How to Use a Smoker Box on a Gas Grill And Charcoal Grill?

Do you want to know how to use a smoker box for grills? A smoker box is an item that can be used in conjunction with your grill, oven, or stove. The meat must be cooked correctly for safety reasons; using a smoker box will help get more flavor out of the food while cooking. 

There are many types of smoker boxes on the market today, and they come in different shapes and sizes, so consumers need to find one that works best with their cooking preferences.

You should always read instructions carefully before using any product like this. Here are some great tips about how to use a smoker box?

how to use a smoker box
use a smoker box
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1. What is a smoker box?

Some people say that an essential thing to have in your kitchen is a smoker. I am not one of them, but it might be because my knowledge of how these work and what they do for you is limited. What’s inside? Smoke! You know all those delicious smells coming out when someone cooks up some barbeque or hamburgers at home? That comes from this little boxy accessory we call “smokers.” 

A firebox can also serve as an offset drum found on smokers where wood chunks are placed while smoking which will eventually produce smoke once heated by combustion with flames burning high enough, so oxygen flows through it causing fuel molecules to collide together, releasing energy resulting finally into gas particles allowing us humans enjoy their aroma rather than smell nothingness.

Different Types of Smoker Boxes 


Smoker boxes can be used to create a richer flavor and more intense smokiness. Some shapes, such as round or V-shaped ones, are designed for direct mounting between the flame diffusers under your gas grill grate. Others like flat steel slats with legs on each side allow you to smoke food from multiple sides of it without modifying its shape in any way whatsoever! 

The advantage is that these smoker boxes offer increased surface area, so less wood needs to be used during the smoking process, reducing the risk of burning too much excess fuel before cooking time has finished.

Additionally, they act like mini ovens helping keep foods cooked inside satisfyingly moist by adding moisture via steam produced when the heat source cooks items at the bottom-up closer temperature zone where proteins tissues start converting.

Over Grate:

These smoker boxes are rectangular and it comes with a flat or slightly rounded surface. They may also be made from stainless steel like under-grate smoker metal and come in different forms such as pouches for fastening to grates using clips; grids that attach directly onto your firebox door by way of magnets.

Hence, you don’t have any gaps when cooking at high heat levels (perfect if there’s no vent); trays that fit atop regular size range nicely without blocking airflow into smaller ovens.


A disposable smoker box is made of aluminum foil, so it can only be used once. However, you could make it at home in the easiest way ever- by making pans and lids with holes poked through them or covering your container using a sheet pan covered by an aluminum lid if not having any ready to go on hand! 

Ensure that there isn’t too much space between each hole because you don’t want smoke escaping from beneath – but large enough gaps for airflow when smoking food like brisket (which needs more ventilation).

Wood chips may also help pass through burners better if needed; place some inside before lighting the grill up to high heat, setting 3/4 turn clockwise until all red embers have disappeared.


A free-standing smoker box is a type of BBQ pit that can be used just about anywhere – in your backyard, camping trip, or even on an RV’s exterior grill. These smokers often come with their carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about any messy spills when traveling from location A to B! 

The most significant models are made specifically for use under cooking grates (meaning they won’t burn anything if placed directly onto the burner) and typically will hold more pellets than other types due to their larger size, which requires more miniature wood chips per session.

This makes using them easier since there’s never any need to find some extra firewood before getting started because who has time?

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Why use a smoker box?

A smoker box is a small, safe metal container that you can use to protect your wood from getting too hot. The best way to work well and release a rich flavor is when burned at 550-750 degrees Fahrenheit (or 229 Celsius). 

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You should never place cooked food directly on the coals because this could cause them to reach over 750°F. However, a good idea would be using one in cooking certain foods such as salmon or chicken breasts where it’s desirable to have even heat all across, so placing an insulating layer between these two elements like a water pan works great!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add smoke flavor and a richer, more game-like experience when cooking on your backyard grill or smoker, then the best thing is already at hand: use one of our specially designed smoker boxes. These durable cases can fit in almost all types, so there’s no need to buy another device!

The box will provide what other items don’t by adding smokiness with minimal effort and being reusable time after time without needing much care – if any at all (slight cleaning required).

2. How to use a smoker box?

Step 1: Put wood chips in the smoker box.

Place dry wood chips. Some people prefer to soak their chips beforehand, reducing the risk of catching fire and exposure; however, modern smoker boxes are unnecessary as they do not feature holes on the bottom, so there’s no chance for direct flame contact!

Step 2: Keep the smoker box closed to the heat source

Set up the wood chip-filled smoker box closed to the heat source. On charcoal barbecues, you should place them directly on top of burning coals. Gas grills require an additional step in which a burner is turned up at maximum level for best results!

It’ll take some time before smoke starts coming out, so make sure your grill has enough fuel by turning all four burners on high when lighting up those ribs or brisket.

