Outdoor Griddles Made in USA: A Guide [Gas & Electric]

An outdoor griddle is a wide, flat cooking surface that is made of cast iron, stainless, or rolled steel. The surface is usually heated with gas burners or through an electric outlet. It’s like a flat-top grill!

Apart from the nitty-gritty about griddles, many people wonder if there are any USA-made griddles.

Let’s find out!

Which Griddles Are Made in the USA?

American-made griddles are good to have because you’re not only supporting the country, but you have quick and easy access to parts or repairs when needed. Plus, outdoor griddles made in the USA can get you great deals and discounts.

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Fire Magic

outdoor griddles made in USA firemagic

Firemagic Grills E660I-0T3N

Firemagic Grills E660I-0T3N Product Review

+A wide cooking area+Stainless-steel burners+Drip collector that catches grease into the drip pan+The griddle cover can be removed+Hot surface ignition paired with control knobs for two-zone cooking

Fire Magic is made by individuals who want the best for their outdoor grilling space. These grills are manufactured in California. Every grill and griddle made by Fire Magic is made with immense passion by their team of skilled craftsmen. They specialize in outdoor grilling luxuries.

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They claim their warranties are the best in the game, but you should double-check the website since different series can have different warranties.

Their griddles are made with a high standard of materials and heavy gauge stainless stains. These products show a good eye for detail and design while having impeccable construction and durability for all your grilling needs.

Fire Magic’s products perform at high temperatures for a long time in any outdoor grilling area. Their griddles give you amazing performance and cooking versatility.

Their best griddle is the Echelon E660i(s) Gourmet Griddle, which is perfect for your outdoor kitchen.  


usa made griddles

Profire Professional Series 36 Inch Propane Gas Grill - Built-in

Profire Professional Series 36 Inch Propane Gas Grill – Built-in Product Review

+In versatile cooking, you can cook, steam, sear, and sauté on a wide, non-stick surface.+It has even heating, the elements are built into the aluminum cooking surface, which gives you consistent temperatures.+Stainless steel lid allows you to steam food.+Temperature control with the knob and precise temperatures between 150°F and 450ºF.

Wolf grills are made by Sub-Zero, which is situated in Los Angeles. They are known for their heavy-duty stainless steel and high-quality designed grills. They offer uniform heat distribution and double-wall configuration, making them a good investment in your outdoor space.

The brand is manufactured to withstand weather conditions while being rust and corrosion-proof. Their grills use two types of heat, direct and radiant, giving you the perfect temperature for grilling.

Direct heat from the gas burners gives you high, searing conditions and quick preheating, while radiant heat maintains and distributes the heat evenly.

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Their best griddle is the Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle. Although it is an indoor griddle, it’s also a good addition to your outdoor kitchen.


what are the usa made griddles

ProFire grills are proudly made in Butler, Wisconsin, and as the website says, its beauty goes beyond its appearance. Their grills have precision engineering with high-quality materials. ProFire grills give you almost lifetime performance and reliability.

Their grills can be built in brick or stone enclosures or mounted on a stainless-steel cart. The company allows you to completely customize your outdoor kitchen. With this, you can find a good quality griddle pan made in the USA.

You can make your food easily and effectively with an outdoor flavor without worrying about it sticking or burning.

Their best griddle pan is the PFGRIDDLE36 which can fit both 36 and 48. grills


Are Cuisinart grills made in the USA?

Yes. The Fulham Group manufactures its products in Newton, MA. They are focused on designing, developing, and marketing great products in the grilling categories.

Are Presto griddles made in the USA?

Yes. Presto griddles are made in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The company is a leading manufacturer of griddles and other small electrical appliances.

Is Bruntmor cast iron made in the USA?

No, Bruntmor cast iron is manufactured in China. Although it’s made in another country, the product is well-built with PFOA and PTFE-free coating over the cast iron.

Are Nexgrills made in the USA?

No. Although the headquarters are in Chino, California, their products are made in China. However, Nexgrills are a great source of stainless steel, cast aluminum, and cast-iron products, catering to your budget.

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