Difference Between Grill and Convection Microwave Oven

With this article, I am going to dive into the difference between grill and convection microwaves.  

Microwave ovens have many different types. Grill microwaves use a metal mesh to distribute the heat, whereas convection microwave ovens circulate heated air with fans. Each type has its own set of pros and cons.

Difference Between Grill and Convection Microwave Oven
Grill and Convection Microwave Oven

If you consider purchasing a new grill or convection microwave, this blog post will help guide your decision. We have provided the different types of grills and microwaves available on the market today to help make an educated purchase. Be sure to read through my tips before making any purchases!

What is a convection microwave? 

Like the one you’ll find in a convection oven, Convection microwaves are perfect for people who love to cook but don’t want two different appliances. It combines both grilling and conventional microwave functions into just one appliance! 

The hot air flows around inside this type of cooking device, which helps quickly heat food while avoiding costly repairs due to using separate devices to do each job. Convective thermal convection occurs when heated particles meet with cooler ones; usually at temperatures lower than those found outside your house.

The convection microwave oven is a better option for those who want their food cooked in less time. 

The hot air comes from the oven chamber, which has lower temperatures than what you would find with an ordinary conventional heating element or Teflon plate inside of it; this means that without circulating through pipes and vents like other types of cooking methods do – such as radiation microwaves. 

Benefits of convection microwave

  • Available for cooking all different types of dishes, even crisped and baked foods
  • Run Faster than the stove
  • Avoid the problem of uneven cooking
  • Save energy 

Drawbacks of convection microwave

  • More expensive than grill microwave
  • The inside temp can be reduced when the door is opened, and it affects timing and cooking result
  • The wall is easy to get dirty, require frequent cleaning

What is a grill microwave

A Grill oven is more advanced than normal or solo ones. It has features that allow it to cook food, such as reheating and defrosting; some can even roast ingredients! Some models also have options for browning meat before putting it on top of rice in case you need an extra touch (definitely not something we could do with just our standard kitchen appliance!). 

A wide variety means plenty of cooking methods are available, so whether you’re craving pizza pocket justice or trying out Thai cuisine tonight. Everything will be cooked fresh when served up right at home using this fantastic little machine called “the grill.” Now, if only they made one big enough.

Benefits of grill microwave

  • For broader variety cooking compared with solo type
  • Can grill food such as BBQ
  • Used with no the microwave function
  • Simpler to clean than the BBQ grill
  • Faster than the BBQ GRILL
  • Get the best cooking grill lines with the metal rack


  • Can reheat the only grill and defrosts 
  • The metal grill features might take up more space
  • The components require extra cleaning.
  • It’s not easy to regulate the temp, so you might need to modify food to prevent undercooking or burning.

Types of microwave ovens

Solo microwave ovens

The solo microwave is the simplest type of oven, perfect for reheating and cooking. It cannot do anything but cook food in it; there are no extra features or designs that can make this appliance more appealing to anyone except those who want a simple device they know how to use well without any confusion!

Built-in Microwave ovens

Microwaves are a great way to heat food in the microwave quickly; they’re also designed for cabinetry cutouts so you can avoid all that cluttering up your kitchen.

Other range of microwave ovens

If you want a small space, then an over-the-range microwave oven is the perfect answer. With their ability to fit under your stove and provide ample cooking room, it’s no wonder these units are popular among homeowners with limited countertops!

4. Difference between Grill and Convection Microwave Oven

Difference between grill and convection microwave oven comparison

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CharacteristicsGrill microwaveConvection microwave
TechnologyCombo grilling, eco-mode, Power grillingTempered glass, inverter technology, sensor cooking
UsesReheats, pasta, defrost, roasts ,grill food, cook riceReheats, roasts, grills, crisps, bake, and versatile dishes, defrost, browns
PowerFrom 900 to 1700WFrom 1200 to 2200W
PriceMore expensive than solo typeMore expensive than others
TemperatureNeed to monitor the cooking process & manually change temperatureAutomatically modify temperature when optimum level is reached
Extra FeaturesRadiant heating, magnetronRadiant heating, and a fan, magnetron
Difference between grill and convection microwave oven short comparison

Grill microwaves are the perfect appliance for those who want to toast bread quickly, grill their food or melt cheese at the touch of a button. Grill models have additional features like metal grates that raise foods near the radiant heating element so they can be cooked evenly and quickly with just one press!

