Top 9 The Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill Reviews in 2023

Are you seeking for Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill, if yes you are at the right place.

There is nothing more awesome than a meal with a mouth-watering smoky flavor, but not all grills out there are capable of such a result. However, when you have the best gas grill in your kitchen, you’ll be able to smoke different kind of foods with intense smoky flavor and tenderness.

best smoker box for gas grill
smoker box for gas grill

After carrying out intense research, we’ve found nine best smoker box for gas grill that you’ll love to have in your kitchen. We can guarantee these smoker box are the best because there have been tested and highly vetted in performance, quality, and flavor.

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What is a smoker box?

A smoker box is a metal or wood container for holding wood chips or chunks used to add smoke flavor to foods, such as meat and fish.

They are usually made of cast iron covered and lined with sheet metal and fitted with a handle on top and facilities for suspending the box over the heat source while cooking.

The smoking process takes place within the container with the help of holes in its bottom and top.

What are smoker boxes used for?

Smoker boxes are primarily used to impart smoked flavors to foods without requiring an actual fireplace or outdoor grill with a separate firebox where one can place the wood chips.

Most modern smokers will have either hinged lids which allows adding more smoking chips or electric heating elements which can be set to maintain the smoker box at a desired temperature.

Reviews of The Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill in 2023

#1. Char-Broil Smoker Box for Gas Grill

Char-Broil Smoker Box for Gas Grill

Char-Broil Smoker Box for Gas Grill Product Review

+Easy to use and clean+Can carry a lot of wood+It offers prolong usage+Spaced vents
The smoker box requires some time to heat up

The Char-Broil is a gas grill that has one of the best designs when it comes to durability. The body is built with durable cast iron, ensuring the smoker box will not wear down quickly due to prolonged usage. 

The Char-Broil Smoker Box is compatible with different grills models, making it a versatile smoker box for all kinds of smoke foods. 

It features a temperature control that prevents the wood from burning sporadically. With this smoker box, you’ll get that authentic smoky flavor for your meals, thanks to its optimal temperature control.

What’s more? It is crafted with spaced vents, making sure that the smoke spreads evenly.

#2. Mountain Grillers Smoker Box

Mountain Grillers Smoker Box

Mountain Grillers Smoker Box Product Review

+The Lid makes it easy to open+Designed with a stainless steel body+Easy refilling
It is not resistant to moisture

Are you in need of a smoker box that is user-friendly, compact, and easy to refill? Then what you need in your kitchen is the Mountain Grillers Universal Smoker box. This model is relatively small compared to other gas grills that are quite bulky.

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Asides from its compact size, the Mountain Griller Universal smoker box is elementary to refill because it is compatible with wood chips.

It even allows you to add more wood chips while you’re still smoking your food without a sudden spike in temperature.

It is designed with a lid opening that is easy to open so you won’t have to worry about your food getting stuck. The body build features a stainless steel material, preventing it from wearing down easily due to heat.

#3. Charcoal Companion V-Shaped Smoker Box for Gas Grill Wood Chips

Charcoal Companion V-Shaped Smoker Box for Gas Grill Wood Chips

Charcoal Companion V-Shaped Smoker Box for Gas Grill Wood Chips Product Review

+Features hinged lid for easy use+The smoker box is easy to set up and clean+Premium stainless steel body+Suitable for all kinds of grill
The wood may burn sporadically

The Charcoal Companion CC4066 is designed with a unique V-shape that offers a superior interior capacity and a well-outlaid design that can fit any gas grill type.

This smoker box is designed with edges measuring up to 4.2 inches and 2 inches, while the triangular box itself measures 13 inches in length.

Due to this unique design, the smoker box is compatible with long wood chips. Its V-shape bottom side is placed between the heat deflectors and the grill grate area for an optimal smoking effect.

For easy usage, the smoker box features a lid designed with handy hinges so that it can be easily opened and closed.

The body build is constructed from a durable stainless steel that can withstand high temperature and also extreme weather conditions for a long time.

#4. Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips by Cave Tools

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips by Cave Tools

Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips by Cave Tools Product Review

+Made with stainless steel to withstand heat+Portable and lightweight design+Spacious grilling area+Affordable price
The lid is not of the best quality

This Wood Chip Smoker Box made by Cave Tools features maximum capacity for the wood chips and an optimized lid design for easy use, making it a premium choice for any gas grill.

