Rec Tec vs Yoder Pellet Grills: Who makes better smokers?

No one likes their food being undercooked. However, with a good budget, you can buy a smoker that cooks just right and leaves a low mess. But the BBQ market is crowded with numerous types of grills. It’s hard to pick just one!

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down your choices to two of the best brands for smokers. In this review, we assess all the qualities of Rec Tec vs Yoder to make your purchase decision easier.

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Overview of Yoder

Black and orange Yoder brand smoker
Yoder charcoal smoker

Yoder is notable for building competition-grade grills in America since 2009. The journey to building grills initially began with manufacturing various tools and equipment in 2007. Back then, making grills was only a side business.

Over the years, the company has shifted fully into making grills. It continues to put durability at the forefront of its product designs. 

This is evident in the size and strength of its smokers, which were inspired by the company head, Don Cary. Each heavyweight grill is designed to outmatch the competition. 

They are built with a variable displacement damper integration that allows you to direct heat evenly across the grill. You can also choose which side of the grill to focus the heat on more.

Added to that is the Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows you to enjoy a hands-off experience. You don’t need to watch your grill like a hawk as you can control the temperature through your phone while watching TV or partaking in other activities.

From limitless temperature control features to large capacity grates, cooking with Yoder is guaranteed to be a breeze.

3 best Yoder grills

1. Yoder YS640S

Yoder YS640S Product Review

+High heat tolerance of 700°F.  Your cooking time is reduced to minutes.+Large capacity grates to allow you to cook multiple servings at once.+10 years warranty for risk-free and long use.
Heavy-weight. Not ideal for buyers seeking portable options.High-end grill. Not the best choice for budget shoppers.Purchase doesn’t include stands or cart.

The Yoder YS640S is best known for its versatility.  It offers a wide range of adjustable controls and features that make it ideal for both backyard cooking and intense cooking showdowns. 

The grill towers at a height of 1,070 square inches and has 12 inches of headroom. This gives enough room for grilling salmon, steaks, seafood and more

The YS640S can also cook with the heat of 700°F. If you’re worried about burning your food, it’s equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to control temperatures while far away from the grill. Yoder offers a 10 years warranty on this grill that guarantees customers get the full value of their purchase.

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2. Yoder YS1500S

Yoder YS1500S pellet grill

Yoder YS1500S Product Review

+A high-temperature capacity that reduces cooking time.+Heavy-duty design. Zero chances of tipping or falling over.+Impressive temperature control features. You won’t undercook or roast your food to char.
It’s expensive It’s huge. Portability will be an issue.

Like its predecessor on this list, this Yoder grill has an impressive Heat Management System and large capacity build.

Another unique feature is its 10-inches flat-free tires. You won’t spend extra on refilling or changing them too often. 

The sturdy nature of the tires allows for easy mobility around your compound. Given the heavy size of the grill, weighing 667 pounds, this feature will prove valuable. 

3. Yoder YS480s

Yoder YS480S pellet grill

Yoder YS480s Product Review

+Smaller structure. Your food will be cramped together.+Not as heavy as the YS640 and YS1500S. +Equipped with ceramic igniter for fast ignition.
Less headspace. Not ideal for competitions and catering large events.Expensive

It’s the smallest Yoder grill, having 480 square inches of cooking surface and 11.5 inches of headroom. The main grate is 20 inches deep, which allows for flame grilling.

It also comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for fans of Yoder’s no-hands temperature control feature. 

One slight drawback to the grill is its heating capacity. It’s slightly lower than its mates. The maximum heat applicable is 600°F, with the lowest being 150°F.

Overview of Rec Tec

Rec Tec grill

Rec Tec, now known as Recteq, was established in 2009 by buddies-turned-partners, Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy. The company is now one of the leading forces in the grill industry. It has rolled out 9 unique grill models.

In this post, I’ll use Rec Teq and Recteq interchangeably.

Rec Tec brings a gamechanger to the scene with its PiD algorithm. It monitors and adjusts heat temperature, pressure, speed, and flow. This, in turn, helps you manage fuel.

Imagine owning a grill that can calculate fuel consumption. This cost-efficient approach to grilling is what makes the company tough competition. 

In-built to the grills is a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that allows you to control cooking while away from the machine. This can be done via the Recteq app.

Though the company isn’t big in size like Yoder, it prioritizes versatility, mobility, and portability.  With Recteq grills, you can bake, roast, and sear food all in one. The grills are also made compact so that customers can conveniently transport them from location to location.

3 best Rec Tec grills

1. REC TEC RT-700


REC TEC RT-700 Product Review

+Allows for multitasking. You can control grilling via the app.+Interior lighting for late-night grilling.+40 hours of straight cooking.
High price. Not suitable for budget shoppers.

The REC TEC RT-700 is made with stainless steel, which is perfect for heat retention. It runs on wood pellets and weighs 200 pounds, which is lightweight compared to most Yoder grills.

Cooking can be controlled from your device with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can view the temperature, your timer, and how cooked your meat is. 

The grill has 1,054 square inches of cooking space and can support 40 pounds of wood pellets. It can also run for up to 40 hours.

2. REC TEC RT-340


REC TEC RT-340 Product Review

+Compact size that’s easily transportable. +Suitable for smoking, grilling, and searing.+Affordable pricing.
Wheels are prone to locking.Grill’s legs aren’t as sturdy as higher models.Not suitable for bulk grilling.

Like the Yoder YS480s, this grill is the baby of the Rec Tec family. It comes with the same range of features as its superiors, including Wi-Fi connectivity and smart temperature range control.

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The significant difference lies in the size. It has 340 square inches of cooking surface. Though it’s not perfect for bulk grilling, it’s big enough to cook for yourself and your family. 

