Top 7 The Best White Induction Cooktop in 2023

Are you seeking for best white induction cooktop, if yes you are at the right place

Almost every modern kitchen has an induction cooktop, and the white ones are highly sought after for the luxury and elegance they offer. This gorgeous stovetop is in high demand and available in two options – built-in and portable.

White Induction Cooktop
white induction cooktop

Here’s the challenging part: these pure-white stunning induction stoves are hard to come by with only three major brands manufacturing these cooktops in the United States. Even worse, there are many factors to consider before making and not enough customer reviews to ease the decision process.

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What are induction cooktops?

These are appliances that use electricity to heat up the cooking vessel. They generate heat by passing an alternating electric current through planar coils of copper wire wrapped around a metal core.

The resultant current induces an oscillating magnetic field that in turn induces eddy currents in conducting material, like steel or iron (the very materials that most cooking vessels are made of) which then dissipates energy as heat.

This results in a very efficient method of cooking since only the pots are being heated, not the utensils or appliances surrounding them.

Also, induction cooktops use electromagnetism instead of thermal conduction to transfer heat from the heating element to your cookware so there is little wasted energy and they are capable of generating much higher temperatures than gas burners.

Another advantage is that you can adjust the level of heat being generated without having to turn off power – simply click on low, medium high, etc.

Cooktops also offer safety features such as automatic shut-off when pans are removed from below it; this is because once contact with the surface ceases (because you’ve taken the pot off the surface), no heat energy can be generated.

Why Use A White Induction Cooktop?

You can choose white appliances to blend in with your walls, cabinets, and countertops – but remember that they also need to go well with your other appliances! As mentioned above, white appliances are very clean looking compared to black ones because their materials reflect light better. This is great if you have a very sunny kitchen, but if your windows don’t receive much sun or you have dim lighting in general, black might be a better option.

Now, we’ve done the homework for you, and here’s a list of the top 7 best white induction cooktops on the market.

List of The 7 Best White Induction Cooktop Reviews in 2022

Top 1 – Breville|PolyScience Commercial Induction Cooking System

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System Product Review

+Commercial-grade build quality+Easy to use+Elegant design+Wide temperature range
The warranty seems to be valid only if used in a commercial kitchen

When it comes to an induction cooktop, the Breville|PolyScience ends up taking the first place for reasons not far-fetched. This model features the Control °Freak induction cooking system to measure, store and set the temperature for a precise cooking experience. This unit has a wide temperature range from 86 – 482 degrees F for nearly endless cooking possibilities.

Talking about its memory, the Breville|PolyScience can hold more than 300 cooking temperatures. To ensure you get an accurate temperature reading, this model employs a through-glass sensor to read the surface temperature directly. Also, it offers total control over the cooking temperature to heating speed – thanks to its intensity function.

This best white induction hob has a Create function that holds your everyday cooking parameter and recalls with one touch. This commercial cooker is engineered to perform at extreme temperatures without cutting out like the regular induction cooking system. This model’s Control Freak’s twin fan cooling system guarantees all-day frying or searing without a fuss.

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Top 2 – Goodful by Cuisinart OT1500GF One Top Induction & Sous Vide Cooker

Goodful by Cuisinart OT1500GF One Top Induction & Sous Vide Cooker

Goodful by Cuisinart OT1500GF One Top Induction & Sous Vide Cooker Product Review

+Easy to use+Wide temperature range+Versatile cooking function+Good quality and elegant design
Poor quality control

It’s best to cook precisely and not ruin your meal due to guesswork. Fortunately, we have got a product in mind; the Goodful by Cuisinart OT1500GF is an excellent option to eliminate guesswork when cooking.

This unit is equipped with a dual precision temperature tracking system for precise cooking and supports almost a wide range of cooking styles without needing any extra hardware. That’s not the best part; this cooking system is super easy to use. Users can control this white induction stove from their smartphones via Bluetooth. Hence, you don’t have to babysit this white induction cooktop.

What’s more? The Goodful by Cuisinart OT1500GF can reach up to 450 degrees F, making it perfect for slow ‘n’ low cooking.

Top 3 – Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner Product Review

+Durable and reliable induction range white+Perfect for small kitchens+Easy to clean+Even heat distribution
Poor quality control

Next on the list is the Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner. This model packs 1000W of power to guarantee quick heat up for fast cooking. It has adjustable temperature control with Low, Mid, High, Warm, and Off settings for easy use.