Aside from the classic smoker box design, this model’s features a spacious grilling area in terms of width and height, providing enough room for grilling without adding more wood chips.

At optimal capacity, the smoker box can be filled with four medium cups of wood pellets so users won’t need to add more wood chips when they’re smoking foods.

Furthermore, the box is designed with a stainless steel material that is portable and lightweight, making it traveler friendly and easy to store.   

What’s more? Cave tools include a comprehensive manual alongside different videos with recipes upon the purchase of this smoker box.

#5. GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box

GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box

GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box Product Review

+It is easy to use and refill+The lid can be removed completely+Durable cast iron body
Extra care needed to prevent rust

The Grillpro 00150 is a smoker box that offers a more compact and durable build. It is designed as a mid-level smoker with a durable cast iron body build to resist any wrap caused by intense heat.

Its design features a rectangular-base smoker box, measuring 6 inches in width and 9 inches in length. The construction of its smoker box provides sufficient grilling space for wood chips.

Another edge advantage of the Grill Pro is the lid, which can be removed entirely for easy use and cleaning.

The lid’s top layer is constructed with six smoker holes for users interested in a small amount of smoke and not the regular colossal flame.

On the flip side, the gas grill is easy to clean and can withstand a sudden spike in heat.

#6. Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box for Charcoal & Propane Gas Grill

Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box for Charcoal & Propane Gas Grill

Skyflame Wood Chip Smoker Box for Charcoal & Propane Gas Grill Product Review

+Heats spread across the grill evenly+The smoker box is easy to clean+Durable hinged lid+The model is budget-friendly
It’s a bit heavy

The wood chip smoker box from Skyflame features durable stainless steel constructions that can withstand intense heat. It is designed with a hinged lid that allows users to add or remove wood pellets easily during smoking.

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The vent design offers a large surface area for the food grilled above and allows uniform heat to spread across the food, producing a mouth-watering smoky flavor.

You won’t have to worry so much about cleaning this kit after use because the ashes will remain in the smoker box, keeping your Skyflame smoker box clean.

This smoker box is an ideal choice for anyone that wants tasty BBQ foods, smoked steaks, chicken roast, and more.

#7. Cave Tools Tube Smoker Box Stainless Steel for BBQ Grill

Cave Tools Tube Smoker Box Stainless Steel for BBQ Grill

Cave Tools Tube Smoker Box Stainless Steel for BBQ Grill Product Review

+It is easy to refill with wood+Evenly regulated smoke+Durable stainless steel design
May experience temperature fluctuation

This tube smoker box designed by Cave Tools can be used for any grilling. Unlike most models designed with a hinged lid, this smoker box is designed with none, and so you can refill with wood at any time.

You’ll never have to worry about the lid getting stuck when you want to refill with wood pellets. Its unique design ensures that the smoke spreads evenly across every part of the grill.

This smoker box features durable stainless steel like other premium models to prevent rust and withstand heat. It is very easy to use.

#8. Grillaholics Smoker Box

Grillaholics Smoker Box

Grillaholics Smoker Box Product Review

+Large grilling capacity+Less refilling required+Suitable for all grilling+Easy to use
Tedious to clean

Grillaholic is a heavy-duty smoker box that can be used for all kinds of smoking. It is designed with durable stainless steel that prevents heat wrapping or rust even if you use it often.

It makes use of a hinged lid for the grilling area, where you can add more wood chips to your desired preference.

The smoker has a large capacity for wood chips, so you won’t have to spend so much time refilling this model when you’re smoking delicious food.

#9. Weber 7576 Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Weber 7576 Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Weber 7576 Stainless Steel Smoker Box Product Review

+Features hinged lid for easy use during cooking+The lid is designed with smoke filtration+Can be used with all wood pellets+Portable design makes it travel friendly
Not very spacious grilling area

This product is considered as one of the best smoker box for weber gas grill that you can add to your choices

Weber is another renowned brand that is known for quality and durable gas grills. You can set up this smoker box on the top of another larger grill unit without any decrease in the smoke it produces.

It features a hinged lid that is very easy to handle so that you won’t have any issues when adding more wood chips during your cooking. The lid design also features 15 vent openings interconnected as holes for ample smoking.

The Weber 7576 is compatible with different kinds of wood pellets, whether big or small. The wood type won’t affect the type of heat produced.

It’s a gas grill that is also travel-friendly due to its compact 9.7-inch length.