Step 3: Barbecuing meat

To start a smoker, you’ll want to adjust your burner. Once it has started producing smoke and begins heating, the meat box on top will be cooked by then!

Throw away any leftover fat or grease from earlier in the cooking process before throwing anything else into the fire pit because these fuels can cause flare-ups that could burn down everything around them (including yourself).

For, how to use a Nexgrill smoker box and how to use a Dyna Glo smoker box? It is almost the same as the general step above. However, you should carefully check the manual instructions of these smoker boxes before using them. 

Once I knew how hot my smoking box got during use – even after hours had passed when no one was using their grill yet. I found myself saving fuel consumption AND food quality time & again by cleaning out all dirtiest areas with soap and water mixture whenever necessary.

Step 4: Refill wood chips

Unfortunately, the wood chips in your smoker may burn out before you are finished cooking. So you’ll need to refill them so that they can continue to provide their delicious smoke flavor for as long an amount of time as needed!

Luckily with a couple of tools and some simple steps, it’s easy enough when this happens, all while being careful not to get burned by hot oil or fire. 

First, grab heat-resistant tongs or gloves (I recommend both), then open up your BBQ box next to make sure there isn’t any liquid spilling, and open the smoker box to refill woo chips and put the box back on the barbecue. 

How to use a smoker box on a gas grill

For the best indirect smoking experience, make sure to preheat your gas grill and set up a smoker box or disposable aluminum foil. Then load it with soaked wood chips made from pellets that are appropriate for use on this type of stovetop cooking appliance (we’ll talk about them later). 

Finally, when everything starts smoking away, put out all extra burners until you reach temperatures anywhere between 220F-250 degrees Fahrenheit to give off enough smoke without burning anything – unless someone likes their meat burnt!

Smoke the food until it reaches 160F. You might need more wood chips if they stop producing enough smoky aroma for you!

How to use a smoker box on a charcoal grill

Here are the steps:

Put your wood chips or pellets in the smoker box and shut it properly without overloading since this can prevent you from closing the lid properly. Next, place them above whatever grill appliance will be used (under an open grate works best).

When using charcoal as fuel, place it right next to where they would traditionally light up coals instead of directly below if possible; preheat by turning the temperature high enough until starting smoking.

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As the smoke billowed from my smoker, I placed the meat into it. Once at 160 degrees Fahrenheit, kill that heat and open up your smoking compartment.

Hence, you can remove any smoldering wood chips before letting foods rest for 5 to 10 minutes with a more excellent full of ice water nearby just in case they need re-freezing after being taken out fresh from its cold cure bath.

Setting Up the Smoker Box

Arrange the wood chips in the smoker box. If you’re using a gas grill, soak them first before they catch on fire!

When not using dry wood for smoking food (recommended), place some water with oil or fat over it to prevent flare-ups when cooking at high temperatures like 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Those who prefer smokeless fires and don’t have access to natural lump charcoal as an alternative fuel source. Try pellets explicitly made from hardwood sawdust mixed with corn syrup vegetable oil wax paper of other plant byproducts, peanut butter cedar shavings; balsa wood coffee grounds used crumbs, etc.

Shedding will produce minimal ash because most commercial pellet burners are machines.

To start smoking food, set the smoker box as close to your heat source as possible. When using a gas grill, this means placing it on top of one or more burners and turning them up high so they’re boiling (10 minutes). It can take longer for collectors than other types of charcoal because there isn’t much airflow between them. 

However, you should still leave room under where pieces will go during their final phase before being cooked by closing off some airspace with something solid like an aluminum foil tent-pole model, which creates just enough humidity without making things too wet inside but not too dry either!

Heating steel wool over direct flame is another excellent way to create that smoky flavor we all know AND love from BBQ.

What is the best wood chip for a smoker box?

If you want to smoke your meats, but don’t know where to start with the many options of wood chips available, have a quick guide. There are three main types:

Oak for sweeter flavors like apple or cherry woods; hickory which has deep flavor and can be used year-round because it was smoking hot much more quickly than other kinds while still providing good taste when cooked on its own (think grilled burger).

Mesquite is often preferred by those who live in hotter regions as their meat will come out moister than if smoked using another type since this kind doesn’t produce any heat during combustion.

This passage provides basic information about setting up the smoker at home.

  1. Pecan

Pecan wood chips have a sweet and nutty flavor profile that is best suited for use with poultry, but they can be used on most meats.

  1. Oak

Oakwood is ideal for a medium smoky flavor. They can be used in place of apple or mesquite when you want that signature barbecue taste.

However, not their intense heat and ashiness add more dimensionality to your food’s flavors while still offering some good ol’ fashioned smokey goodness! Excellent for lamb, beef, sausages, and briskets. 

  1. Apple

The app flavor is mild with a sweet aftertaste. The wood burns slowly, so the smoke takes about 2 hours to permeate your meaty treats! Applewood has a mild flavor that many types of meat can enjoy. 

