How To Grill On Gas Stove?

Grilling on a stove is one of the best ways to grill indoors. With grills, you have to worry about the weather and if your house has enough room for it. But with a stovetop, you can cook up some delicious food without having to go through any of that hassle!

This blog post will teach you how to grill on your stovetop in easy steps. Read on and learn all about it!

how to grill on stove
Grill On Stove

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How To Grill On Gas Stove

Why gas grills are a good idea for grill on stove?

Gas grill has a lot of benefits over charcoal and propane. Most people think that it is not so tough to cook on gas stove, but there can be more advantages than you may think. The fact is that gas grills have some very important features, such as even heat distribution that make them the easiest ones to use among charcoal and propane grills.

Before jumping right into the steps on how to grill on stove, we need to clarify what tools and kitchen appliances can help us grill on stove at ease.

What Do You Need?

If you want to grill on stove, you surely need a stove. Another thing you should have is a grill pan or a skillet.

You might prepare paper towels, a tong, aluminum foil, and a brush for oil application and cleaning the grill pan after using it.

Now, let’s get started.

Grill On Stove
Cast-Iron Grill Pan

Set Up Grill Pan Or Skillet On Your Stove

The first thing you need to do is arrange the grill pan or the skillet on the stove. In case the grill pan is just right on one stove, place it evenly until you firmly set its place. 

If the grill pan is too long, you can put it on two stoves evenly to receive the same heat from the stoves.

One piece of advice for you on making your food look visually delicious is that you can use a cast-iron grill pan as this type of pan keeps the heat better and creates typical grill marks for your food. 

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But if cast-iron grill pan is not available to you, you can refer to a skillet or a usual grill pan- something that can not give your food the grill marks.

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Marinating The Foods or Meat

To make the food more delicious, you can not miss the marinating part.

The recipes for seasoning are numerous based on different preferences of the cook. But one simple seasoning recipe that you can apply for all the grilled food is to add a little salt to infuse the taste. 

You might want to use some herbs as well to increase the flavor of the food. But do not overuse them because the smell of these herbs can overwhelm the typical smell of any grilled food.

Grill On Stove
Marinating The Food Is Important

Heat Up Grill Pan

After setting the grill pan firmly on the stove and seasoning your food, you can turn the stove on to heat the grill pan. I recommend you set the mode of the stove in the medium heat at the beginning because if you set the heat too high or too low, the meat, for example, can not be cooked evenly.

Setting the stove at medium-high mode for about 5-6 minutes is a good choice because the amount of time is just right to preheat the pan, not burning it.

One trick to check if the pan is hot enough for cooking or not is that you can use a spoon to take a little water and then put the water on the heating pan. If you hear the sizzling sound and see the water evaporate right away, the grill pan is ready to use.

Oil Application To Avoid Sticking

Prepare any vegetable oil with you first. And dip the paper towel in the oil. With a pair of tongs in your hand, you grab the oiled paper towel and rub it on the surface of the grill pan.

Do not rub the oil harshly on the grill pan’s surface because by doing this, you can leave some kind of dirt on your pan- something might ruin the look and taste of the food.

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Dry The Food

In this step, you have probably completed marinating your ingredients, right? So it is time to dry it. You can use a brush to dry all the water on your food. 

Do not forget to brush away the garlic or any kind of herb on the surface of your food. By doing so, these pieces of stuff will not get burned while grilling.

Grill on gas stove

The process of grilling on gas stove is pretty simple if you know the procedure.

First, you need to start your grill. Then wipe the grates with a dish towel soaked in hot water so that they are clean and rust-free.

Set the temperature at 400 degrees F and position your food on it as close to the flame as possible without burning yourself or falling into the fire. Otherwise, you can use a metal spatula that will keep your hands away from heat while allowing you to move food around over direct heat without damaging them.

Use tongs to flip foods when needed for even cooking.

How long does it take to grill on gas stove?

For instance, mixing green beans with cherry tomatoes takes about 15 minutes on gas stove.

You can grill thin cut of steak that is 1/4″ thick in about five minutes; however, to get a medium done you need to wait for 10-15 minutes.

Pizzas take roughly six minutes on each side and eight if you’re going for an extra crispy crust. Hard vegetables such as potatoes or fresh peppers take longer time, but they don’t burn themselves and also do not lose their moisture over heat very rapidly so they won’t dry out at the same speed as soft veggies.

How do you cook a steak on a electric stove top?

The process of cooking a steak on electric stove top is simple.

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and add butter or olive oil into baking dish or cast iron skillet. Use cast iron when you have the time for it because they really do retain heat well, which is why it is so popular with folks who like to barbecue.

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To cook a steak on an electric range you will need to set your burner at its highest setting but then reduce the power slightly by turning the dial down until you get a rolling boil, while adjust temperature as needed according to how hot the pan gets in order not to overdo the sear.

What kind of foods is best for grilling on a gas stove?

The best foods to grill on a gas stove include thick meats like steak, hamburger or chicken as well as kebab and vegetables such as eggplants and peppers.

In addition, the delicious culinary experience in grilled food is due to its nice smoked flavor that gives you strong aroma of meat, fish or vegetable cooked over appropriate temperature without burning.

How to clean up after cooking with a gas stove ?

Cleaning up after using the gas stove requires you to wipe grease off of grates and burners with a rag dipped in hot soapy water.

Wipe the burner knobs and turn them upside down to dry before storing your grill in some place that is cool and dry – preferably you should have a grill cover for it, otherwise hang it from hooks or put it in a storage box by covering it with kitchen towels

Grill On Stove
Dirty On A Grill Pan


I hope this guide has helped you learn how to grill on gas stove. If so, feel free to share it with friends and family who may also be interested in trying out a new cooking method! Now that we’ve covered the basics of grilling indoors, let’s talk more about what equipment you might need for your indoor grill.

Thanks for reading!


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