The grill microwave provides you with features that allow for roasting meat and vegetables. This is convenient because it takes the hassle out of heating your coals, firing up a BBQ Grill, or bringing in an electric lot to do all those things! 

The price difference may not seem as drastic when looking at other “better” products, but this particular type can only bake food. Also, no fan evenly distributes heat like traditional microwaves, so they’re better suited to cooking than thawing ice packs (as seen above).

A convection microwave oven is a perfect addition to your home. This appliance can do it all! Leave food out on skewers and turn them at will, or cook evenly without worrying about over-cooking certain items like meatloaves. 

Thanks to its excellent feature set that includes a grill function for those who enjoy grilling their food again and heating leftovers in no time flat. All while saving dollars from having three appliances instead of just one expensive monster machine.

A convection microwave oven is a more efficient way to cook tasty goodies because the hot air distributes heat evenly throughout your food. With an ordinary machine, you have limited options and may not be able to do some things like grilling or baking, which require different temperatures for different results to get them right.

Features of grill and convection microwave

  •  Grill microwave

With the ability to use both a grill and microwave, this appliance is perfect for any size household. It has several features that will help you cook your meal faster, like an eco mode, so it doesn’t overheat or break anything while cooking stainless steel dishes!

The power grill feature allows you to use only the grill, which may take longer than using a combo. However, if your food is cooked with stunning grill lines and has a fantastic caramelized sear that’s hard to achieve without this mode, then there is no reason not to try it out! 

The eco-mode consumes less electricity while still giving off those delicious smells we all love about barbecuing on high heat.

  • Convection microwave

Mostly the features of a solo and grill oven one comes in a convection microwave. 

In addition, most have premium glass doors, sensor heating technology that turns off when it senses food is ready instead of heat from sitting around longer than needed (especially important for bread). Inverter tech, which helps reduce cooking time by converting electricity into waves. Hence, you don’t overheat your kitchen appliances!

Modern convection ovens are great for cooking food you’re unfamiliar with, as they have an option that automatically selects the right temperature. However, it’s also wise to monitor their progress and see when it is ready by visually checking your dish or using another method like sticking a toothpick into it if necessary!


Grill microwaves are great for heating food, drinks, and more. They can be used to make popcorn or rice while also reheating your dinner leftovers! Grillers come with a wide range of cooking abilities so that you’re sure to find something perfect in this category – no matter what kind of griller’s favorite foods are on hand at home.

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They may not bake like an oven, but if there is one thing we know about today’s busy lifestyles, it’s excess fuel consumption (not least because too many people rely heavily upon processed foods). So it might seem illogical then why do some homeowners instead spend extra money upgrading their kitchens by purchasing both types? 

The Convection Microwave can do all things. The convection style cooks faster than traditional models, from cooking your favorite foods and desserts in the oven to browning bread for sandwiches!


The grill microwave is usually more powerful and has a bigger capacity than the regular microwaves; it is from 900 to 1700watts. 

They are also better at cooking, which helps you achieve the right flavor for your food since it can be difficult sometimes when using a standard one-touch setting on some foods or heating things up too much in general because there’s not enough power. To do so without burning them down!

The convection microwave is usually more powerful and has a bigger capacity than the grill microwave from 1200 to 2200w.

They are also better at cooking, which helps you achieve the right flavor for your food since it can be difficult sometimes when using a standard one-touch setting on some foods or heating things up too much in general because there’s not enough power. To do so without burning them down!


  • Grill microwave

Its placement can be your kitchen’s countertop, installed over a stove range, or mounted inside cabinet units. Over-the-range microwaves have additional features like lights and fans to help you cook better-looking meals in style! 

These ovens come with their unique design that will ensure food is always cooked perfectly every time without creating messes too messy for anyone. 

However, the chef who made it happen – us here at Best Buy kitchens love these things because not only do they save space, when chefs use them instead of full-size ranges, everything stays cleaner than ever before.

It is similar to the grill microwaves; convection ones can be placed on countertops or over-the-range. These bigger models are usually seen in commercial kitchens where space is at a premium and food preparation needs to happen quickly without leaving scorch marks behind.

A small number of homeowners use them for cooking dinner parties with friends. However, most people who have this appliance installed within their homes generally find themselves using it as more than just one frying pan. 

At the same time, they prepare meals during busy weeknights when everyone is tired after work but still wants something tasty waiting inside the door. Awaiting consumption!


The grill microwave is a small range of ovens with the capability to cook food. They can hold up from 1 & 2,5 cubic ft, which typically accommodates 26-32 liters of your meal or entrée preference in size!

