What does x mean on a pocket knife?

What does X mean on a pocket knife? The X is a symbol that represents quality. This small detail, while not the most important for functionality, is an indicator of how well-made your knife is.

The X on the pocket knife indicates it has passed the heating test. This means that when the blade is heated up, it will not warp or experience any other changes to its shape.

X mean on a pocket knife

Knives sometimes have XX on them, which means they were double-checked and tested for heat and tampering (meaning no one could tamper with your knife).

The XX knives are a symbol of superior quality because they are made using higher-quality steel than most pocket knives. They also undergo more extensive testing before going into production and their blades can be resharpened over time without losing structural integrity, while single xxx blades tend to need replacement after continued use due to warping from normal wear and tear.

Wrap it up: The X on a pocket knife is used to signify the quality of steel that has been used in the blade. High-quality stainless steel will have an X stamped onto it, while carbon steel may not be marked with any symbol at all.

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