The grill can support up to 15 pounds of pellets and cook for 15 hours straight.

3. REC TEC RT-590

Rec Tec RT-590 wood pellet grill

REC TEC RT-590 Product Review

+Portable structure.+Wireless temperature control for a hands-off experience. +Affordable pricing.
Thinner legs. Footing isn’t as secure as the RT-700.

The RT-590 is no different from its mates in terms of design. Everything remains the same, including the grease bucket. It’s secured with a metal look to catch drippings that make your grill look messy.

The grill’s cooking area is 772 square inches, which is much smaller than the massive 1054 square inches of the RT-700. 

One clear advantage of this is mobility. You can easily shift it from one spot to another because of its smaller structure. 

What is the difference between Rec Tec and Yoder smokers?

When comparing Rec Tec vs Yoder smokers, Rec Tec grills are made with stainless steel. Their design doesn’t get more complicated than that. Considering the amount of spillage and stains that accompany grilling, it’ll be easier to keep it clean by just wiping off or scrubbing lightly.

With Yoder’s decorative chrome plated design, the odds of durability are lower. Chromium plating is more prone to rust and corrosion than Rec Tec’s stainless steel look. 

Rec Tec grills are also smaller in structure and lighter in weight. If you plan to participate in international competitions, you’ll find this to be an important detail. Lugging the hefty YS640 around will be a huge challenge.

Additionally, Rec Tec grills come fully equipped out of the box, unlike Yoder grills where you’d have to buy the stands and thermometer probes separately. 

Why choose pellet grills over charcoal?

While the smokey flavor charcoal adds to meat is irresistible, pellet grills are always a win for the following reasons:

  • Temperature regulation: With pellets, it’s easier to regulate temperature. Charcoal grills are manually operated, so you’ll have a hard time balancing the flames to the right amount of heat. 
  • Coal management: With charcoal grills, you can’t tell the right amount of coal you’ll need. So you have to open your grates occasionally to add more, especially if you plan to cook for long. On the other hand, pellets burn slower than coal. So with just enough added to your grill, you wouldn’t need to reopen the grates to add more.
  • Cleanliness: pellets are the less messy option. If you hate the black stains of charcoal getting on your hands, then pellet grills are the match for you.
  • Health concerns: charcoal grills produce thick black smoke that can cause health issues after prolonged exposure to it. 

Rec Tec vs Yoder: Full Comparison

General overview of Rec Tec vs Yoder grills

Both Yoder and Rec Tec grills present different features that make an efficient grill. But which one is more valuable?

Yoder grills are undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing. But on closer inspection,  they bring a cause of concern. The chromium plating is more prone to peeling and rusting over the years, compared to Rec Tec’s simple stainless steel design.

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After spending so much for a high-end grill, it’d be a shame to find pieces of your grill peeling into your meat.

Rec Tec’s design isn’t so perfect either. Though portability and affordability are offered on the table, they’re not the best options for cooking large quantities of meat.

In this section, we explore the comparisons between both brands to determine the overall winner.

Size and pellet capacity

When comparing the Rec Tec 700 vs Yoder YS640, Yoder grills are larger. The Yoder YS640S is 1,070 square inches in size, which makes it suitable for bulk cooking. Meanwhile, the Rec Tec RT-700 is a mere 702 square inches.

Though the Yoder seems monstrous, it only has the capacity for 20 pounds of pellets. The RT-700 has double that capacity as it can carry 40 pounds of pellets.

Winner: Yoder


The smallest sized Yoder grill weighs a solid 255 pounds. The largest is 1200 pounds, so there’s the guarantee of your grill standing the test of time. However, portability will be an issue.

Rec Tec grills maintain consistency in weight. Their grills are built to be portable. So they mostly don’t exceed 200 pounds. For example, the RT-590. It weighs just 160 pounds.

Winner: Rec Tec

Pricing and warranty

To show confidence in their products, Yoder packs a 6 to 10-year warranty along with every grill. It’s not something you see frequently with rival brands like Broil King that offer a minimum of 2 and 5 years warranty. 

However, the warranty coverage is inconsistent. It doesn’t cover every part of the grill. For example, the main cooking chambers are covered for 10 years, while the electronic cooling system is covered for 3 years. All other components are only covered for 6 months.

Another issue is that Yoder grills are on the pricey end. The largest Yoder grill, the YS640S, starts at $2,229 plus shipping. 

Meanwhile, the Recteq RT-700 starts at $1,617.78 and offers free shipping. It also has 6 years warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial like the rest. You can return the grill if it’s not to your satisfaction. 

Winner: Rec Tec

Where are they made?

Recteq grills aren’t entirely made in the USA, which is one drawback. Some of the parts are sourced from China, which is known for mass-producing low-quality products. 

But Recteq grills have proven to have exceptional quality. Though they may have been bought from China, Recteq brings the parts into the USA and assembles them there. 

On the other hand, Yoder grills are made in the USA, which is one advantage they have over Recteq grills.

Winner: Yoder

Winner: Rec Tec

It’s simple, really. Yoder grills are fancy to look at. But when you consider the costs, their ginormous sizes, and the value, Recteq grills are the more worthy options.

Rec Tec grills come as a complete package. But if you opt for a Yoder,  you’d have to buy your grill stand separately, including the meat probes for checking meat temperature. This is one factor that adds a bonus point to Rec Tec’s design and packaging. You get two meat probes along with your grill plus the stand after purchase.

If you’re on a tight budget, these are serious factors you’ll need to consider. Besides being cost-efficient, Recteq grills are also portable and offer more grilling modes than Yoder.

In the end, the buying choice is yours. We hope this Rec Tec vs Yoder review helps you choose the perfect grill.

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