It’s best smoked for pork and chicken and works well with other breeds, such as a wild birds. Smokers need to take note before lighting up their fires – Applewood burns slowly, which means it will take quite some time before you start seeing any change in temperature or color from your food!

  1. Alder

Alder wood chips are perfect for smoking salmon, but i’s also good for types of fish. In addition, the lightly sweet flavor makes these the perfect match for your next outdoor barbecue!

  1. Cherry

Barbecue fans love cherry wood chips for their sweet and fruity flavors. The most common pairing it with chicken, turkey, or ham also works well on the beef brisket to give it that extra something special!

  1. Grapevine

The sharp, tart flavor of these wood chips works well with lamb and pork. However, the grapevine also provides a strong taste, so use it sparingly if you’re cooking for just yourself or someone who doesn’t like their food too intensely seasoned; otherwise, this would make an excellent choice during game night!

  1. Mesquite

Mesquite is an excellent addition to any smoker. It has an earthy flavor that pairs well with red meats, and the intense taste can be enjoyed all in moderation!

4. Tip for using a smoker box

Brisket is a star of the BBQ world, and for good reason. There are so many ways to cook this tender cut that it’s hard not to find your favorite! But what about when you want cold meat straight from the fridge?

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Keep these tips in mind next time: Cold meats will absorb smoke much better than room temperature foods; keep the lid closed while smoking or all those delicious flavors could escape before getting absorbed into every bite.

5. Best Smoker box’s features

The best smoker boxes are made of high-quality metals. They protect your investment and prevent warping or melting, which will save you the hassle of having to replace them more often!

Mentioning material also tells us that we can expect this item’s durability because it has been improved upon over time with newer technology like steel vs. cast iron; in layman’s terms, “cast iron box lasts longer.”

One thing to note about the design of a smoker box is that they should have fixed holes not only for proper flow but also because ash can escape and land on your meat.

A smoker box is essential for when you want to smoke food, and without one, it will be difficult. This could cause the wood chip ash that gets stuck in there and juices or fats running down from what’s being cooked above, so they need cleaning too!

There are many types of smokers on the market, but if you don’t have time to research which one is best for your barbeque needs, there’s no need. These handy boxes will keep all supplies neatly organized and easy to reach so that when guests come over, they can enjoy great food without having trouble using their equipment!

7. Where to Buy Smoker Boxes?

For smokers, boxes and wood chips in some kitchen tools stores are very convenient and available on many commerce sites such as Amazon or Walmart. 

FAQs about ” How to use a smoker box on a gas or charcoal grill”

How to use weber smoker box, also for Nexgrill, Dyna Glo smoker box

With the Weber Smoker Box, you can add a whole new dimension to cooking on your barbecue.
Using the smoker boxes set and piling up coals around it, food will be smoked with wood instead of gas or charcoal fires – giving off their distinctive flavors that are perfect for meats like fish!

1. You need to prepare a smoker box set to make sure that weber fireplace wood chips fill both smoker boxes. Soak wood chips and stir them to make sure it gets wet in 30 minutes. Fill the box with wood chips.
2. Set up Weber for smoking 
3. Preheating and smoking on your weber 
4. Smoking with weber

Should you soak smoking chunks?

Soaking wood chips before adding them to your smoker box is unnecessary and takes much longer for the smokestack. The water-soaked, wet pieces of smoking material will take about twice as long as dry ones – and this can add up if you’re doing it often enough!

If you still want to soak, here is how can you do that:

First, use whatever you have that will impact the flavor of your wood chips- most people use hot water, but if lemon juice or another citric acid-based ingredient is preferred, then, by all means, go for it! Wood can even be cooked in alcohol like beer to add more depth.

Soak your wood chips: The longer you soak, the stronger the smoke flavor and better aroma will be. For example; 15 minutes with wine or an hour-long period when water is used as a base for this process will provide more than enough time before they lose effectiveness in their desired task.

Maintain cleanliness when cooking with spices: Don’t let them touch surfaces other than metal bowls or pans. This can transfer immense amounts of bacteria from one place to another through steel utensils if not appropriately cleaned after handling raw meat!

Once the soaking time is up, drain your wood chips and allow them to drip dry until they aren’t dripping liquid any longer.

Are the smoker boxes worth it?

Not only do smoker boxes add a fantastic flavor to meats and vegetables, but they also allow you the freedom of using different woods that would otherwise not be available on your grill.
However, before adding any kindling or coal, make sure there’s enough room for them inside so as long it’s tightly packed around, these items will stay lit without getting out of control!

Use a Smoke Box on the Barbecue


 Now you know how to use a smoker box on a gas or charcoal grill and even more! It’s time to try it out!

The best smoker box suits your needs and helps you achieve the desired taste in food. If you’re looking for a smoker box for a gas grill, we recommend the Char-Broil brand because it’s made of high-quality materials.

You can also get theirs with or without an ash catcher to suit what works best for your kitchen!

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