corrosion and stain +Durable and strong blade +Offer the long blade for different cake sizes+Very sharp at the affordable price
Does not have the blade protector 

The Knife blade is designed to have a plastic handle, which makes it perfect for cutting through different types of cake. The sharpness and sturdiness will ensure that you get clean cuts every time without worrying about warping or breaking your cakes in half!

This stainless steel spatula has a multi-purpose design with a smooth surface for spreading butter, applying scribble, and decorating fondant cakes. It also features an edge that can be used to cut bread or portion cakes in addition to its serrated blade, which is sharp enough to slice through cake layers without any issues!

The handle of this spatula is made from solid PP plastic, so it’s resistant to damage by moisture/water and heat changes in the kitchen. This makes for a durable yet still comfortable grip on your cooking utensil at all times- whether you’re holding onto cold surfaces or hot ones!

Top 10: Meizhouer 12″ Stainless Steel Cake Knife

meizhouer 10Inch/12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife Plastic Handle Baking Pastry Spatulas Serrated Bread Knife Kitchen Baking Tool (12 inch)

meizhouer 10Inch/12Inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife Plastic Handle Baking Pastry Spatulas Serrated Bread Knife Kitchen Baking Tool (12 inch) Product Review

+Made of high quality, safe and healthy materials+Comfortable grip and easy to hold the handle+Very multi-function and creative teeth blade +Easy to use and clean +Good quality knife at the excellent price +Best knife for cutting cake layers
The handle dóe not stay bonded with the blade 

Just before, you already see how lovely a 10 inches Meizhouer knife is. However, I am sure that the 12 inches will be much better for cutting the cake. Meizhouer 12inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife features an ergonomic handle with nonslip rubber inserts, which will provide you with a firm grip. 

The blade is stainless steel and serrated for effortless cutting. Meizhouer 12inch Stainless Steel Cake Knife also has safety guards to prevent fingers from contacting the blade edge.

Twelve inches is a great size for cutting cakes; it comes with high strength and durability. Moreover, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Mostly, just hand wash after every use, then it will be shiny all the time. 

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Knife to Cut Cake

Getting the right cake knife will determine how easy it is to make clean and smooth cuts using your new utensil.

Besides, it also decides how reliable and durable the cake knife will be in a long time. So here I want to show you some of my tips to find the best Knife to cut cake:

Blade Edge

It is essential to use a large, sharp knife when cutting cakes. Smaller blades will only result in uneven layers. They also have less control over how deep you want your cuts because their width limits the depth that can go into the cake-eating territory before getting stuck on top of one another, like old ladies gossiping at church socials! 

A serrated blade with teeth along its edge makes for cleaner lines than straight ones do; however, it takes more time per slice since each section has an extra step involved: sawing through frostings or fillings while aiming towards yourself, so no crumbs sneak past unnoticed.

Large Handle

The long ergonomic handles on these knives will make them easy to grip significantly when cutting the cake. You can’t cut through a piece if the handle is too small and challenging for your hands because you might slip up while trying not to break or ruin anything with an expensive dessert in front of me! 

With this large design that features an ergonomically designed shape so I know my fingers are safe as well as protected from harm all day long; now we’re talking about efficiency at its finest.


Cake knives come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular are stainless steel blades with handles ranging from metal to wood or plastic handles that can be wrapped for added grip protection when slicing the cake into pieces. 

With so many options available, it’s essential you consider your needs before purchasing one. We recommend high carbon steel blade material made by either forging (forged) or Heat Treating, where alloys combine cobalt chromium molybdenum nickel.

Blade Length 

A knife’s length is critical to choosing the right blade for your needs. For example, when cutting food, you must find a 10″ or 14 inches depending on what kind of commercial kitchen setting you are using the tool in because longer blades require more control but, once mastered, can be used with precision when needed most!


You should consider the brand of choice when it comes to cake knives. This is because you want only high-end blades that are durable, efficient, and reliable, which usually come in handy for kitchens thanks to their long-lasting construction.

This means choosing a popular design from brands with good reviews like Wusthof or Henckels if possible!


Shopping without a budget can be detrimental to your financial well-being. With the correct information, you may end up spending more than necessary and consequently incur pressures that lead to constraints on how much money there is for other things in life like eating out or traveling outside of city limits (for example). 

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The best way around this issue would be by creating an account with specific amounts set aside each month which will help make sure any large purchases align themselves with these budgets, thus giving them more excellent value!

Main Type of Cake Knives

There are two main knife types, including the serrated and non-serrated cake knives. What are these?

Serrated knives

To get the most of your serrated knives, you need to know how they work. Serrated blades are best used with cakes with a firm outer layer and soft interior; this includes angel food and chiffon pastries and layered cakes where we don’t want our slices squishing out too much between layers or toppings. Because then it would just be cake icing on top!