What’s more? This white induction cooktop comes with non-skid rubber feet and a cool-touch base for a wobble-free cooking experience. Furthermore, it has a power indicator light, so you don’t have to guess if the hot plate is on or not.

Thanks to its heavy-duty cast-iron flat heating plate, this model is a cinch to clean. Needless to say, it features a compact design that allows it to fit into any space on your countertop.

Top 4 – COVERCOOK Induction Cooktop 4 Booster Burners Electric Cooktop

COVERCOOK Induction Cooktop 4 Booster Burners Electric Cooktop

COVERCOOK Induction Cooktop 4 Booster Burners Electric Cooktop Product Review

+Constant cooking power+Touch control+Timer +4 cooktops
The child lock feature can be a little annoying

The cooktop is powered by a strong 1500-watt burner system which quickly heats up the cookware and reduces the cooking time. The 4 cooktops also come with a pan recognition feature and a ceramic glass top for a clean, sleek finish.

It also has 9 cooking levels, from boiling to deep frying. The digital touch control pad makes it easier to operate the cooktop without getting the batter stuck in the knobs. The Covercook Induction Cooktop has a timer feature of up to 99 minutes, and it will automatically turn off when the timer ends, making it safe to use in a house full of kids.

Lastly, the child safety lock feature makes it a safe cooktop for your children as well. You can simply press the lock button on display and be sure that a child cannot turn on the cooktop by accident.

Top 5 – Kenyon B49515 6-1/2-Inch Alpine 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop

Kenyon B49515 6-1/2-Inch Alpine 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop

Kenyon B49515 6-1/2-Inch Alpine 2-Burner Trimline Cooktop Product Review

+3-year product replacement guarantee+Does not require much space+Easy to carry and move+Quick burning system
No child safety lock

Specially built for home chefs, the Alpine 2 Burner Trimline Cooktop will give you the best cooking experience ever. The small size of the cooktop does not take up much space, which makes it a perfect fit for a small kitchen.

The cooktop has two burners that provide instant heat to quickly heat up the cookware, which shortens the cooking time as well. The cooktop is extremely lightweight, which makes it easier to move from the kitchen to your outdoor patio for a Sunday lunch.

Lastly, the traditional knobs are there to help you control the temperature of each stove. The knobs add a classic touch to the modern ceramic look. The cooktop comes with a 1200 watts burner system which makes it suitable for a lot of cooking styles, from frying to boiling, Alpine 2 Burner will not let you down.

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Top 6 – Nuwave pro-1800 watt highest-powered Induction cooktop

Nuwave pro 1800 watt highest-powered Induction cooktop

Nuwave pro 1800 watt highest-powered Induction cooktop Product Review

+Easy to use+Suitable for large pans and pots+Wide temperature range+Easy to transport
On the pricey side

The Nuwave pro-white induction cooker boasts quick, efficient heating and cooking. Its cooking surface is compatible with most types of cookware and works well with large-sized pans and pots.

This unit has an intuitive control panel with Digital LCD for convenient operation. This model looks elegant and adds style to your kitchen with its simple construction, pro-white diamond look, and ingenious features.

Furthermore, this model features pre-programmed temperature settings to take the guesswork out of your cooking. This induction cooktop comes with a user manual containing more than 50 recipes and a nylon carry case for easy transportation.

Top 7 – Whirlpool ACM 808/BA/WH Built-In Induction White Hob

+Reduce energy dissipation+Offers outstanding cooking results+Beautiful induction hob+Versatile cooking function
Not actually white

Earning a spot on our list of the best white induction cooktop is the Whirlpool ACM 808/BA/WH Built-In Induction White Hob. This model has a high-power heating element to deliver outstanding cooking performance with the least energy consumption.

Also, it has a front control panel for easy access to the control functions. It comes with four electric cooking zones, which makes it an excellent choice for busy home kitchens. With its cutting-edge induction technology, the Whirlpool ACM 808/BA/WH Built-In Induction White Hob makes cooking effortless. Plus, it ensures the cook and not the plate.

Factors to Choose The Best White Induction Cooktop?

For most people, cooking is one of the most favorite things in their daily life. With the invention of White Induction Cooktop, you can save your time in cooking and even enjoy with your family or friends together. There are tons of brands and models on the market to choose from: should be a tough job to find out the best induction stove for yourself.

However, we will make it easy for you by listing some key factors down here:

1- Size

The first thing should consider when choosing an induction cooktop is its size. How big it is? What shape do you want? Nowadays, there are four common sizes (5″, 5.6″, 6″, 8″) available on the market; Not only that but also you can choose what shape you want. There are round, square or even rectangular induction stove are available for users to pick up.

