Why do they put scissors in a pocket knife?

It’s a question that we have all asked at one time or another. Why would they put scissors in a pocket knife? The answer is actually quite simple! Scissors are included on a pocket knife so that you can cut things like a rope without having to carry around both items separately. scissors in a pocket knife

The scissors on the pocket knife is extremely useful for things like cutting rope, fishing line, and seatbelts. There are also some knives that have a blade on one side of the scissors where you can open up the blades to cut fabric or paper with ease.

And while there is no real answer as to why they put them in pocket knives specifically, what we do know for sure is that they’re extremely handy when it comes time to cut something without having two different items!

Don’t forget about other tools on your knives, such as screwdrivers or bottle openers. These tools might be able to help you get through day-to-day tasks more easily than trying to find another tool nearby.


Pocket knives are versatile tools that can be used for everything from opening packages to self-defense against wild animals or human attackers. They’ve come a long way since the first ones were made in ancient Egypt! But not everyone wants to carry around an extra knife when their phone is so much lighter and more accessible these days. That’s why there are also pocketknives with scissors built into them like Kershaw brand which specializes in creating useful everyday products designed as practical aids for people on the go!

Paul Goral

Paul Goral

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