Cast Iron vs stainless steel smoker box, which is better?

When it comes to the material with which a smoker box is built, it always points down to durability. Smoker boxes are built with either Stainless steel or Cast Iron. Different models have their unique specifications.

Both cast iron and stainless steel smoker box does a good job of withstanding and retaining extreme heat. But stainless steel has better resistance to rust and corrosion. On the flip side, the Smoker box designed with cast iron is better in temperature regulation.

Factors to Consider When Buying Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills

Before purchasing a smoker box there are some essential factors that are worth considering so that you’ll you get the best grilling experience. 

Durability and Materials

You have to make sure that the smoker box is designed with quality materials like stainless steel, which can withstand intense heat and prevent rust.

The shape of the material is also something you may want to consider as it may affect how the heat will be distributed.


The size is another essential factor to consider, as it will determine the smoker box’s grilling area. The larger the size of the smoker, the more grilling space for your food.

The size also determines the extent you’ll have to refill when you’re grilling. Smoker box with larger sizes requires less refilling because there can accommodate more wood.

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Simple Lid

The Lid is another factor to look out for when purchasing smoker box for gas grill. It’s a factor that will determine how you’ll clean, refill and empty your smoker box.

How to a smoker boxes work?

Smoker boxes are useful in the home kitchen as a quick and easy way to create smoke flavor. Smoker boxes work by placing wood chips or chunks directly on top of lit charcoal. The heat from the charcoal will smolder the wood, creating a steady stream of smoke that can be used to add an interesting flavor element to foods being grilled, smoked, roasted or sauteed.

To prepare a smoker box, simply fill it with your favorite smoking wood, place over lit charcoal and you’re ready to go! If using hardwood lump coals rather than briquettes, make sure there is plenty of exposed surface area for the wood to smolder properly.

It’s also important not to overload smoker box with too much wood. Wood should be added in batches and more replenished as needed, so that the heat is not impeded by a large amount of wood.

When smoking on a grill with the lid closed it is important to use unlit coals for half of your supply.

Heat from the lit coals will create higher temperatures for searing meats but using unlit briquettes along with them will provide an even lower cooking temperature necessary for longer smoking times.

It’s also advisable to place most of your coals on one side of the charcoal grate and leave plenty of room empty on the opposite side for placing a water pan if desired. This helps keep moisture inside the smoker box and helps regulate a constant cooking temperature your cookout.

If you plan to baste meats with mop sauce or other flavorful liquids, make sure to reserve a few coals and keep them lit on the opposite side of your smoker box. This will help provide high heat necessary for quickly searing meat after it has been basted with mop.

When using a gas grill, creating smoke flavor is easy thanks to built-in smoker boxes that hold wood chips directly over the flame zone or burners. Simply add your favorite smoking wood in the provided smoker box and set to medium-high heat for barbecuing, roasting and even baking foods with added smoke flavor.

FAQs about best smoker box for gas grill

  1. Can you use a smoker box for a charcoal grill?

A smoker box is a great way to protect your wood smoking chunks from being exposed too much heat. A smoker box can also be used in any outdoor cooking device, including a charcoal grill or offset style cooker.

2. Is smoker boxe worth it?

A smoker box is an easy way to infuse your meats with the flavors of wood. Wood types like cherry, apple and hickory impart delicious tastes that can’t be replicated in any other fashion! Smoker boxes are available for purchase online or at your local grocery store.

3. What is the best place to put your smoker box on a gas grill?

After you’ve prepped your grill, it’s time to start smoking.

For gas grills this means placing the smoker box on top of the burners or coals and turning them up as high as they go until smoke begins pouring out.

If using charcoal, place a handful on top of each pile before lighting – once fully lit spread over half of grate area for cooking food but not directly below meat being smoked so that heat doesn’t damage protein too much

Grillaholics Smoker Box


A smoker box for a gas grill is an excellent way to add flavor and smokey taste to your grilled food. We recommend the Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill because it’s made of stainless steel, which means it won’t rust or break down over time like other types of metal.

It also has grease channels that will make cleaning up after use easy, even if you’re not using any oil during cooking! You may consider one of these boxes as they are relatively inexpensive yet very effective at adding great flavors onto your dishes without too much difficulty on your part.

The models we’ve highlighted are highly vetted for durability, performance, and quality. However, we recommend that you go with the smoker box that suits your grilling needs. Happy Buying!!! The brooklyn grill!

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