Serrated knives are better for cutting cakes because they have thinner blades that make them easier to cut. The result? You get cleaner slices with less frosting or crumbs scattered everywhere!

Non-serrated knives

Knives with a Serrated edge are better suited for cakes with an exterior and interior consistency more similar to each other, like cheesecake. This can be partly due to the less delicate nature these types of cake layers exhibit compared to those made from lighter ingredients such as flour or sugar syrup topped off by rich cream cheese frosting.

A Chef’s Knife can accommodate dense cuts by pushing down deeper into your masterpiece instead of making everything flatten out under its weight during slicing – not what you want when cutting delicate desserts!

How to Use the Cake Knife

Cutting a cake can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these instructions for perfect slices every time.

Slice cake layer: For a layer cake, use the Knife with a thin and sharp blade. 

  • Start by scoring a line across its top, then score another perpendicular one as well; 
  • Dividing each quadrant into equal pieces 
  • Cutting through these scored lines completely
  • When the Knife is gone, though, pull it away from the cake
  • Then side the cake serve under the slice’s bottom 

Slice cheesecake:

  • For cutting dense cakes, you should heat the blade of your knife in between each cut. 
  • Before making the first slice on top of this delicious masterpiece, briefly soak its stainless steel edge with warm water for about 10 seconds, so when they go to layer their cake up high, there won’t be any sticking problems.
  • Wipe and dry the blade and make the first cut 
  • Wipe the cake knife clean and then just reheat in warm water and wipe again for the second cut 
  • Then repeat the process until finished. 

Slice Chiffon cake:

A serrated knife is a perfect tool for cutting delicate foods such as angel food or chiffon cakes. 

  • Using the sawing motion, and gently cut through the cake 
  • Use the flat side for picking up a slice from the bottom 

How To Cut Cake Layers with a Serrated Knife?

Cutting a cake with a serrated blade is easy to do. Follow these steps, and you’ll have no trouble at all!

Step 1: You must first take your cake to a place where it can be turned easily.

Step 2: Then take a serrated knife and make some marks on the outer part of your cake from where you want to cut it in half. If this is for an event with many desserts, mark halfway down along its length, so there’s enough room for other slices without bumping into each other or getting lost amongst all those lovely layers!

Step 3: Using serrated edge to cut through the cake 

Step 4: Turn the cake by one hand and cut to get the perfect layer but do not pressure when cutting 

Step 5: Make slices as your marking 

FAQs about best knife to cut cake

Q1: Can you use the chef knife to make cake layers?

No, it is possible to cut the cake layers with a chef knife. However, the plain edge blade of a chef’s knife won’t work well cutting through crusty bread or cakes. The chef knives are made with a long narrow blade for the slice and chop vegetables or meats but not for cake layers. 

Q2: Can you do multiple tasks with the serrated Knife?

Yes, you can. These knives will allow you to cut through any type of crusty food, but they’re not best for vegetables. These blades have a serrated edge that can slice tomatoes and other soft fruits easily with one hand! The clever design means it’s easy enough even if your hands are full, so slicing becomes possible on cakes too. 

However, these aren’t recommended as standard kitchen equipment items because good chef Knives provide better performance in handling them. While cutting & their ability at blade lengths impacts what kind would be most suitable (longer/shorter).

Q3: Do you need to sharpen cake knives regularly?

No, but you need to take care of your cake knife because without it, you might ruin the beautiful look of your delicious-looking desserts. Keep the blade clean by washing with mild soap, and for best results, don’t put it in the dishwasher!

Q4: Why does the cake fall apart when I cut it?

All-purpose flour is excellent for making cakes, but if you’re trying to cut or slice the cake and it falls apart due to its high gluten content, then this means that your all-purpose flours are not suitable.

Q5: How long is the cake knife?

Cake knives come in many different shapes, sizes, and blade lengths. The average bakery needs a 10-14 inch long knife, but some people might prefer more or less depending on what they’re cooking up!

Q6: How does the cake knife work?

The Cake Boss Slicer is a kitchen essential for anyone who wants perfect cakes. It can slice even and level cake squares up to twelve inches in diameter with just one turn of its blade while also enabling you to make smaller slices by varying alignment tabs that come included within every slicer kit!


The best way to cut a cake is with the best Knife to cut cake. If you’re looking for an easy, clean-cut solution that will create perfect pieces of your dessert, then it’s time you consider buying the best knife for cake cutting.

There are many types available on the market today. Still, our team understands which one makes all cutting tasks less complicated and more enjoyable, so we recommend starting there if this information sounds helpful to you.

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