2- Type

The type of induction cooktop is another important factor you should consider before buying one. There are two different types of induction cooking surface. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the best option that suit your life style and your kitchen space well. They are ceramic glass top (CG) and metal disk top (MDT).

Ceramic glass top has a smooth cooking surface which clean easily with its nonstick coating material. You may find some scratches on it after several uses but it doesn’t affect anything at all because those scratches don’t touch induction zone inside the pot itself.

Because of their smooth surface, it is easier to wipe without any food left on the stove. Also, CG induction cooktop comes with a knob which makes you can control heat setting easily and precisely. This type represents an affordable option for those who may have a tight budget or limited space in their kitchen.

Metal disk top has a cooking surface made from stainless steel material . It allows users to set temperature using “Up/Down” buttons instead of knobs as other models do above.

But the disadvantage is if you drop your pot onto this metal plate, it will cause dents to appear on its surface as well as scratches. In that case, you need to spend more time cleaning them , not very easy for some people out there because it takes a little bit more effort to clean off the stains.

MDT is good for users who don’t have any budget limitation or can fit it perfectly in their kitchen space.

3- Settings

Every induction stove has its own range of temperature settings you need to know before buying one. There are some common ranges on induction cooktop available, which are 200°F – 450°F (93°C – 232°C) for low heat setting model, 200°F – 700°F (93°C – 371°C) for medium heat setting model or even higher than that.

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Knowing what type of cooking you want to do, it will help you choose the best option based on your needs and preferences. Also keep in mind that to get the most benefits of induction cooking, you should adjust your heat setting according to your recipes which can help you save energy.

4- Additional Features:

This is where it gets interesting because each induction stove offers different additional features that are not available on others.

For example, some models offer “Child safety lock” to keep them safe while others have several temperature settings for specific task like boiling water or frying food.

Keep in mind that pay more attention to extra features when making decision because they are not necessary but definitely helpful.

How does an induction cooktop work?

An induction cooktop is similar to a conventional electric or gas stove.
However, instead of the heat being produced by the element, it comes from electromagnetic currents induced in the cookware. When an alternating current flows through a wire, it creates a magnetic field around it and vice versa .

This basic concept is used in induction cooking. The cooktop consists of one or more coils of copper wire with power supplied by standard 15-amp outlets. An electromagnet forms when electricity flows through these coils and generates a magnetic field within them .

While this is taking place, metal pans placed on top of the coils will either absorb or reflect the energy depending if they’re ferromagnetic (iron, nickel and cobalt) or nonferromagnetic (stainless steel, gold and aluminum).

5- Brand:

There are several major brands on the market that offer induction cooktop and their prices range varies from each other. They go along with better quality at a higher price point.

6- Price:

You should consider how much you can spend on an induction stove before making your final decision to buy one. Keep in mind that each brand has different price points for their products as well as special offers available at certain times.

7- Quality & Quantity Of Induction Zone Plate Surface:

This is where it gets interesting because there are several different types of surface materials used to build this part, which depend on manufacturers’ preference.

8- Warranty:

Even though this factor doesn’t rank high on our list, however, you should always consider looking for an induction stove with good warranty terms before buying one The best warranty term if 1 year.

FAQS About White Induction Cooktop

  1. What is the best brand of induction cooktop?
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • GE

2. What are the disadvantages of induction cooker?

  • Induction cookers can’t be used on glass tops.
  • They don’t heat up as quickly as traditional gas or electric cookers.
  • You can’t use them with a metal pot or pan because it will damage the cooker’s surface.

3. How Long Does an Induction Cooktop Last

It’s important to have an induction cooktop that can last for 10 thousand hours, but 30 000 hour units are also available and they should be chosen according the type of cuisine you will use it in.

A decent consumer grade unit operating at 7 bars on a scale from 1-10 typically lasts around 8 – 9 years before needing replacement while commercial kitchen models usually go through about 3 times as many runs over 20 000 or 300+ hrs depending upon model


The best white induction cooktop is the one that meets your needs. When deciding on a new appliance, you want to make sure it matches your budget and fits in with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

This way, when people come over for dinner they’ll be impressed by what you have to offer as well as how easy cooking can be!

We hope this blog post has helped you understand which features are important before purchasing an White Induction Cooktop so you can purchase confidently knowing exactly what will work for your home.

Let us know if we could help answer any other questions about these products or anything else related to our expertise in kitchens and home improvement projects!

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