Convection microwaves are better for cooking food than regular ones because of their convection function. The amount that these ovens can hold depends on the manufacturer, make and model you have, but it’s usually between 20-38 liters with a max capacity of around two cubic feet or more!

How to use grill and convection microwave

Grill microwave

– To turn your grill on, press 1 for low power and 2 or 3 if you want high.

– For a perfect presentation, use the dial to select your preferred grilling time.

– There’s an ‘add timer’ button if you need to add time for standing.

– Close your oven door. Unlike when using the grill, it needs to be shut tightly for this operation so that no heat escapes and will escape from other parts of the machine if opened too soon after use!

(Close both doors before anything else happens to protect yourself from poachers safety regulations)

–  Finally, begin with the “start” button

 Convection microwave

– Turn it on and use the setting for baking or reheating as you want 

– If you need a more extended period, just set it on 

– If it comes with a combination setting, you can use it for cooking quickly and getting the crispy outer layers. You should make sure that your food avoid burning and overcooking 

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– You can use the round rack and bakeware with lower sides for proper air circulation 

– You should use the metal items with convection settings only, do not use them on the combination of microwave settings.

Grill in microwave

Which one should you choose ?

From my own experience, I recommend using the convection microwave because it can heat the food quickly, at high watts. The only slight drawback is that it can not be browned or baked. 

When it comes to cooking, the right tool for a job is usually essential and sometimes even more so. With this being said, I would say that my pick of choice when making dinner from scratch or reheating food at home after grocery shopping would have been one on any appliance in your kitchen.

A Microwave! For quick warm-ups, such as heating milk quickly before bedtime, place a cup inside and then close the door. 

Suppose you’re looking into grilling minute steaks.In that case, The Grill will do great work to obtain those perfect grill marks while still giving off delicious flavor that can’t always happen with other appliances unless burnt bits are desired (convection oven). As far as big whole chickens go- they shouldn’t take long either.

Where to buy Grill and Convection microwave?

You can find the best microwaves on the local electronic devices shops or home and kitchen appliances shops. However, my best recommended place to buy a grill and convection microwave is on Amazon.com because you can enjoy not only significant discounts but also free shipping. Besides, some other sites such as eBay or Walmart are also excellent choices for on-the-go kitchen lovers!

FAQs on “difference between grill and convection microwave oven”

Q1: Can convection microwave grill also?

In the age of technology, it is not surprising that there are many different ways to cook food. For example, a convection microwave oven combines two appliances into one device – they can be used as both microwaves and an oven in combination function (combining both bake and grill functions).

Q2: Is a convection microwave worth it?

There are many different types of microwaves on the market, but is a convection microwave worth it? The answer depends.

If you live in an apartment or have very little counter space, then this might be perfect for your needs because they can fit more than one person’s dinner at once without taking up too much room. 

However, if your home has all floor storage and there already exists two ovens and other appliances, cooking large meals isn’t necessary. Buying another appliance to use less energy would not make sense when using these available resources instead!

Q3: Is convection microwave good for health?

Microwaves are a safe, effective, and highly convenient cooking method that can even make your food taste better than before! Moreover, there’s no evidence to suggest they cause harm. On the contrary, some studies have found them helpful at preserving nutrients.

A great way of using these quick bursts of energy is by popping one into the oven when you’re making homemade pizzas or roasting vegetables for sides too; so grab yourself an instant meal with minimum effort from this power-packed machine.

Q4: What is the difference between solo grill and convection microwave?

While the Solo microwave oven can cook, defrost and reheat your foods. In contrast with this function is where you will find baking functions for both breads as well as toasting on-screen; these are all standard options in a convection oven!


The difference between grill and convection microwave battle is now coming to the final found.

A grill and convection microwave can be essential kitchen appliances in today’s world. If you consider purchasing one of these items for your home or office, I recommend going with one of the best brands.

The grill and convection microwave are both great appliances that have their unique benefits. If you’re looking for a more traditional oven with plenty of cooking space, then the grill is your best bet. It’s important to note, however, that this appliance relies on charcoal, which means it can be messy in addition to being time-consuming when preparing food. 

A convection microwave may be the better choice if you want an easy cleanup or need something quick – there is no mess involved because they use microwaves instead of heatwaves like grills do! 

Whichever one you decide will depend greatly upon what kind of meal prep workflows fit most comfortably into your lifestyle.

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